Brangelina Breakup! 3 Facts You Need to Know!

It’s official: one of Hollywood’s most famous power-couples has called it quits!Welcome to WatchMojo news, the series from where we look at stories that you need to know. In this installment, we’re breaking down what’s going on with the Brangelina Breakup!

#3: How Was the Break up Announced?

On September 20, 2016, TMZ reported that one of Hollywood’s royal couples, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, were officially splitting the sheets. In case there were any doubts, the report went on to cite statements from Jolie’s divorce filing! Her reason for wanting a divorce? Irreconcilable differences, with TMZ’s sources elaborating that the actress was displeased with Brad Pitt’s parenting methods, and even went so far as to state that he has “substance abuse and anger” issues. She thus requested full “physical custody” of their 6 children. If Angelina gets her way, then Brad will only have joint legal custody of the kids and visitation rights. As far as we know, there are no confirmed reports that either one of them was having an affair.

#2: What Was Their Relationship Like?

As Brad and Angelina were one of the most famous couples on the planet, this news came as a shock to many. Their relationship started after the couple starred together in the action comedy “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” but the two claimed to be “just friends” until Pitt and his then-wife Jennifer Aniston announced their separation and eventual divorce in 2005. Jolie and Pitt maintained their relationship until 2014, when they officially tied the knot. Celebrity couples have always drawn attention, but these two have always been on another level! It was reported by the Huffington post that the there is a prenup for the marriage, which is good as the two have a combined net worth of an estimated $270 Million.

#1: What Happens Next?

If what Angelina says is true, then the paparazzi had better get their shovels because their relationship is dead. Don’t think that the media coverage around this is anywhere close to being over though! With Angelina Jolie lawyered up and exclusively seeking visitation rights for Brad Pitt, their time in court is unlikely to be pleasant. Considering Jolie’s reasons for divorce, the amount of money involved and their star personas, you can rest assured we are in for a hurricane of a custody battle. In a statement made to People, Brad Pitt stated that he was “I am very saddened by this, but what matters most now is the well-being of our kids

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