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Top 10 Best Commercials with Celebrities

VO: Rebecca Brayton

Script written by Anthony Nicoletti

Commercials are such a bummer when you are watching TV, but at least these commercials with celebrities are funny and entertaining! From the simple and iconic Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial to the Robin Williams Nintendo commercials for Zelda, featuring his daughter of the same name! Also, the best Old Spice commercial features on the list, with Terry Crews crashing Bounce’s party!


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Whether they’re selling deodorant or car insurance, the power of a celebrity endorsement is apparent in these ads. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Commercials With Celebrities.

For this list, we’re focusing on any and all commercials that feature celebrity endorsements and performances.

#10: Terry Crews

Old Spice (2012)
We’ve all come to love Old Spice commercials, but this one smells the best. Released in 2012, this ad features football player turned actor Terry Crews – actually, you may as well just place “celebrity endorser” right there at the top of his résumé. Midway through an ad for Bounce, Crews crashes his way in via jet ski to sell the latest, and evidently most powerful fragrance in the line of Old Spice body sprays. Sporting tight yellow shorts, and flexing his pecks as only he can, there’s no stopping Crews from endorsing the Old Spice brand – even at the expense of another advertisement. An ad inside another ad… Is that called “Ad-ception” or something? P-p-p-powerful!

#9: Robin Williams

“The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” (2011)
“The Legend of Zelda” gets endorsed by a legend of the acting world. One of a string of promotions Robin Williams did for Nintendo; this commercial takes us through a legendary origin story, narrated by Williams himself. Known for his immense fandom of the property, Williams went so far as to name his daughter Zelda – who we actually meet in another Nintendo ad. Williams’ voice convinces us all to run out to buy a Wii, so that we too can wield the “Skyward Sword.” Though this is just one of many in a series of Williams-led Nintendo commercials, everyone loves a good origin story.

#8: Drake

Apple Music (2016)
What do you get when you cross a multi-billion dollar company, and one of the most popular names in hip-hop? Marketing genius. Much like Taylor Swift’s 2016 Apple Music commercial, where she sweats it out to Drake’s hit song “Jumpman,” the Degrassi star turned rap icon responds, choosing Swift’s “Bad Blood” as the anthem for his workout regimen. Drake proves that music gets the blood pumping - even if you can’t exactly hit all the right notes. Building an unexpected relationship between Swift and Drake, Apple Music extends its reach, proving that music has no boundaries. Trust us, there’s no Bad Blood here; this ad is just distractingly good.

#7: Matthew McConaughey

Lincoln MKC (2014)
As part of Lincoln’s “Live in Your Moment” campaign, Matthew McConaughey stars alongside a very powerful, 1800-pound adversary. Facing off against a bull he calls Cyrus, McConaughey contemplates life, ultimately taking the long way home because he thinks the bull is telling him to live in the moment. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, the director behind the movie “Drive,” this ad has a decidedly cinematic feel, accented by McConaughey’s patented facial expressions and husky voice. Ellen actually parodied this ad on her show, adding herself and some special brownies into the mix. But we don’t know if that was necessary; cause on its own this ad’s alright alright alright.

#6: Charlize Theron

J’Adore by Dior (2014)
Charlize Theron takes us on a journey as she sells us Dior’s eau de parfum, J’adore. Located in a stunning ballroom setting and featuring a dazzling Theron in a sparkling gold dress, the commercial feels more like a scene from a blockbuster movie than a perfume ad, with London Grammar’s captivating tune “Hey Now” providing the soundtrack. Theron braces us for the new world, noting that while the past and memories can be beautiful, they are no place to live. The heroine is breaking free from the constraints of the old world, and we want to follow her – or at least buy some perfume. The new world smells sweet, and the future is definitely gold.

#5: Justin Long

Apple Inc. (2006)
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you’ve heard the famous opening lines from this series of commercials. Starting in 2006, Justin Long became the voice of a generation of tech users. Long stars as the hip, cool, trendy Apple product, while John Hodgman plays the comparatively bland, boring and outdated PC. In one of the many advertisements in the North American “Get a Mac” campaign, Mac and PC discuss which tasks which computer handles better – and we bet you can guess which one comes out on top. This odd couple pairing of tech spokesmen became beloved, setting the stage for numerous memorable Mac vs. PC ads to come and helping to make nerdy cool.

#4: John Cena

Gillette Fusion ProGlide (2010)
If there’s one thing WWE superstars are good at, it’s intimidation. John Cena goes into full rampage mode, sparing the lives of no garbage can, folding chair or bathroom stall in order to promote the Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor. The commercial adopts the hidden camera technique – perhaps in a subtle reference to Cena’s catchphrase “You can’t see me – and shows the muscleman invading some very personal space to force a few unsuspecting everymen to accept the “ProGlide Challenge.” Two things are made certain in this ad: Cena can definitely be seen, and when he tells you to shave, you shave.

#3: Joe Greene

Coca-Cola (1979)
The superstar defensive tackle Joe Greene shines in our most heartfelt ad, showcasing the true beauty of sports. With Greene limping his way off the field after a tough game, he’s given a Coke by a young fan, whom he later rewards with a game-worn jersey. Though the ad is simple in nature, it became instrumental in bridging the gap between athletes and their fans, while also showcasing the fact that sports are more than just entertainment. Thanks to this commercial, Greene’s reputation as “Mean” Joe changed, making him a more approachable athlete. A classic ad that’s been labeled by many as one of the best ever, this commercial and its message have transcended generations, and will continue to do so.

#2: Rowan Atkinson

Snickers (2014)
Snickers’ ads are famous for featuring celebrities in place of everyday people, whose hunger is making them not act like themselves. They’ve featured Betty White, Robin Williams and even the Brady Bunch over the years, but who better to showcase the mantra “you’re not you when you’re hungry” than Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean? Sporting his tweed jacket and signature skinny red tie, Bean ventures into Ancient China to conduct a secret mission. However, he cannot remember his formal Kung Fu training. Well, until he gets a bite of Snickers, of course. The ad features a beautiful Chinese landscape, and some pretty stellar visuals. Just another day in the life of Mr. Bean.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are some honorable mentions:
- Kobe Bryant & Jimmy Kimmel
“Call of Duty: Black Ops” (2010)

- Amy Schumer & Seth Rogen
Bud Light (2016)

- Jennifer Aniston
SmartWater (2011)

#1: Michael Jackson

Pepsi (1984)
The King of Pop shines in this Pepsi ad, bringing a whole new generation together. The commercial features a reworked version of Jackson’s hit “Billie Jean” as the jingle, with MJ flashing his iconic dance moves to the surrounding community. But it gets better: there’s even a guest appearance from a young Alfonso “Carlton” Ribeiro, who may just give Jackson a run for his money. With Michael’s brothers there as backup, this iconic piece of marketing proved to be a record-breaker when it comes to celebrity endorsements – what with the $5 million price tag and all. Because of this ad campaign, MJ and Pepsi were inextricably linked during the ‘80s. Shuh-mon!

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