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Top 10 Sexiest Men of All Time

VO: Lisa Yang
Here it is! These are the sexiest men of all time. We’ve taken into account of sexiest men of each decade from the 80s to present day. On this list we’ve included Channing Tatum, Johnny Depp, Patrick Swayze, Chris Hemsworth, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Patrick Swayze and Idris Elba.

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Top 10 Sexiest Men of All Time

We’ve tallied the votes; we’ve reviewed the material, now it’s time to turn the lights down low as we review the sexiest men of all time. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Sexiest Men from the 1980s to today. For this list, a male icon only qualifies if they reach their peak status as a sex symbol, celebrity hunk, or all around cutie pie during the specified decade. Beyond that, any male celebrity who has made us sweat, blush, or sign has been considered for this list.

#10: Channing Tatum

As a social experiment, go to Channing Tatum’s filmography, close your eyes, and point. Was he the sexiest man in the film you chose? We thought so. “Hail, Caesar!” showed his ability to dance and sing, “Foxcatcher” showed his range as an actor, and “Magic Mike” ensured that our loins would forever stir whenever Ginuwine's "Pony" was played. While there are countless examples of his charm, talent, and good looks, two minutes of “Magic Mike” would more than make the case for Tatum. The man’s going places, and clearly knows the way to our hearts.

#9: Johnny Depp

Before his well-established reputation as Captain Jack Sparrow, which wasn’t too bad on the eyes we might add, Johnny Depp was the bad boy every girl dreamt about. With long, flowing hair, hypnotically dark eyes, and an ability to make a Tim Burton movie look sexy as hell, there were few others in the ‘90s that were in as high demand as Depp. He could typically be found with a leather jacket, cigarette, and that mysterious look just past the horizon that made him an enigma that was hard to resist. He could be sexy, quirky or both – whatever we needed him to be and that’s exactly why we love him.

#8: Patrick Swayze

In all seriousness, how much would you pay to make pottery with Patrick Swayze making moves right behind you? What about that sexy lift in “Dirty Dancing?” Swayze makes all of these look easy, and the dude could dance like no other celebrity could in the ‘80s. A man who can wear tight clothing and work it like Swayze is clearly confident in what he’s got! He’s the sexy instructor who finally makes a move after weeks of torture, perfectly straddling the line between cheesy and dreamy.

#7: Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth had to be good-looking enough to beat out his brother, Liam, for this spot, and trust us, this is no easy feat. His gruff, Aussie accent makes us weak at the knees. His chest, biceps, and abs… well they’re bound to induce fainting. The funny thing is, Hemsworth doesn’t necessarily take on roles tantamount with the status of a mere sex symbol. His perfection is simply a force of nature that will permeate any role he takes on. If there’s one version of the actor that best exemplifies his sex appeal, it’s probably shirtless Thor, but we’ll gladly concede to counterpoints.

#6: George Clooney

From Dr. Ross to Danny Ocean, to a wide and varied number of big screen roles, Clooney is proof that some things really do get better with age. Featured on the Cover of People Magazine's 'Sexiest Man Alive' not once but twice, in 1997 and 2006 respectively, Clooney has dazzled audiences with his roles as a mischievous thief in Ocean's Eleven, a hard hitting lawyer Michael Clayton, and a brutal HR rep in Up in the Air. Honestly, not only has he made aging look cool, but his salt and pepper coif, crinkly eyes and sexy voice have won him thousands of fans all over the world.

#5: Brad Pitt

When he first hit the scene, it was hard to ignore that Pitt was a drop-dead gorgeous actor. But thanks to his acting skills, he eventually became a regular at the Academy Awards for his performances in critically acclaimed films. There are two films in particular that perhaps best embody his endless supply of sex appeal, however: as a shirtless, anarchist in “Fight Club” at the end of the 21st century and a bronzed Greek Hero in “Troy.” His star power likely contributed to establishing the Aniston-Jolie-Pitt love triangle as the tabloid event of the decade, and his seeming unwillingness to age is its own twist on Benjamin Button. With his near-perfect looks and charisma, it’s no surprise Brad Pitt made waves like few others.

#4: Tom Cruise

It’s hard to believe that Tom Cruise has been acting for well over 30 years! Nevertheless, we’d have to say he was at his sexiest in the 1980s. “Risky Business” gave us a dorky, charming Cruise, but “Top Gun” gave us a certified badass, with a six-pack that’s off the charts! “Top Gun” isn’t the perfect movie by any extent, but it’s so perfectly ‘80s with a bronzed hunk at the center of it all. It’s not easy to be so attractive that no one realizes you’re 5’7’’ for decades in the limelight, but Cruise does just that, and we’d feel the same way if he was half that size.

#3: Idris Elba

This man has a deep, and well-spoken English accent, mysterious dark brown eyes, and an unshakable confidence that has branded him with distinguished class beyond your average celebrity hunk. There’s even been speculation that he might be the next James Bond. Although those rumors have been widely denied, he’s still the closest thing to a real life 007 we’ve gotten in the 2010s. His class is unmatched, and he’s mastered the art of edge like no other. His appeal will likely be off the charts for decades to come. He’s intense yet calm, dangerous yet tranquil, and sexy to his very core.

#2: Leonardo DiCaprio

It was an easy decision to put Leo on this list. The tricky part was deciding what decade he peaked in. Going through a playboy renaissance in the 21st century, DiCaprio makes a case for the pinnacle of class, but all this pales in comparison to innocent and young Leo throughout the ‘90s. Whether it’s in “Romeo + Juliet” or “Titanic,” he has been head over heels in love on multiple occasions, and his sweet voice, dreamy eyes, and perpetual eagerness are hard to ignore. It can’t be denied: ever since he was asked to draw Rose like one of his French girls, he’s been irrevocably irresistible.

HM: Alexander Skarsgard

HM: Heath Ledger

HM: Will Smith

#1: Ryan Gosling

Gosling knows how to make our hearts melt with such precision that a meme of his drop-dead sexy face calls obvious attention to his near-perfection. In possibly the most tear-inducing love story of early 21st century memory, Gosling’s breakout role in “The Notebook” was ample argument for him to end up on our list. Taking on prominent roles of the bad boy, with always what seemed to be our best interest in mind, certainly aided his case. Meanwhile, a six-pack that makes us drool completely knocks it out of the park for Ryan. Honestly, even a silly interview with Ellen is more than enough to make our loins stir and place Ryan Gosling at the top of our list!

Do you agree with our list? Which sex symbol do you have the biggest crush on? For more easy-to-look-at Top 10s, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.


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