Top 10 Memorable Pink Music Videos
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Top 10 Memorable Pink Music Videos

Script written by Victoria Toltesi

Top 10 Memorable Pink Music Videos
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Pink's music videos are always filled with strong messages. She's a great role model for young women and her videos are always memorable. In this countdown we rank the Top 10 Pink Music Videos, including Don't Let me Get Me, Just Like Fire, Try, Raise Your Glass, True Love, Stupid Girls, and Get the Party Started.

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Top 10 Memorable Pink Music Videos

Everyone needs a touch of Pink in their lives, so here is a healthy dose! Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our top picks for Top 10 Memorable Pink Music Videos.

For this list we will be ranking the videos based on their creativity, story line, and their popularity amongst the artist’s established videography.

#10: “Just Like Fire”
Alice Through the Looking Glass: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2016)

We have fallen down the rabbit hole for this one folks! In this fantasy video, created for the 2016 film, “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, Pink shows off her flair for the dramatic, and gives us a little taste of her gymnastic skills. The video mirrors the film, as Pink follows her daughter Willow into Wonderland, and it is quite the journey! If you didn’t think the song could get any better, the music video just kicks it up a notch; with fantastic costumes, beautiful scenery, and the weirdest game of chess ever played. The video comes to a grinding halt, when Pink is unceremoniously thrown into an asylum for the insane, bringing us back to cold, harsh reality.

#9: “Don’t Let Me Get Me”
Missundaztood (2001)

Criticism has always been a part of Pink’s career, and when “Don’t Let Me Get Me” was first released, many critics claimed it was about self-loathing. Pink set the record straight with this music video, which showed that self-doubt, is not self-loathing, and as long as you stay true to yourself, you can do anything. She also used this video to let label boss L.A. Reid, know that the cookie cutter pop-star image he was trying to fit her into was not going to fly with her, because if we know anything about Pink it's that she doesn’t take anything from anyone. Needless to say, after the video was released, Reid agreed to let Pink be Pink, and we are all glad he did.

#8: “True Love” feat. Lily Allen
The Truth About Love (2012)

Pink has never shied away from showing her family life in her music videos, her 2001 video for Family Portrait gave us a glimpse into her childhood, having to grow up with divorced parents. In True Love we get to see her very happy, and very adorable, real life family. The video shows the reality of Pink's life; trying to balance her hectic career, while still making time for her family. It is also obvious that Pink and Hart are made for each other, I mean come on, a pop-rock superstar, and a motocross pro, now that’s what you call a power couple!

#7: “F**kin’ Perfect”
Greatest Hits... So Far!!! (2010)

With messages like this, an f-bomb is completely necessary! When Pink made this video she wanted it to be eye-opening, and to bring awareness to depression, cutting, and suicide. Starring Tina Majorino, the video follows the story of woman who had to fight for self-acceptance, while facing alienation, depression, and self-harm. Pink has always been an advocate for the outcasts in society, and she takes a head on approach to get people talking about it. The fact that she was pregnant during the filming of the video, makes her performance that much more emotional, and unforgettable.

#6: “Raise Your Glass”
Greatest Hits... So Far!!! (2010)

This entry will make you want to raise your glass, pump your fist, and dance around like you just don’t care! While the song is considered a party anthem, the video delves into serious issues; in fact, it shoves them in your face to make sure you get the message. The video tackles female empowerment, hence Pink being dressed up as ‘Rosie the Riveter’, and gay rights, as gay marriage was not yet legal in the United States. Pink really came into her own in the video, fully accepting herself as a source of inspiration, and taking the motivation level to the max!

#5: “Try”
The Truth About Love (2012)

Pink never ceases to amaze, and in this entry she impresses with her seemingly limitless talents. Directed by Floria Sigismondi, the video features Pink, and Colt Prattes, doing a very physically demanding contemporary dance, which is meant to reflect the extreme feelings of love and hate, experienced in a passionate romance. The song matches the theme of the dance perfectly, and the combination of the two is poetry in motion. The set of the video is extremely bare, so the attention is on the many flips, and lifts that should not be tried at home! Pink has even called this video her favourite, ever, and it’s not hard to see why.

#4: “Stupid Girls”
I’m Not Dead (2006)

Remember when we said that Pink didn’t take anything from anybody? Well, we weren’t joking. Not backing down from controversy, Pink tells us how she really feels about the typical, Hollywood girl, and she holds nothing back. Channelling her inner Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Nicole Richie, Pink mocks their lifestyle, and warns women away from being self-absorbed, airheads. Even though the video is hilarious, it demands serious discussion about eating disorders, the importance of role models, and empowering women. So remember, don’t be a stupid girl, or Pink might just show up on your shoulder!

#3: “Just Give Me a Reason” feat. Nate Ruess
The Truth About Love (2012)

Prepare to get a glance into the mind of Pink, literally. The set of the video seems to come straight out of a dream; with twinkling stars, fog, and a teddy bear with glowing eyes. The lyrics and the symbolism really makes the meaning of the video clear, which is the painfully relatable feeling of being trapped in your own mind, while constantly being plagued by insecurities. In reality, it’s obvious that Pink’s romance is very much alive, and while making out with your hubby for a video shoot seems fun, swimming around in a pool for hours is hard work.

#2: “Get the Party Started”
Missundaztood (2001)

Let’s take a little trip back in time; the year is 2001, the fashion is questionable, and getting to a party is basically mission impossible. Crazy fashion aside, this was the music video that let the world know what Pink was all about. Never the proper pop-princess, she shows that she is edgy, grungy, and full of attitude, and we have loved her for it ever since. The video is also a lot of fun, extremely hectic, and even features a young Kevin Federline, dressed in a lovely powder-blue tracksuit, pre-Brittney Spears.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Funhouse (2008)

Try This (2003)

“There You Go”
Can’t Take Me Home (2000)

#1: “So What”
Funhouse (2008)

Pink has always applied the saying ‘go big or go home’, and this definitely holds true for her breakups. The video is all about her very public split with Carey Hart, but Pink refused to make the video without him. Pink gets to act out every girls fantasy after a nasty breakup; getting to smash things, start fights, and ride a lawnmower down a busy road, because why not. It even includes the less than glamourous aspects, like spontaneous crying, and a little too much alcohol… Even though the video is all about their breakup, it actually helped to bring them back together, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

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