Top 10 Best Power Rangers Monsters



Top 10 Best Power Rangers Monsters

VOICE OVER: Dan Paradis
Script written by Craig Butler

The Power Rangers may be the heroes, but the monsters are the real stars. Welcome to and today we're counting down the top 10 Best Power Rangers Monsters.

For this list, we're only considering monsters from the TV show who are not main villains or generals, as those guys already have their own list. Sorry, Goldar.

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Script written by Craig Butler

Top 10 Best Power Rangers Monsters

The Power Rangers may be the heroes, but the monsters are the real stars. Welcome to and today we're counting down the top 10 Best Power Rangers Monsters.
For this list, we're only considering monsters from the TV show who are not main villains or generals, as those guys already have their own list. Sorry, Goldar.

#10:  King Sphinx

Having a strategy is always a good idea, and Finster created King Sphinx for a specific reason: to destroy Red Ranger Jason. OK, so it was Rita’s idea to deprive the Rangers of their leader, but Finster got the Egyptian sand needed to create this awesome creature. This Pharaoh-based being could fly and his wings could scatter his opponents. But his best power was his most questionable. He could shoot flaming questions marks from his scepter. Now how many villain can lay claim to that particularpower?

#9:  Barillian Bug

The intergalactic villain  Darkonda needed assistance stopping the Power Rangers, and he came up with a doozy of a helper. Barillian Bug very distinctly resembles a scorpion, but his sting is very different.  Scorpions may hurt or even kill their prey. A Barillian Bug’s sting turns his prey into another of the scorpion-like baddies. This was a lesson that Carlos and Cassie learned the hard way. Fortunately, Andros and T.J. were able to locate a rare antidote and used it to cure their colleagues. Good thing, as even a supersize can of Raid wouldn’t do much good against the Bug.

#8:  Mut-Orgs

This trio of do-badders started out thousands of years ago as spirits of three Orgs, aliens with a fondness for devastation by way of pollution. Imprisoned for millennia, they were released by the mutant Ransik. Borrowing some DNA from him, they created new shells for their spirits and called themselves Mut-Orgs. These evil creatures each have tremendous powers, but they’re especially dangerous together. They can combine their powers to create a Spirit Bomb that can cause serious damage. Fortunately, the team-up of both Time Force and Wild Force Rangers stopped them before their pollution could wipe out all human life.

#7:  Arachnor

Many people have an especially strong fear of spiders. Those people need to really keep their distance when Arachnor comes around. Though she has a distinctly humanoid physical appearance, this spider demon is as dangerous as any giant spider. Of course, in some ways she’s just following her instinct. You see, she catches people in her web mostly as a source of food for her soon-to-hatch babies. What mother doesn’t understand that motivation? Fortunately, not even this Mother can withstand the might of the Rangers.

#6:  Impursonator

Okay, a monster created out of a purse would seem to have limited appeal. Rita didn’t even conjure her up on purpose; Impursonator was brought into being due to a spell that missed its mark. But surprisingly, Impursonator was a pretty effective fighter. Because her skin was made from rubber, it could withstand just about everything that was thrown at her. Not only that, she could take what was dished out to her and throw it back at her opponents. Even without getting energy from others, her own lightning bolts packed a mean blast.

#5:  Mirloc

If Hannibal Lector were ever a Power Ranger villain, he would most likely be this monster. This guy could travel through a mirror, or anything that is reflective, for that matter. He’s also responsible for the death of Sky’s Father, which is something Sky is not aware of when he goes to interrogate him, and he ends up being manipulated into shedding a reflective tear. In battle, Mirloc has a mirror on his chest that is capable of holding someone prisoner or of transporting an enemy to another dimension altogether. But in the end, Sky is able to avenge his father and bring him to justice.

#4:  Titanisaur

Okay, so maybe Titanisaur does bear some striking resemblance to a certain giant lizard that likes to lay waste to Tokyo. Let’s just call it an homage and move on, okay? An oversized minion of Captain Mutiny, Titanisaur was so big he tended to carry the Captain’s castle around on his back.  He was as comfortable plumbing the depths of the ocean as flying through space, both of which come in handy. And just like a certain giant lizard, he has his own Atomic Breath and a Jaw that can rip the Megazords arms from their sockets. You know, a kids show.

#3:  Pudgy Pig

Finster created Pudgy Pig for a rather mundane reason – to spoil a food festival. But this ceaselessly ravenous boar was capable of greater things. Pudgy’s appetite was so tremendous that if left to his own devices, he was capable of eating the Earth’s entire food supply. In only two days. Fortunately, the heinous hog had a weakness: spicy food. After being tricked into eating one big spicy meal, he regurgitated everything he’d eaten – and the Rangers quickly subdued him. This gluttonous adversary wins big points for originality – and for his entertainment value.

#2:  Tankenstein

Evil Princess Astronema needed a means of dispatching the Power Rangers, so she made the logical choice: a sentient Humvee. Hey, it sounds silly, but Tankenstein was one mighty and relentless foe. At first, it seemed as if his only power was to try to run over the Rangers, but they soon learned he possessed teleportation powers as well.  And he was damn near impervious to their blasters. Even when Rangers could knock him out of commission, he'd only transform into a powerful robot form to give them more hell. Think your car could do half as well?

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Nimrod  the Scarlet Sentinel



#1:  Blue Globbor

The slimiest of Ranger foes – literally. Created by the aptly-named Master Vile this oozy guy was a drain on the Rangers – literally. His power was draining energy, and then using said energy to use the ranger’s powers against them. Worse still was that attacking him also meant hurting a friend, as for a while, every time Blue Globbor was hit, Ninjor, an ally of the Rangers, would get hurt as well. All of this culminates is what is arguably the most epic zord battle in the original series, as it takes 2 Megazords, Ninjor AND the Falcon-zord to finally take down this slimy fiend.
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