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Top 10 Troy Baker Video Game Performances

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Nathan Sharp Troy Baker has become synonymous with modern-day video games, and these roles show why he is considered to be one of gaming’s most consistent and relied-upon leading men. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Troy Baker Video Game Performances. For this list, we're looking at the best performances that Troy Baker has given throughout his career in video games, whether it be in supporting or leading roles. Special Thanks to our users "jwiking62" "speechjon" "FlorinP" "Gaby1223" and so many other users for suggesting this topic on our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Nathan Sharp

Top 10 Troy Baker Video Game Performances

Troy Baker has become synonymous with modern-day video games, and these roles show why he is considered to be one of gaming’s most consistent and relied-upon leading men. Welcome to, and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten TroyBaker video game performances.

For this list, we're looking at the best performances that Troy Baker has given throughout his career in video games, whether it be in supporting or leading roles.

#10: Yuri Lowell
“Tales of Vesperia” (2008)

Before we get to his more mainstream works, we'll start off small with this Japanese game in which Baker portrays Yuri Lowell, a young adult on the hunt for a thief. Yuri is darker and more mature than previous “Tales” protagonists, and Baker strikes the perfect, necessary balance between young naivety and adult wisdom. Yuri’s darker, morally gray traits are a divergence from typical JRPG protagonists, but even in his most morally questionable moments, Baker is able to make Yuri relatable and humane. It's difficult to portray such a complex and three dimensional character through voice acting alone, but Baker pulls it off nicely, making Yuri a great character and a “Tales” favorite in the eyes of its fans.

#9: Ocelot
“Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” (2015)

This installment of the “Metal Gear Solid” franchise employed facial capture provided by each character’s respective voice actor. As a result, we see Baker’s acting chops on full display, and we have to say, they're quite impressive. Taking over the Ocelot reigns from previous voice actors Patric Zimmerman and Josh Keaton, Baker fits into the “MGS” world like a glove, providing a decidedly less campy iteration of Ocelot. His facial performance was on point, his voice struck the perfect balance between young and old Ocelot, and his acting skills proved just as hot as ever by realistically portraying his complexities and enigmatic behavior. When you can hold your own against Kiefer Sutherland, you know you've done well.

#8: Booker DeWitt
“BioShock Infinite” (2013)

Forget about that twist. Troy Baker’s performance is the real star here! OK, maybe not, but it's pretty good. While Booker doesn't exactly emote a whole lot, and while he may not go down in history as one of gaming's greatest protagonists, Baker’s performance is all that it needs to be. Booker’s childlike sense of wonder regarding the world of Columbia and its inhabitants comes across nicely from Baker, effectively putting players in his shoes as an outsider in this troublesome yet majestic world. He is also able to make Booker’s internal struggles relatable and sympathetic, especially regarding his questionable past and battles of faith. Booker could arguably be a boring character in the wrong hands, but not in Baker’s.

#7: Jack Mitchell
“Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” (2014)

While it's true that the shining star of the “Call of Duty” series is its thrilling and robust multiplayer, there’s no denying that its campaigns produce some memorable characters. Great writing and Baker’s performance combine to make Jack Mitchell one of them. Bakerwas up to a formidable task, as Jack is the sole playable character, whereas previous CoD iterations had multiple protagonists. Baker was up to the challenge, and carried the campaign perfectly. Whether he’s portraying grief regarding the loss of a friend or bewilderment over a betrayal, Baker deftly captures all the varying emotions of Mitchell and holds his own against Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey, which is definitely no small task.

#6: Kanji Tatsumi
“Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4” (2008)

Another Japanese game, this one sees Baker voice Kanji Tatsumi, a high school student who is thrown into the TV World where he meets his alternate self, his Shadow. Baker nicely flip flops between comedy and drama throughout the game, providing laughs with Kanji’s hilarious overreactions but also drawing sympathy in the dramatic beats. These varying degrees of personality shows that Baker can do it all and make everything he does believable. A major aspect of Kanji’s personality are his gender insecurities, as personified through his Shadow's sexual orientation. While some condemned the character for his stereotypical, flamboyant behavior, Baker nonetheless makes the situation sympathetic and conceivable.

#5: Sam Drake
“Uncharted 4: A Thief's End” (2016)

While it's admittedly a little jarring to drop a new major character into the series’ fourth and final installment, Troy Baker nevertheless slips smoothly into the “Uncharted” world as Nathan Drake’s presumed-dead brother. Troy Baker and Nolan North are a match made in gaming heaven, as they play off each other perfectly, creating a terrific sense of camaraderie and chemistry. Baker is just as hilarious as North, especially through Sam’s signature quips and sarcasm. However, he can also be very dramatic, which is evident in Sam’s protective and paternal attitudes towards Nathan. It's a three dimensional performance, and Baker makes Sam a welcome and fully worthy addition to the series’ plethora of memorable characters.

#4: The Joker
“Batman: Arkham Origins” (2013)

To say that Troy Baker had shoes to fill would be a massive understatement. Mark Hamill gave us a deeply unsettling and terrifying Joker, and many lamented his departure. However,Baker proved to be remarkable, even if his version borrowed heavily from Hamill’s, and his portrayal of the classic villain was lauded as one of the best aspects of the otherwise weakest game. He not only nailed the Joker’s grating voice, but made his appearance just as frightening as ever, complete with the psychotic disposition that makes the Joker so memorable. While Baker was good as Two Face in the preceding entry, “Arkham City,” it's his turn as the Joker that sticks with us, in both good and horrifying ways.

#3: Vincent Brooks
“Catherine” (2011)

In this critically acclaimed puzzle platformer, Baker plays Vincent Brooks, a young man with no ambition, a lack of commitment, and a general distaste for the pressures of adult life.Baker is adept at weaving the complexities of Vincent’s life, especially when he meets Catherine and must make difficult and rash decisions concerning his love life and loyalties. Through his initial mundane existence and personality, Baker makes Vincent a wholly relatable and human character, which is in no doubt helped by the great writing. He is able to portray Vincent's glaring flaws while we remain empathetic, a feat which proves why he is paid the big bucks.

#2: Pagan Min
“Far Cry 4” (2014)

While it's borderline impossible to top the sheer mania and impact that Vaas had on the gaming community, Baker gives it his all as Pagan Min and provides us with a standout villain in the otherwise copy-and-pasted fourth entry. He turns in a more subdued and subtle villain, but the results are equally memorable. Baker is able to portray Min as an enigmatic man, psychotic without being over-the-top, villainous without being too overt. His darker aspects often come through his words, not his actions, and it's fascinating that Baker is able to pull it off with only inflections in his voice or mannerisms. It's a rather restrained performance, but is nevertheless palpably uncomfortable.

Before we consider his best performance, here are a few honorable mentions.

Delson Rowe
“Infamous Second Son” (2014)
Jake Muller
“Resident Evil 6” (2012)
Kai Leng
“Mass Effect 3” (2012)

#1: Joel

“The Last of Us” (2013)

In what is not only one of the best performances in video game history, but also a possible Oscar-worthy role, Baker gives a commanding performance as Joel, a man haunted by his past. Throughout the game, Baker is able to make Joel totally human and immensely flawed. While Joel is a more low-spirited character, Baker nevertheless hits on a myriad of emotional moments, including suffocating grief, terror, anger, and paternal love. Especially notable is his physical performance. Through slight gestures, like a brief glance at his watch, Baker is able to convey meaning and emotion without the use of his voice, something which is highly commendable. His performance was lauded upon release, and for completely understandable reasons.

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