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Top 10 Best The Voice Auditions EVER

VO: Emily Brayton
These amazing 'The Voice' auditions got the judge’s chairs to turn around! With their impressive voices and their charisma, they left a mark on the judges and the audiences! We’ve included auditions from Wé McDonald, Jordan Smith, Christina Grimmie, Cassadee Pope, Alisan Porter, Melanie Martinez, Judith Hill Bria Kelly, Trevin Hunte, Juliet Simms and Billy Gilman.

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Top 10 The Voice Auditions

On primetime American television, these vocalists came ready to SANG. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 The Voice Auditions.

For this list, we’re looking at the most dynamic and memorable blind auditions from NBC’s popular singing competition.

#10: Wé McDonald
“Feeling Good”

Close your eyes, listen to the rich tones, and consider what you hear. No, this isn’t a highly experienced soul singer or even a fully-grown adult person, but rather Wé McDonald – a young woman from Harlem, New York. Miley Cyrus turns around first, obviously recognizing the vocal polish, with the remaining judges joining in moments later upon hearing that one special note. Overall, it’s a momentous audition, one that builds with each verse. And though it’s not a huge surprise that Adam Levine waited until the last moment to whip around, Wé’s natural speaking voice adds to experience, contrasting the big time bravado of her killer season 11 audition.

#9: Bria Kelly
“Steamroller Blues”

It takes an impeccable introduction to impress most judges, let alone The Voice’s Blake Shelton. But clearly Ms. Bria came ready to rip things up. Vocally, she owns her season 6 audition with all those rich, smoky tones, and her vocal grit makes for a seriously aggressive interpretation, but one that demands attention. It always makes sense for singers to stand their ground and lock in, and Bria essentially loses herself in the moment, allowing the “Steamroller Blues” to fully set in. As a result, even she seems astonished by the performance, stunned by the applause and certainly the judges’ approval.

#8: Judith Hill
“What a Girl Wants”

It’s become increasingly popular to put a unique spin on a classic pop hit, but this season 4 cover is a singular work of art. Here, it’s less about the emotive quality of the lyrics and more about the original arrangement and hitting the key notes. It’s not especially flashy, but the crisp phrasing and collective vibe earned Judith Hill the judges’ attention. Considering the artistry of Usher, Adam, Shakira, and Blake, they clearly recognized something special with the singer’s sense of vocal bluster and style. Of course, a bit of forced emotion can provide extra substance, but some auditions call for originality and technique, and this “20 Feet from Stardom” Grammy winner brought plenty of experience to “The Voice” stage.

#7: Trevin Hunte

So, if you’re going to cover Beyoncé, it’s always necessary to make the judges melt within seconds. For this season 3 cover, Adam Levine clearly feels the vibe early on, and Christina lets her excitement be known, which affords Trevin some extra confidence moving forward. Then again, it’s evident that he’s in full command of the moment, scaling the vocal steps en route to some truly sprawling vocals. Yeah, he’s a bit screechy at times, but that’s only because he’s going all-in with the rendition, and it certainly pays off. We don’t recommend covering Beyoncé during auditions, but this performance should be studied if you choose to do so.

#6: Javier Colon
“Time After Time”

So, this gentleman is good at singing. But despite his obvious talent, Javier Colon needed the “The Voice” for exposure, and his exceptional audition set a high bar for the series’ first season. It’s one of those emotional 80’s covers that viewers can relate to, and Javier’s brilliant pacing and arrangement makes it even more evocative. Some auditions can be slightly depressing because of the song choice alone, but this one thrives with positive vibes. Most of all, the judges relish in the moment, perhaps realizing why they accepted the job, as Javier would eventually go on to win season one.

#5: Melanie Martinez

First of all, this lovely season 3 contestant has a naturally endearing presence. So when it’s complemented by her ethereal interpretation of Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” it only accentuates her collective vibe. The judges obviously can’t see Melanie, of course, and it takes some time for Cee-Lo to make his decision, but the contestant manages to rise above the Bjork-ish vocal stylings for a genuinely outstanding performance. There are plenty of trendy hipster accentuations going on, yet the audition contains plenty of individuality and polish. By the end, Christina decides to pass, even if she seemed entirely intrigued by the quirky take on a pop classic.

#4: Alisan Porter
“Blue Bayou”

For the early portion of this country rendition, the judges seem a bit lost. Then again, maybe they’ve just been hypnotized by Alisan Porter’s precise phrasing. But once that chorus hits and the jaw dropping vocals fill the auditorium, all four of the judges just kick back and watch. It’s one of those rare performances that transcend genre or trends, as the contestant digs deep and slays each and every note. From the presentation to the arrangement to the pacing, everything’s on point. Once a childhood movie star, Alisan reinvigorated her career with this moment and ultimately emerged as the season 10 winner.

#3: Cassadee Pope

By the end of season three, this gal would become the first female victor, and her audition showcases her undeniable commercial appeal. Yeah, maybe Cassadee struggles with the pitch here and there, but she manages to compose herself and push through. Despite some of the more technical flaws, the judges seem to understand Cassadee’s potential. After all, that’s what “The Voice” is all about – developing talent and molding passionate vocalists into season performers. In that regard, the judges offered up support and Cassadee’s impressive audition proved to be a life-changing experience.

#2: Christina Grimmie
“Wrecking Ball”

Some vocalists just have all those intangibles that can’t be taught. For this season 6 performance, Christina Grimmie turns three chairs within a matter of seconds, with the judges clearly stunned by her tone and composure. Her powerful command of the chorus only leads to even more vocal artistry, and she never seems to have a dull moment, or even one that could make the judges think twice about turning around. Sadly, Christina passed away in 2016, but this remarkable audition inspired a world of aspiring singers to practice harder in order to make the next big step towards stardom.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Sawyer Fredericks
“I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow”

Juliet Simms
“Oh! Darling”

Billy Gilman
“When We Were Young”

#1: Jordan Smith

Every so often, a contestant comes along that makes everybody say, “Whoa.” Incidentally, “The Voice” teased viewers with Jordan Smith’s immaculate audition by initially focusing solely on the judges’ reaction. Once the chairs turned, though, a new talent introduced himself to the world, gliding through each verse like it ain’t no thang. So, while Jordan may have been trembling inside, his stage presence clearly impressed the judges, not to mention his ownership of a modern pop classic like “Chandelier.” Spoiler Alert – Jordan won Season 9, and this audition set a new bar for “The Voice.”

So, do you agree with our selections? Who do you think gave the best audition performance on “The Voice?” For more musical Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.


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