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Top 10 Planets in the Star Wars Universe

VO: Rebecca Brayton

Written by Ian Astraquillo

The Star Wars Universe expands from films to comics to books and video games in which the characters visit a huge amount of planets, and today we're ranking them based on their appearance in Movies and other media. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Planets from the Star Wars Universe. But which will take the top spot? Luke and Anakin Skywalker's home planet of Tattooine, the frozen Hoth, or the massive metropolis of Coruscant? Watch to find out!

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These are the awe-inspiring worlds of a galaxy far, far away. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Star Wars Planets.

For this list, we’re taking a look at all the planets that have appeared in the Star Wars Canon/Universe and have selected our favorites based on each world’s importance and uniqueness. And yes, we are including moons on this list as well, provided that they are inhabitable.

#10: Geonosis

As the site of the Confederacy of Independent Systems’ first capital, this planet also served as its primary base of operations, and where the manufacturing of the faction’s battle droids took place. A barren desert world inhabited by winged sentient insects, this ringed Outer Rim planet was a fitting refuge for followers of the dark side. Geonosis may not have the most redeeming features in the galaxy – in fact, Anakin Skywalker once described it as “rotten from the inside out” – nevertheless, it certainly has a rich history, serving as the battleground for the skirmish that would mark the beginning of the Clone Wars.

#9: Starkiller Base

As important as the Death Star is to the Star Wars mythos, it obviously couldn’t make the cut since it’s neither a planet nor a moon. And yeah, despite all the rants about how Starkiller Base is essentially the Death Star’s third incarnation in disguise, we’re including it here without shame. Having the capacity to blow-up numerous planets with one strike, this Death Star on steroids obtains its destructive power by draining the energy from nearby stars – hence its name. Blanketed in unforgivingly cold temperatures, Starkiller Base is a home base and weapon as cold as its First Order occupiers.

#8: Mandalore

An environmentally hostile planet, this desolate desert world was once home to the ruthless Mandalorians: a fiendish warrior clan that was especially against the Jedi Order. Blanketed in large domed cities due to the planet’s war-torn landscape, Mandalore was initially one of the neutral planets during the Clone Wars conflict due to the fragility of the world and its culturally evolved denizens. Like many of its Outer Rim neighbors, Mandalore is a planet easily overlooked by the galaxy, but its wasteland habitat, violent history, and the remarkable reformation of its hardened people make it all the more unique.

#7: Kashyyyk

A forest world of dense shrubbery, large lakes, and misty mountains, this planet is home to everyone’s favorite big walking carpet: Chewie! A major navigational point among the mid rim planets, it was invaded by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, which led to several of the conflict’s most intense battles. Abundant with aesthetically unique, larger than life tree houses, Kashyyyk stands out as one of the few planets in the galaxy that manages to be both architecturally and naturally beautiful at once. Big ups to fuzzball and his fellow Wookiees.

#6: Naboo

Say what you will about the prequel trilogy, but you can’t deny that these films took us to some awe-inspiring and visually interesting worlds. Exhibit A: Naboo. A planet of lively landscapes, remarkable marble buildings, and an imaginative aquatic city hidden underwater, this fantastic world manages to be both grounded and fantastical with its fusion of ancient-looking structures with aliens and starships. Covered in a unique landscape that includes swamplands, lakes, hills and mountains, Naboo is as much a historical centerpiece of the galaxy as it is a piece of otherworldly eye-candy.

#5: Dagobah

All right, so most of us would probably not choose an eerie, oozy swamp for a home or getaway, but there’s no denying there’s a certain vibe or atmospheric charm that this outer rim territory gives off. Better known as the planet of exile for Grand Jedi Master Yoda, Dagobah also has a pure connection with the Force. It’s probably for this reason that Luke was able to grow quickly as a Jedi while training there with Master Yoda. Call it a rainforest of dense fog and creepy creatures. Call it an unwelcoming and horrific world. Just don’t call it a slimy mudhole.

#4: Endor

Officially known as the Forest Moon of Endor, this sanctuary of shrubbery, mountain ranges and giant trees is home to the Ewoks, a primitive species that resembles living teddy bears. As the planet, er, moon, that played host to one of the most important clashes between good and evil in the history of the galaxy, this Eden-esque world witnessed the climactic battle between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. The setting for some of the Saga’s most ambitious set designs, including the Ewoks’ Bright Tree Village, Endor’s creative design may have appeared simple on paper, but its execution was pure creativity.

#3: Hoth

An icy planet that shares a name with its system, this frigid Outer Rim world is home to eternal blizzards, rapidly declining temperatures, and yeti-esque monsters known as Wampas. In other words, it’s a perfect low-key base of operations for the rebel alliance. Host to perhaps the most epic sci-fi battle sequence ever to be put on film, Hoth was the planet that witnessed the Rebels’ most desperate attempt to fend off the Empire’s assault and their destructive AT-ATs. Taking center stage in the first act of one of cinema’s greatest sequels, it is one of the original trilogy’s most memorable worlds, even if its name doesn’t exactly fit its environment.

#2: Coruscant

Call it an oversaturated version of “Blade Runner’s” 2019, call it a rip-off of “Fifth Element’s” 2263, but you can’t deny that it’s just as cool and awe-inspiring as any of its predecessors. Described as a planet that is also one gigantic city, Coruscant also acts as the capital of the Republic. A futuristic world of soaring skylines, aerial freeways, and enormous advertisements, Coruscant is like New York, Tokyo, and Vegas meshed into one giant Metropolis. Host to some of the galaxy’s darkest events, including the sack of the Jedi temple, Coruscant is a visually distinct environment in the galaxy far, far away.

Before we jump into light-speed and get to our favorite planet, here are some honorable mentions:

- Kamino
- Bespin
- Yavin 4

#1: Tatooine

Taking the top spot on our list is the planet that started it all. The home planet of the Skywalker family, Tatooine’s straightforward sand and desert terrain has gone on to act as a point-of-reference for similar desert planets in the saga, including the aforementioned Geonosis and later on, Jakku. The starting point of Luke’s journey, it’s also the planet where audiences were first introduced to the galaxy’s broad diversity of life at places like Mos Eisley Spaceport and Cantina. While it sits as a wretched hive of scum and villainy, it is also a tranquil and sunny world with arguably the best view of dual-suns anywhere in the galaxy.

Do you agree with our list? Which Star Wars planet is your favorite? For more otherworldly Top 10’s published every day, be sure to subscribe to!

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