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Top 10 Coolest Ben 10 Aliens

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean It’s hero time! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 aliens from the “Ben 10” franchise. For this list, we’ll be counting down the coolest of Ben Tennyson’s many, many, many alien alter egos from across the franchise. So grab your Omnitrix and get ready to kick some alien butt. Have an idea you want to see made into a WatchMojo video? Check out our suggest page at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and submit your idea.

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It’s hero time! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 aliens from the “Ben 10” franchise.

For this list, we’ll be counting down the coolest of Ben Tennyson’s many, many, many alien alter egos from across the franchise. So grab your Omnitrix and get ready to kick some alien butt.

#10: Ghostfreak

Kicking off our list, and coming straight out of your nightmares, is this freaky phantom. Relying on the abilities you’d expect from traditional ghost lore, Ben can fly, phase through solid matter, become invisible and even possess living things while in this form. Oh, and he has a chilling voice to go along with his haunting physique. Not just any old spirit, Ghostfreak is based on the DNA of the crafty and villainous Ectonurite: Zs'Skayr. When going up against the things that go bump in the night, Ghostfreak is on hand to bump back.

#9: Blitzwolfer

What’s better than a werewolf? An alien werewolf! Equipped with sharpened senses, incredible agility, and an ultrasonic howl, the entity originally known as “Benwolf” is a creature of the night capable of tracking and hunting down any unfortunate prey. Unlike most of the aliens Ben has on hand, his transformation into Blitzwolfer can take hours, a fact that only adds to his werewolf-like qualities. We’re glad this Loboan badass was given a chance to shine in the later series, with one of his more memorable moments being that time it fought a ninja on top of Big Ben.

#8: Wildmutt

He may not be like any earthly canine, but that’s what makes him such a beast. While not as cognitive as some of Ben’s other forms, Wildmutt is a savage when it comes to fighting. With a superior sense of smell, enhanced strength, a deadly set of razor fangs, and claws of a Vulpimancer, there’s no point in trying to outrun this alien form. Somewhere between an ape and a dog in his movements, Wildmutt’s even able to throw a punch if he needs to. You can’t run, and you definitely can’t hide. Maybe it’s best to just play dead?

#7: Four Arms

Simple name? Yes. Extremely powerful? Definitely. With its four powerful appendages, this bulky alien is all about strength, and is able to punch and break through most objects with ease. A Tetramand, Four Arms’ enhanced muscles allow him to jump several feet into the air, and make him virtually invulnerable to weapons like lasers or fire. Despite his size and slow gait, it’s easy to see why he was often Ben’s alien of choice when it came time to brawl.

#6: Alien X

If there’s an alien god, it might just look something like this. Undoubtedly the most powerful alien in Ben’s arsenal, Alien X—a Celestialsapien—has complete control over time and space, able to warp reality in any way he sees fit. Unfortunately, there’s a huge drawback: Ben isn’t the only consciousness controlling the omnipotent being, and any disagreement between the three personalities leaves the body motionless and open to harm. Although that’s a double-edged sword, when you can will an entirely new universe into being, the payoff might just be worth it.

#5: Upgrade

With the human race so technologically dependent, it’s handy to have an alien that can turn it all against any pesky invaders. A Galvanic Mechamorph able to merge, manipulate and—yes—upgrade any technology it comes into contact with, this living blob of liquid metal can turn practically everything into a weapon. Think Terminator's T-1000 with a dash of Robocop thrown in for good measure. From computers and vehicles to interstellar tech, there’s next to no limit on what this tech-savvy alien can create.

#4: Snare-oh

Originally known as “Benmummy,” this form was achieved when Ben was attacked by a real-life mummy... well, a Thep Khufan if you wanna get technical. Eventually renamed Snare-oh, this mummy-like ass-kicker became quite a prolific addition to Ben’s alien arsenal. With the ability to stretch his bandages to great lengths and reshape his body at will; this alien makes a tough opponent in battle. Not to mention, it can deliver the mother of all paper cuts!

#3: Way Big

Sometimes bigger is better! A To'kustar, and the largest of all Ben’s forms, Way Big is as strong as you’d expect a towering alien to be. This creature is one of the few that’s actually managed to lay waste to two of Ben’s greatest enemies without breaking a sweat. When you need to defeat an army, or a giant alien elephant, Way Big’s the alien for the job! Oh, did we mention he has a built-in cosmic ray and can create and control cosmic storms?

#2: Swampfire

When Ben returned to his heroic ways in the midst of his teenage years, we were first introduced to his new roster with this agricultural alien! Not only is Swampfire able to manipulate plant life, this Methanosian can also turn itself into a living flamethrower by igniting the methane in its palms. With added bonuses like being fireproof, the ability to regenerate his limbs, and having a “blossomed” form that increases his mastery over plants, Swampfire fast became a fan favorite.

Before our number one alien reveals himself, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Diamondhead
- XLR8
- Eye Guy

#1: Heatblast

He lit up screens as the first of Ben Tennyson’s alien forms, and hasn’t dimmed since! A walking inferno capable of manipulating flames in a variety of creative and destructive ways, there’s no better firepower than this Pyronite firespewer. Heatblast more than lives up to his name and can literally make his own blazing hover-board. With killer voice work in the original series provided by the one and only Steven Blum, this is one alien we hope never chills out.

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