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Another Top 10 Secret Bosses in Video Games!

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Alex Slade We would have included these on the first list, but you know...they were a secret! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Another Top 10 Secret Bosses in Video Games! Special thanks to our user “AXHP” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Another Secret Bosses in Video Games

You better be well equipped, because these guys are hidden for a reason. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for Another Top 10 Secret Bosses in Video Games.
If there’s something you think we missed on this list, be sure to check out our first list on the topic!

#10: Ethereal Queen

“Star Ocean” series (1996-)
Appearing in every main Star Ocean entry, this secret superboss is one tough celestial being. Usually the hardest boss in the game, it’ll take everything you’ve got to bring her down. Found mostly in secret dungeons, the Ethereal Queen boasts of her power and unapologetically puts down anyone before her, thinking them only worthy as servants. As you can figure, the party isn’t a fan of that notion. You’re going to want to max out any stats you can, as well as procure the best equipment if you want to come out of this encounter alive.

#9: Giga Bowser

“Super Smash Bros Melee” (2001)
Bowser’s always been the big main baddie in the Mario world, but somewhere along the way, he lost himself. He became more of a comedic arch-nemesis, rather than a threatening one. All that changed when Giga Bowser appeared in Melee. Shocking gamers, this version of Bowser was a throwback to its original design and stature, pre-Nintendo 64 days. Finishing Adventure mode in under 18 minutes without using any continues will make Giga Bowser reveal himself. Boasting incredible size and strength, he’ll also take a lot more damage before you can finally smash him off the stage.

#8: Driviks, The Chosen

“Destiny” (2014)
This is one hell of a fight. To encounter Driviks, you’ll need to partake in the Daily Heroic version of Lost to Light. Your light level is going to have to be high, and you’ll definitely need some buddies with you because this is a tough one. Driviks is a bullet sponge and deals incredible damage. He is The Chosen one, after all. It’ll take all you got to bring him down, but the plethora of respawning enemies won’t make that easy for you. You’re sure to get downed a few times, but it will all be worth it, as defeating him rewards you the Exotic Black Spindle.

#7: Engineer Omegaplugg

“World of Warcraft: Legion” (2016)
It had taken a while before players realized this boss even existed, and then it again took them a while to comprehend just how hard this boss really was. Discovered in Gnomeregan, Endgineer Omegaplugg can be summoned after defeating Thermaplugg and pressing a hidden button on one of the pillars. It has insane AOE damage and summons a ton of bombs that are capable of one hit kills. You’re going to need a full party of level 110’s to even stand a chance against this guy. After taking him down, the party will receive a Vial of Green Goo, which can temporarily turn you into a Leper Gnome, if that’s your thing.

#6: Izanami

“Persona 4” (2008)
This true final boss is no push-over. It has two forms, and one is considerably uglier than the other. As the party starts to realize Izanami is impervious to a lot of their attacks, the Orb of Sight begins to quiver, and reveals Izanami’s true form, now known as Izanami-no-Okami, and it looks like a monstrosity. It’ll probably take a few tries to beat this boss, as it has a move that instakills anyone with status ailments. Knowing it’s the true final boss will keep you coming back, and the atmosphere and background music will keep you focused. Bring it on.

#5: Night Terror

“Soul Caliber III” (2005)
This walking, hulking combination of flesh and bone that can only communicate with grunts and growls is the secret final boss and the alter-ego of Nightmare, the main antagonist. To face it, You’ll need to play through the story mode choosing the right branching paths, and the route is different for every character. It has a jarring difficulty spike compared to other opponents, as it can’t be interrupted and has abilities that can take out half your life with one hit. You can’t even ring-out the thing, as it just flies back in. Gotta take him down the old fashioned way.

#4: The Moon Presence

“Bloodborne” (2015)
From Software is famed for its games with environmental storytelling, and Bloodborne is no exception. It’s up to the player to put the pieces together and interpret the situation based on the knowledge they have. Lore wise, The Moon Presence might be a ‘Great One’ that is mentioned throughout the game. To unlock the fight against this optional final boss, you must perform a variety of tasks, such as consuming a certain amount of items and refusing a certain request. Another contender for this spot was the Nameless King from Dark Souls 3, but we just felt that the Moon Presence was a much more intimidating…presence?

#3: The Slot Machine

“Star Fox” (1993)
We aren’t going to sugar coat it; this is a weird one. Completing a set of bizarre tasks will grant you access to the secret level ‘Out of this Dimension’, in which you’ll have to battle a swarm of paper planes, and then fight an artificially intelligent slot machine at the end… Don’t ask. To defeat The Slot Machine, you’ll have to shoot the handle and get three 7’s in a row. If you get other combinations, you may get attacked or healed. Once it’s defeated, try to accept that there is no escape from this surreal dimension, and look at the smiling moons for comfort.

#2: So Sorry

“Undertale” (2015)
Out of all the entries on this list, this one is perhaps the most peculiar to unlock, In the Hotlands on the 2nd floor, you can find a hidden entrance that leads you to a sign saying “Art Club Meetup: October 10th at 8pm. So as you could probably guess, in order for the boss to appear, you have to set your computer’s internal clock for that time. This boss was brought into the game as a high level backer reward on Kickstarter. The design is based heavily on the backer’s artwork persona, and a lot of the boss’s traits were suggested by the backer, also. So Sorry is portrayed as a clumsy but friendly artist, who deals damage to the player by the boss’s poor efforts in showing the player his art.
Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few Honourable Mentions.

“Golden Sun: The Lost Age” (2002)
Baron K. Roolenstien
“Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble” (1996)

#1: Emerald Weapon

“Final Fantasy VII” (1997)
The rank of ultra-hidden superboss doesn’t just go to anyone—or anything—but we think a giant mechanism built to protect the planet from extraterrestrial beings is a worthy holder. Emerald weapon, as well as its pal Ruby Weapon, are two of the hardest enemies in the game. The thing about Emerald Weapon, however, is that the battle is fought underwater, and you only get twenty minutes to beat him until you run out of breath. You’ll have to deal massive damage constantly just to make it, unless you go through a series of steps to breathe underwater indefinitely. Once it’s destroyed, just pray aliens don't invade the planet.
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