Top 5 John Wick Killstreaks
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Top 5 John Wick Killstreaks

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Written by Alex Slade

John Wick proves time and time again that he is not someone to be messed with, but of all his epic gun-fu kill streaks and rampages, which one is the the greatest? WatchMojo presents the Top 5 Craziest John Wick Killstreaks! But what will take the top spot, will it be the Nightclub shootout, the dock-side car chase or Baba Yaga clearing house? Watch to find out!

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If you’re caught in John Wick’s crossfire, you’d better get the hell out of there. Fast. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 5 John Wick Kill Streaks.

In anticipation for John Wick 2, we’ll be taking a look at scenes from the first movie, in which John Wick becomes an unstoppable—and stylish—killing machine. We’ll be focusing on moments where Wick racks up a staggering amount of kills in a short time, and does it with precision, coolness and without hesitation. As expected, spoilers will follow.

#5: Parking Lot Shootout

After efficiently clearing out a safe house using a church as a front, and burning Viggo’s money, John Wick returns to the scene to finish the job: kill Viggo. With his assault rifle at the ready, he makes short work of Viggo’s bodyguards and has them—excuse the pun—sweating bullets. Being the trained assassin he is, he avoids being flanked and takes out nine of them before being rammed by an SUV. If only he were as good at evading vehicles as he is bullets. It just goes to show that you can outnumber Wick, but you can’t outgun him. All that training Reeves has been doing in preparation for this film and the next has paid off.

#4: Safe House Attack

Finally, after a couple of failed attempts, Wick finally has his revenge on Iosef for stealing his car and killing the last connection and closure he had from his late wife—his dog. John Wick scares Viggo into revealing the whereabouts of his son in exchange for his freedom, and wastes no time thoroughly obliterating the place from a distance once he gets there. He snipes a few people, blows a few cars up, and shoots Iosef in the stomach – watching him bleed for a bit before finally getting justice for what was taken from him, with a total of nine kills.

#3: Car Chase

Remember what we said about Wick offering Viggo his freedom? Well, turns out that wasn’t quite the truth – and it looks like Viggo knows it too, as he’d planned on escaping before Wick even turned up. As good with a gun in a car as he is on foot, John Wick takes out an enemy vehicle, sending it crashing to the ground, and then proceeds to shoot—and even ram his car into—the last of Viggo’s goons. You can tell by the way Viggo laughs at the situation that he knows he probably isn’t going to make it out of there alive, and he’s right. Wick finishes him off in hand-to-hand combat, resulting in a total of 10 kills.

#2: House Clearing

This is the moment viewers got a real taste of just how capable John Wick is at what he does. This streak sees him fending off home invaders, and he does so with such style and brutality. Emerging from the shadows, he takes out a few baddies before they know just exactly where is, but it still isn’t of any help to them. Even when they do catch him by surprise, Wick still makes short work of his attackers. The only time he’s slightly matched is when he loses his gun, and even then, he disposes of his enemy quite easily with a few knife stabs in the chest. That’s 13 invaders wiped out.

#1: The Club

Arguably one of the best action sequences of the last decade, John Wick finds himself chasing Iosef through a nightclub. What happens next is one magnificently choreographed gunfight. After cleaning up downstairs at the bathhouse, Iosef – wrapped only in a towel – makes his way up to the club in a run for his life. Wick is in hot pursuit, and his lust for vengeance has him killing mercilessly with Kung fu form. The music and style make for one seriously cinematic experience, as John makes practical use of the double-tap, taking no chances and making sure his opponents stay down. This all leads to a staggering total of 19 kills.

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