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Top 10 WTF X Factor Auditions

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Q.V. Hough Top 10 WTF X Factor Auditions. Subscribe: This British reality show has some of the most ridiculous and hilarious auditions! Who doesn’t love a good TV fail right? In today’s countdown we’re taking a look at some of the funniest and WTF X Factor Auditions so far. For this list, we’re focusing specifically on wacky auditions from the UK version of “The X Factor,” so any auditions from the American edition won’t appear here. Whether their auditions just plain sucked, or they came with a bad attitude and made a fool of themselves…these contestants sure made a name for themselves. MsMojo's Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat:

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Top 10 WTF X Factor Auditions.

Some reality contestants have THE “X” Factor, while others make us say “WTF.” Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 WTF X Factor Auditions.

For this list, we’re focusing specifically on wacky auditions from the UK version of “The X Factor,” so any auditions from the American edition won’t appear here.

#10: The Ghost Whisperer

West London’s J Star Valentine undoubtedly has a defined look going on when he steps in for his audition. Unfortunately, that “star” quality he claims he has isn’t reflected in his vocals. “Hallelujah” has seen a great many renditions over the years, but his ghastly, or ghostly, runs are a first. In fact, J Star’s bizarre audition transfixes the judges so much that Nicole Scherzinger, an American, seems to speak with a different tongue. Fellow judge Gary Barlow is rather harsh with his mimicry of J Star, but the contestant doesn’t really seem to notice anyway. How does that song go again?

#9: The Hype Factor

Inspired by the likes of P. Diddy, Usher, and even Rick Astley, this duo consists of a passionate lead vocalist and one heck of a hype man. To their credit, Anton and Seb don’t try to impress with flashy clothing, yet their perplexing give-and-take performance speaks for itself. On his own, Anton might’ve had a chance, but Seb’s odd vocal aesthetic and utter confusion distracts throughout. How do we know this wasn’t just some act? Well, Anton and Seb’s final plea leans more towards despair than self-awareness, and that’s usually the final breaking point for fed-up judges.

#8: Oh, Mercy

For this audition, the audience is slightly bigger than normal. Yet, Shirlena Johnson doesn’t seem phased whatsoever. She’s classically trained, but her vocal techniques are revealed to be… a “musical exorcism.” Performing Duffy’s “Mercy,” Shirlena seems confident in her own stage presence, yet she also seems lost in her performance – and not in a good way – as each moment becomes even more bizarre than the last. Shirlena doesn’t quite end with a bang, either – in fact, she seems out of breath. But, she’s clearly got some passion. Shirlena actually manages to make it through, but we’d still have to describe her audition as “random.”

#7: Power and Projection

Given the relatively relaxed demeanor of Sophie Stockle and the lead-in interviews, it seemed like she could be on the brink of stardom. Sadly, the Sophie Stockle train derails quickly, mostly due to her offensive pitch. As Mom watches on, judge Nicole Scherzinger acutely notes the “power and projection,” but it’s just not meant to be, as Sophie is clearly lacking a fundamental understanding of how singing works. Even so, she’s at least got a supportive family, although that doesn’t always bode well if you can’t sing to begin with. But Sophie got her 15 minutes of “fame” either way, if even that fame resulted from a WTF “X Factor” audition.

#6: The Chicken Man

Robert Unwin sets an extremely high bar for awkward auditions. His body language doesn’t ooze confidence, but the judges surprisingly find value in the vocals, which are unique to say the least. Robert doesn’t slay the audition, so to speak, but the judges call him back anyways, and the second time around is even more perplexing than the first. With his rendition of “Barbie Girl,” the Chicken Man earns his golden ticket, but not because of his suave demeanor or poignant vocal texture. Honestly, we have to give him credit for trying to do both the male and female vocals of the Aqua hit.

#5: Fouad’s Vision of Love

Passionate about singing – and even more passionate about Mariah Carey’s singing – Fouad has a dream. But, his “Vision of Love” rendition doesn’t quite have the vocal polish of his idol’s. It’s not that Fouad doesn’t commit to the performance – he’s clearly feeling the vibe. The problem is mostly the sound of his voice, and how he chooses to over-emphasize each and every word. The judges are obviously confused, and the audience cheering only fuels the contestant’s confidence. By the time he arrives at “Hero,” Fouad seems to be speaking his own language, but you’ve gotta respect his ability to captivate a crowd.

#4: Evil Rachel

Attitude is everything on “The X Factor.” But some aspiring singers confuse attitude with contrived confidence. For Rachel, her posturing backfires, as she talks the talk – and even holds an invisible microphone – but fails to walk the walk. Given her disinterested demeanor and lackluster performance, the judges serve up a little of their own sass, and that’s when the beast is unleashed. Rachel completely unloads on the judges, so much so that Sharon Osbourne’s well-timed cassette zinger can easily be lost in the moment. Awkward and embarrassing, this WTF audition exemplifies pure negativity – not a good look.

#3: Water Throwing

Dressed for success, Debbie Stevens has a bold voice to match her bold persona. But if you choose a Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey hit for an “X Factor” audition, then you’d better kill it. Unfortunately, the judges’ skeptical reception sets Debbie off, and things get even worse when her charisma takes a hit. You can see the wheels turning as the judges communicate the issues, but the audition takes a disturbing twist once Deb throws shade at judge Louis Walsh. Inexplicably, Louis throws professionalism aside and throws water at Debbie while trying to defend himself like a playground bully. It’s all quite surreal and sophomoric – a truly WTF moment.

#2: Ablisa Gone Wild

So, here are a couple of teenaged girls that initially seem to vibe with each other. But despite their bubbly demeanors, Abby and Lisa prove to be less than tactful on stage. And so, their immaturity nearly ends the singing audition before it begins, and the poorly executed performance doesn’t help matters. We’re not even mentioning the dueling personalities or not knowing how cousins work. Before the judges can even speak, the girls seal their own fate, spouting off and talking trash, and it only gets worse from there. You can always expect some verbal jabs on “The X Factor,” but it’s not every day you see a teenage girl backhand her best friend DURING an audition. Ladies and gentleman: ABLISA.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Big, Blonde and Beautiful
- A Sinking Ship
- An Unwarranted Fit of Giggles

#1: Ignorance Is “Bliss”

Though she boasts performing experience and a vibrant personality to rival – or mimic – Britney Spears, Lorna Bliss leaves us scratching our heads. By showcasing her best “assets” early on, Lorna brings a little raunchiness to “The X Factor” stage. Leaving little to the imagination in a fishnet and neon number, she rides judge Louis like a pony, only to move her way down the panel and leave Gary Barlow sprinting in the other direction. To the judges, it’s obvious that Lorna wants quick fame, and given Lorna’s reaction, she obviously doesn’t understand that a lap dance isn’t appropriate for a popular singing competition. But given her appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent” a year earlier, maybe she knew exactly what she was doing.

Do you agree with our list? What do you think is the biggest WTF moment from “The X Factor”? For more astounding Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.


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