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Top 10 Three Days Grace Songs

VO: Matt Campbell
Script written by Q.V. Hough Nu Metal, a new singer and still one of Canada's best rock bands. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Three Days Grace Songs. For this list, we’ve chosen our entries based on a combination of the artist's fan favorites and their most commercially successful songs. Special thanks to our users deadmanjacobs or submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Q.V. Hough

Top 10 Three Days Grace Songs

Nu Metal, a new singer and still one of Canada’s best rock bands. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Three Days Grace Songs.
For this list, we’ve chosen our entries based on a combination of the artist’s fan favorites and their most commercially successful songs.

#10: “Painkiller”
Human (2015)

Making a strong statement upon losing frontman Adam Gontier, guitarist Barry Stock wrote an anthemic song to kick of a new era with Matt Walst on lead vocals. A song of duality, “Painkiller” offers devoted fans a way to cope with the change of direction while reminding that too much of anything can, in fact, bring a person down - or even a band, for that matter. With somewhat of a taunt to perpetual whiners, Three Days Grace threw the hammer down and embraced a new sound.

#9:“Chalk Outline”
Transit of Venus (2012)

Kicking off their collaboration with RCA Records, Three Days Grace produced a lead single detailing all the horror of being dumped like the morning trash, only to have your significant other stick around to enjoy your stench. That’s some real sick stuff, we know, but the band beautifully captured the angst and pure aggressiveness of how it feels to be left for dead and figuratively transformed into a chalk outline, a stark reminder of the personal turmoil that has always fueledThree Days Grace’s music.

#8: “I Am Machine”
Human (2015)

Given the title, one might expect this track to highlight the band’s inner badassery, but in reality, “I Am Machine” falls in line with the title of the album itself – “Human.” Part Tin Man Story, part ode to “Edward Scissorhands”, “I Am Machine” focuses on the concept of being immune to, you know, human emotion, and allowed Three Days Grace to feature a softer side, albeit with their usual edge. When Matt Walst screams out “I Am Machine,” he’s really expressing the idea that he just wants to be understood.

#7: “Break”
Life Starts Now (2009)

It begins with a “Billie Jean” beat, and just like Michael Jackson stressed out in his early 80s classic, Three Days Grace conveyed a similar sense of anxiety with “Break.” At first, the lyrics convey a willingness to heck out of Dodge, however the second verse ups the ante with a vampire reference, leading to a chorus that explodes with pure Three Days Grace energy. Based on the breakdown of life that comes from bad influences, this joint sparked the fire for the musical journey that was Life Starts Now, the band’s third studio album.

#6: “Riot”
One-X (2006)

What the hell is this, Three Days Grace? Cursing? Well, for a song entitled “Riot,” we’ll give you a pass, because sometimes a well-placed F-bomb solidifies a lyrical message. In this case, singer Adam Grontier had been coming to grips with pill addiction, and it’s not difficult to imagine him writing the hell out of this song before asking his crew to drop some industrial metal grit into the mix. “Riot” was constructed out of personal agony yet destined to find its way into WWE video games as well, thus serving as the hype song for couch-bound gamers.

#5: “Pain”
One-X (2006)

Surely the band’s most commercially successful production and a favorite of TV executives, this early hit from Three Days Grace proved their proficiency in somber music. At the beginning, it seems as though lead singer Gontier has written an emo ballad of inner agony featuring the recurring theme of .. pain … but in a surprise twist of events, Gontier reveals that he likes to get rough with pain, which sets the tone for a most unexpected love letter. The track was just shy of the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, although it landed the top spot on both the modern and mainstream rock charts, a feat impressive in itself.  

#4: “Animal I Have Become”
One-X (2006)

Back in their Jive Records days, Three Days Grace needed a kick-ass lead single for their second album, and Adam Gontier penned a primordial anthem, complemented by a prowling musical backdrop.  In the process of recovering from drug addiction, the singer channeled the darkest depths of his past by comparing himself to an untamed beast, unable and perhaps unwilling to join the civilized world. Of course, Gontier’s survival paved the way for more modern rock classics, large in part to this nightmarish depiction of suffering.

#3: “Just Like You”
Three Days Grace (2003)

Riding the wave of their massive debut single, Three Days Grace offered the same sentiments for a song about being your own person. “Just Like You’ takes aim at disillusioned parents who want their children to be little clones that act the same way, think the same way and live out a seemingly mapped future. In a time when YouTube and social media had yet to change our way of life, “Just Like You” connected legions of rock fans unwilling to live out daily, repetitive routines by doing just the same ol’ thing over and over … and over.

#2: “Never Too Late”
One-X (2006)

Anticipating a new set of problems for those living in the digital age, Three Days Grace released an evocative and radio-friendly single that most listeners could relate to in one way or another. While the lyrical nature of “Never Too Late” certainly has a timeless quality, the words lent weight to the frustrations of youths living in a more rapid world, as dreams and happiness become more accessible yet still remain so far away. However, “Never Too Late” reminds that tomorrow IS a brand new day, as we can call begin anew and take the first step towards achieving our goals.
Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
“The Good Life”
Life Starts Now (2009)
“Time of Dying”
One-X (2006)
Three Days Grace (2003)
“Gone Forever”
One-X (2006)
“Misery Loves My Company”
Transit of Venus (2012)

#1: “I Hate Everything About You”
Three Days Grace (2003)

Three Days Grace had as us hooked with their debut single, going all out with a thrasher focusing on a most beautiful confusion. You love somebody but love them so much that you come to despise all the little annoying things about them, well, at least until you begin missing that person, of course, and that’s when you discover if the relationship was real or just a way to pass the time. I. HATE. Everything. About. You. But dammit, I love you too. And therein lies the struggle. So complicated, but so, so simple.
So, do you agree with our selections? What is your favorite Three Days Grace song?For more mind-blowing Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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