Top 10 Deadpool Easter Eggs



Top 10 Deadpool Easter Eggs

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Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

What would the merc with the mouth's cinematic starring vehicle be without a few hidden gems? Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten Deadpool Easter eggs.

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Top 10 Deadpool Easter Eggs

What would the merc with the mouth’s cinematic starring vehicle be without a few hidden gems? Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten Deadpool Easter eggs.

#10: Superhero Landing

One of the things that makes the Deadpool movie so awesome is our protagonist’s ability to points out and satirise tropes that have become common across the genre over recent years. One such moment is when he points out the quote on quote superhero landing that seems to be all the rage these days. Not that he seems to mind them, as he even applauds when Angel Dust makes her own dynamic entrance right before their final confrontation. Careful though, apparently it’s not all that healthy for your legs. Impractical as it may be it still looks awesome.

#9: Canadian References

Since Wade Wilson and Ryan Reynolds are both proud Canadians, it only makes sense they would toss in the occasional reference and joke about their homeland. As Deadpool sets himself up to kick the everloving crap out of Ajax, he adds his own little golf commentary and mentions Regina, Saskatchewan – a city in west-central Canada. There’s also the less subtle throwaway gag when Deadpool punches Colossus across the face, getting his hand smashed in the process, and lets loose the first line of the Canadian national anthem in response. Remember kids, Regina rhymes with fun.

#8: Bob, Agent of Hydra

Remember that one goon who worked for Ajax that Deadpool inexplicably left alive and treated like an old friend? Well as it turns out that in the comics Bob works for the criminal organisation Hydra. That’s right, they managed to sneak a reference to a Hydra character despite the fact that Fox isn’t allowed to mention Hydra in their movies as it belongs to Disney and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While he’s not specifically mentioned as a member of Hydra, it’s very clear which character the movie is addressing since Bob and Deadpool have shared many misadventures together in the comics. While it’s unlikely we will ever see Deadpool crossover with the Avengers, it’s nice to know that the filmmakers seem just as eager as we are.

#7: Stewart or McAvoy?

It’s no secret that the timelines in the X-Men franchise are more than a little muddled by this point. You have everything that happened before “Days of Future Past,” everything after, and the less said about “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” the better. As you might expect, it’s a prime topic for Deadpool to pick apart, and he sums it up in a single, scathing question. After being thoroughly defeated by Colossus, an injured Deadpool’s remark about Professor X skewers the whole thing sharply and cleanly. And hey, it’s also a perfectly legitimate question!

#6: Helicarrier

This one is a much more of an overt nod to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that even casual fans should be able to spot. As Deadpool, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead zero in on Ajax, it turns out that he’s made his base of operations out of a destroyed Helicarrier. It’s never actually called a Helicarrier because again, Fox and Disney, but it was great nod that hints at a bigger world outside Deadpool. Could there by a surprise crossover with Cap or Nick Fury or at least Maria Hill? Naw, not so long as the impenetrable legal barrier keeps Fox’s Marvel characters separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

#5: Hugh Jackman

Wolverine and Deadpool’s rivalry in the comics is as hilarious as it is legendary, and any interaction between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman is always a barrel of laughs. In something of a twisted display of affection, both Hugh Jackman and his most famous role are frequently mentioned and mocked throughout the film. From little jabs at the actor being from down under to having a paper cut-out of his face stapled to Wade Wilson’s ugly mug, he’s all over the place. We can only imagine the fun they must have had coming up with this as well as Mr Jackman’s response when he watched it for the first time.

#4: Green Lantern

While it wasn’t the worst superhero movie ever made, it’s well known that the Green Lantern movie was a big disappointment for fans. Luckily for us Ryan Reynolds isn’t afraid to address this. Over the course of the Deadpool film he takes every opportunity to poke fun at the role. Even in the first scene we can see a Green Lantern baseball card spilling out of his wallet. But the line everyone remembers the most is when Wade Wilson starts to undergo his horrific treatment by Ajax, where he makes certain specific fashion demands.

#3: The ‘Other’ Deadpool

For as much flak as “Green Lantern” gets, it is nothing compared to the disaster that was “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and its treatment of Deadpool. What went wrong? Well above all they sewed up the merc with a mouth so he couldn’t talk. There was so much fan outrage over this that it would have been a crime if Deadpool hadn’t at least partially addressed it. Lucky for us they did just that. First in a teaser trailer for the film that was basically a huge middle finger to Fox. Then in the actual movie by actually having Barakapool as one of Wade Wilson’s action figures.

#2: Post Credits Scene

Post credits scenes have become an expected trope in superhero movies, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become expert at milking this to great effect. Naturally, that meant the “Deadpool” sequences had to come at it from a wackier angle. Putting his own little spin on things, viewers were treated to a rather strange homage to “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” complete with bathrobe. He also hilariously provides contradictory info about a sequel – and let’s just say his ideas about casting are appropriately non-traditional. Regardless of who’s cast, a sequel can’t get here soon enough.

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honourable mentions.


Stan Lee Cameo

Can’t Afford Another X-Men

#1: Breaking the Fourth Wall

We knew they were coming, yet they still blew us away! Deadpool’s hilarious habit of speaking to the audience has been part of his character for as long as he’s been on the page. Admittedly we were a little sceptical of how they were going to translate it to the big screen, but we’ll be damned if they didn’t nail it. Backstory, exposition, witty remarks, insults, he even goes as far to break the fourth wall within the fourth wall. We’re not sure what’s more awesome, the fact that him addressing the audience was so funny or that it didn’t feel forced. Here’s hoping we’ll get sixty four walls broken in the sequel.

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