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Script written by Marc Saltzman.

Are you always on the lookout for genius gadgets? Do you always need the latest technology? Do you like telling your friends about smart gadgets they've never heard of? Whether you want the latest in wearable tech and tablets, to turn your television into a gaming hub, to keep an eye on your pets, or need help on how to potty-train your toddler, we've got you covered! WatchMojo teams up with tech-spert Marc Saltzman to count down five awesome gadgets you've never seen before (but probably wish you had).

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Script written by Marc Saltzman.

Gear UP: Top 5 Awesome Gadgets You Haven't Heard Of

If you love your tech – and chances are you do as you’re watching this video – you’re probably getting bored of the same ‘ol products.

Hey everyone, Welcome to Gear Up, the WatchMojo series that looks at the latest and greatest in tech. I’m Marc Saltzman, and in this video we’re going to look at 5 awesome gadgets you likely haven’t heard of.


First up, GEM Box. It’s a teeny box for your TV that lets you play games in 4 ways: Android gaming, with more than 1 million titles to download from the Google Play store; PC mirroring, as you can wirelessly access your games from a computer in another room; there’s support for the GameFly streaming service, and you get one month for free out of the box; and a retro emulator, so you can play a range of classic titles including 8- and 16-bit games of yesteryear. This is where the children of the ‘80s squeal with delight.

Entec’s GEM Box includes a Bluetooth gaming controller, and support for three more to play multiplayer games. The $99 GEM Box also lets you wirelessly mirror your smartphone or tablet, and it works with TV, movie and music streaming services, too.

Measuring just 3.25 inches square, and less than an inch tall, there’s also a USB port and microSD slot to access other content you may have.


OK, next up: you’ve heard of smartphones and smartwatches, but what about a smart BRA? That’s right. The OmBra from Omsignal is a sports bra that has some smarts in it, to help track a runner’s info while on the move. The $169 OmBra has patent-pending technology intimately embedded in the fabric of the undergarment and works with a free companion app that helps coach you to run safer, smarter and healthier. Sensors embedded in the band of the OMbra capture full heart rate signature and breathing data, while movement and steps are captured by an accelerometer located in the OMbox. The OMbox streams your real-time data via Bluetooth to your iPhone. With the help off the app and the data it’s collecting, the OMrun app can guide you to run within your own “smart zones” to help maximize progress and burn more fat while helping to reduce risk of injuries. And yes, of course the OMbra is washable. Simply remove the OmBox recording device before washing. Forget Fitbits, the OmBra may be the next BREAST thing. I mean, next BEST thing.


Our THIRD little-known product is either ridiculous or genius. You decide.

It’s called the iPotty – and as you might suspect, it’s a way to give some extra incentives to stubborn toddlers who don’t like to use the potty for number one or two. Yes, this is for real. The aptly named iPotty is a small toilet with an integrated iPad stand, so the little ones to play with apps or watch videos while doing their business; a washable “splash guard” protects the mounted tablet, which could be rotated between landscape and portrait view.

iPotty maker CTA Digital says the iPotty also includes a seat cover, which means this $35 iPad accessory can also be used as a regular seat and pseudo desk for little ones. The stand can also be adjusted to 3 positions or removed entirely to make extra room.

Hey, don’t pooh-pooh the idea until you’ve got a toddler who refuses to go. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

And while YOU might be tempted to try this thing, it’s only designed for little ones up to 43 pounds. Oh don’t act like you didn’t think about it.

Petzi Treat Cam

The fourth “cool tech you didn’t know about”? It’s the Petzi Treat Cam.

Keep an eye on your pet while at work, and even dispense treats on demand. That’s the premise behind the Petzi Treat Cam. After you connect this HD camera to your Wi-Fi network and install the app on your smartphone or tablet, place the Petzi against a wall and go about your daily routine.

Now, wherever life takes you, launch the app, and once your dog or cat hears the familiar chime, they’ll likely run to the camera, so you can talk to your pet, snap a pic from your phone (and upload it to social media), and dispense a dog treat or cat snack from the patented treat launcher.

So now you can see what your furry friend all day to see if it’s anything like the Secret Life of Pets movie.

Petzi costs $169.

Lenovo Yoga Tab Pro 3

And finally, not all tablets are created equal. This Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro is a stunning 10.1-inch Android tablet with a trick up its sleeve: press a button on the side of the device to turn on the built-in projector. That’s right. When you’d prefer a 70-inch picture instead of a 10-inch one, you can splash a movie, TV show, game or photo slideshow onto your wall or ceiling.

This Intel-powered 32-gigabyte device also has a built-in kickstand, front-firing stereo JBL speakers, expandable memory, dual cameras, and a screen you can write on with virtually any object, even a house key.

As if the projector isn’t a “shut the front door” moment, this tablet has a killer battery that lasts up to 18 HOURS between charges.
The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro costs $499.

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