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Top 10 Funniest John Cena Moments OUTSIDE the Ring

VO: Rebecca Brayton

Script written by Oscar Pearson.

On a list of the Top 10 WWE Wrestlers, John Cena would probably be near the top. But not all of John Cena's greatest moments are inside the ring, although he is a WWE Champion many ties over; there are many John Cena funny moments outside the ring as well. Whether he's playing a drug dealer beside Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, portraying Amy Schumer's sensitive boyfriend, chatting it up on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" or dressing up as his girlfriend Nikki Bella on "Total Bellas," some of John Cena's top moments are on movies and TV. WatchMojo counts down ten of the funniest John Cena moments outside the WWE.

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Script written by Oscar Pearson.

Top 10 Funniest John Cena Moments OUTSIDE the Ring

The man. The myth. The meme. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest John Cena Moments.

For this list, we’ve selected hilarious appearances Cena has made outside the wrestling ring.

#10: Trash Talking with John Cena
“The Late Late Show with James Corden” (2015-)

Cena’s got a way with words while speaking in the ring, and that easily transfers over to talk show sets. In May 2016, during an appearance on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” Cena showed his knack for humor, even without using scripted lines. Fans got to see the wrestler speak candidly about topics like his relationships with both The Rock and Kevin Hart. Although he already had film experience by the time this show was taped, Cena displayed the same natural stage presence that’s helped make him a household name with the WWE.

#9: John Cena Thinks You Should Read
“Hannah Montana” (2006-11)

Whoever said reading isn’t extreme clearly hasn’t met John Cena. In a 2010 episode of Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana,” Cena appears as himself to give the character Jackson a reading lesson. Jackson would rather read wrestling magazines than finish his assigned book. Cena, being the wholesome Samaritan he is, uses some, uhh… “encouragement” to steer Jackson on the right path. And by “encouragement,” we mean a literal attitude adjustment. Luckily, actor Jason Earles was actually 33 at the time the episode aired; otherwise, the cameo would’ve consisted of a 16 year-old receiving the Five Knuckle Shuffle.

#8: Fatherly Love
“Fred: The Movie” (2010)

Apparently kicking the crap outta one teenager isn’t enough. In 2010, Cena co-starred in a film nobody really asked for: “Fred: The Movie.” In it, the WWE Champ plays the high-pitched Fred’s father. Cena’s character is seemingly imaginary, as he appears at random times to give Fred some fatherly advice. Of course, these life tips are usually accompanied by some aggressive maneuvers, like headlocks. You may never have seen this movie, but even with its 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes, watching Cena smash a vase over this annoying kid is worth the price of admission.

#7: Dressing Up as Nikki Bella
“Total Bellas” (2016-)

The reality show “Total Bellas” gives viewers a front row seat to Cena’s relationship with his girlfriend, WWE Diva Nikki Bella. And let us tell you, their relationship can get a little weird at times. Case in point? That time they dressed up as each other for Halloween. While Nikki’s costume is pretty standard, Cena’s appearance will be burned into viewers’ minds forever. Between the lipstick, how well he wears those spankies and his surprisingly competent hip-swinging, this brief video will make any fan double over in laughter. Seriously, the guy looks almost too natural during that dance.

#6: John Cena’s School of Flopping
“SportsNation” (2009-)

Who better to teach over-the-top contact reactions than a professional wrestler? In a hilarious skit on ESPN’s “SportsNation,” Cena gives some expert advice to basketball players on how to purposely draw fouls. While the segment’s premise is already funny on its own, its execution makes this an instant classic. Live demonstrations, testimonials, and blunt coaching tactics lead to a performance that’s as informative as it is funny. The fictional infomercial ends with a rant so abusive that we doubt it would even be allowed on the WWE – just another reason why we love it so much.

#5: Pazuzu the Drug Dealer
“Sisters” (2015)

We guess seeing the WWE superstar as a drug dealer here is the logical next step. While this guest appearance is much more stoic than usual, Cena still steals the scene. This is partly thanks to his dialogue, which describes a drug box so colorful that only a dealer in Amsterdam could match it. On top of that, the juxtaposition of Cena, with his massive stature and tattoos, and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler creates a hilarious sense of tension. The fact that his character’s named Pazuzu, like the demon from “The Exorcist,” is just icing on the cake.

#4: Opening Monologue
“Saturday Night Live” (1975-)

Cena impressively joined icons like Richard Pryor, Justin Timberlake and Alec Baldwin by hosting “Saturday Night Live.” During his opening monologue, the Superstar makes it clear that he wants to leave his WWE persona in the ring for the night. However, his SNL co-stars are having none of it. Bobby Moynihan, Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson each take turns interrupting the monologue to challenge Cena to a match. In the end, he can’t resist, and reverts to his stage character. Apparently, you can take the Cena out of the ring, but you can’t take the ring out of Cena.

#3: Another Side of Cena
“Trainwreck” (2015)

When it comes to film acting, “Trainwreck” is John Cena’s magnum opus – at least so far. The Superstar plays the sensitive and gym-obsessed guy who’s dating Amy Schumer’s sexually promiscuous character. In a departure from how we normally see him, Cena’s character Steven is the kinda guy who prefers talking through issues, even if it doesn’t always work out so well. He shows off his softer side when attempting to trash talk, and even during an awkward sex scene. Sadly, he eventually gets his heart crushed by Amy after he reveals his dreams for the future.

#2: The ProGlide Challenge
Gillette Fusion ProGlide commercial (2010)

Maybe his return at the 2008 Royal Rumble isn’t Cena’s most shocking appearance after all. Cena already represented Gillette against NASCAR racers in a previous commercial. But this time Cena surprises unsuspecting bathroom-goers, aggressively encouraging the startled civilians to take the Gillette ProGlide Challenge. Once the sense of shock clears, the men in the room mimic Cena’s aggression, even shouting louder than the Superstar himself. Seeing Cena’s WWE character transplanted into everyday life, and how regular people just can’t help but play along with him, is what makes this commercial a hilarious standout.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- “Week of Greatness”
Foot Locker commercial (2014)

- The Host with the Most
“ESPY Awards” (2016)

- Auditioning as Hulk Hogan
“Maya & Marty” (2016-)

#1: The Champ Is Here!!!
“Parks and Recreation” (2009-15)

Cena’s known as a great closer for the WWE, so he was recruited to help “Parks and Recreation” close out its final season. In the episode “The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show,” his real-life self is invited to Andy’s public access show. While Cena thinks he’s there to entertain kids, he’s quickly arrested for allegedly stealing Johnny Karate’s $900 million guitar. Since he’s the only person not aware it’s staged, Cena’s continued confusion amid borderline torture helps make this a sidesplitting sendoff to Andy’s show. It’s hilarious performances like this that helped Cena build a successful career outside the ring.

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