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Top 10 Norse Gods

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by George Pacheco Get ready to cross the rainbow bridge into Asgard. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Norse Gods. For this list, we're ranking the most famous gods from the world of Norse mythology, that is to say the formative fables and tales which hail from such countries as Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Special thanks to our users Joakim987123 or submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by George Pacheco

Top 10 Norse Gods

Get ready to cross the rainbow bridge into Asgard. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Norse Gods.
For this list, we’re ranking the most famous gods from the world of Norse mythology, that is to say the formative fables and tales which hail from such countries as Norway, Sweden and Denmark. We’ll be considering both tribes that make up the Norse pantheon, from the more familiar Æsir, to the gods of fertility, wisdom and foresight of the Vanir.

#10: Bestla

Bestla is proof that even the All-Father has to have an origin. Little is known about her other than her marriage to Borr, and her role as the mythical mother of Odin and his brothers Vili and Ve. In fact, she receives very little mention in the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda, the collections of ancient Norse poems and legends that make up much of Norse mythology. However, scholarly theories abound regarding her connections to other mythical beings, including one hypothesis about her possibly being the cousin of Mímir, a deity whose severed head gives Odin wisdom and knowledge. Yeah, Norse myths can get a little weird.

#9: Ullr

What do you do when your stepdad is Thor, God of Thunder? If you're Ullr, you become the patron saint of skiers! You heard that right. Ullr is the product of Sif, eventual wife of Thor, and an unnamed father, and seems to have at one time been pretty important based on poetic and archaeological evidence, though not much survives. Even today, he is often prayed to for the safety of skiers. Granted, skiing, hunting, archery and shields may not be as glamorous as Thor’s thunder and lightning theatrics. But, it was apparently enough for the god to appear in the New Zealand fantasy series “The Almighty Johnsons,” about a group of reincarnated Norse gods. Way to go, Ullr!

#8: Heimdallr

This guardian of Bifrost, the rainbow bridge that connects the human world of Midgard with the gods’ realm of Asgard, is not a deity with whom to be trifled. Heimdallr, born of nine mothers – yes, nine – has teeth of gold, as well as both super-sight and hearing. It’s the role of Heimdallr – or the modern Heimdall – to sound the mighty Gjallarhorn to signify the beginning of Ragnarok, the foretold Armageddon of Norse myth. It is during this time that Heimdallr and the trickster god Loki are destined to kill each other. Until that time, it is Heimdallr’s duty to stand guard at Bifrost, where he watches...and waits.

#7: Týr

Law, wisdom and justice: these are the ideals that Tyr represents within the Norse pantheon. This god is described as being either the son of either Odin or the giant Hymir depending on the source. He’s no pushover in either incarnation, fighting fierce battles alongside his fellow Asgardians. Human warriors often dedicated their weapons to Tyr, in the hopes that the god might bless that weapon with power and help them in battle. Norsemen further celebrated his name by offering a day of the week, Tuesday, in his honor. The god would later find tragedy, however, losing his right hand during the binding of the vicious wolf Fenrir.

#6: Hel

You can probably guess what this goddess is in charge of based on her name alone. Just as other cultures, like the Greeks and Romans, have a god of the underworld, Hel acts as the guardian of the dominion with which she shares her name, located in the realm of Niflheim. Hel also happens to be the daughter of Loki, and possesses a devious intelligence and charisma not far removed from her infamous father. Indeed, this goddess’ reputation precedes her as a fearsome ruler, and she’s not someone any mortal or god would want to have as an enemy.

#5: Baldr

There’s a wealth of tragedy behind the Asgardian brothers Baldr and Hodur. It’s the death of the kind and benevolent Baldr that serves as one of the events that kickstarts Ragnarok, thanks to a devastating bit of treachery at the hands of Loki. You see; Baldr was almost invulnerable after his mother, Frigg, made everything in the world promise to do him no harm. Unfortunately, she didn’t make mistletoe take this same oath, and Loki discovered Baldr’s one weakness. He then crafted a spear – or arrow in some sources – and tricked the blind Hodur to send the fatal blow into Baldur’s heart. Loki’s mischief proves very real and very fatal for the Asgardians, causing them to suffer the rare loss of one of their own.

#4: Freyja

Fierceness, thy name is Freyja. This formidable Norse goddess has been associated with many things, including love, sex, fertility and war. She welcomes deceased warriors into her home of Fólkvangr, while others are sent to the mead halls of Valhalla. What’s more, Freyja has been known to engage in bitter battles of words with such gods as Loki, against whom she harbors particular ill will. Though she does bear many similarities to the Roman goddess Venus, she boasts some awesome attributes of her own, including a pet boar named Hildisvíni and a magnificent chariot pulled by cats. If that doesn’t deserve an internet meme, we don’t know what does!

#3: Loki

To describe Loki’s relationship with other Asgardians as “complex” would be an understatement. Loki’s standing as trickster and shapeshifter is well documented within the ancient poems and Norse legends, but at times he fights with and against the Asgardians. The severity of his pranks varies depending on the source, though a trick of his does lead to the death of a god, earning him a particularly gruesome punishment: he’s shackled with the innards of his son Nari as poison drops onto him from above. Don’t worry, though: Loki will be set free at the time of Ragnarok. When that happens, the world shall end, gods shall die and water shall sweep the earth, leaving only two left to repopulate the world and start anew.

#2: Odin

He is the All-Father of Asgard and the one-eyed old man who sees it all. Odin possesses divine wisdom and a fierce temper, smiting down his enemies while riding upon his eight-legged steed known as Sleipnir. He remains one of the few Norse gods whose legacy has endured with wide reaching commercial appeal, especially thanks to his portrayal by Anthony Hopkins in Marvel’s series of “Thor” films. He’s even captured a special place within the hearts of gaming fans thanks to his appearances in the “Final Fantasy” series of RPGs. Yeah, we think Odin’s pretty badass, too.

Before we reveal our top Norse god, here are a few honorable mentions!
- Frigg

- Skadi

- Sif

- Idun

#1: Thor

This God of Thunder is probably the best known Asgardian of Norse mythology, thanks to his reputation not only as a pillar of strength, but also of fertility and healing. He’s known as a supporter of Midgardian humanity and as the most fearsome god in battle, in part thanks to his hammer Mjolnir, which can conjure up lightning bolts and thunder claps with a mere swing. Thursday is named in his honor, and his Marvel comic book and cinematic representations are beloved by millions, so it’s no wonder Thor is our number one pick for the most epic Norse god.
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