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Top 10 Foods for the Grill

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Sandra Argese Grill up these foods and you'll be in for a treat! Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 foods for the grill. For this list, we're looking at foods that taste delicious after being cooked on a grill. Special thanks to our users Stine Pedersen or submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Sandra Argese

Top 10 Foods For The Grill

Grill up these foods and you’ll be in for a treat! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 foods for the grill.

For this list, we’re looking at foods that taste delicious after being cooked on a grill. We are not including other heat appliances, so there will be no rotisseries or spit roasts making appearances here. Now let’s dig in!

#10: Hot Dogs

Fancy a hot dog made of chicken, pork, beef, or even turkey? When grilled right, hot dogs make for a plump and juicy treat. Traditionally served inside a sliced bun, they can be coupled with an unlimited amount of garnishes and combinations, ranging from the classics like mustard and ketchup, to more substantial additions like onions, avocado, bacon, salad, or pickles – just to name a few. Also known around the world as Frankfurters, franks, or wieners, theappetizing delight of any well grilled hot dog will likely keep anyone going back for seconds. And thirds!

#9: Shrimp / Prawns

The taste of a perfectly grilled prawn is tough to beat. They’re famous for their delicious flavor, which is even better when seasoned or marinated with the right ingredients, such as garlic or sweet chili. There’s no need to be picky, as they can be eaten with or without their heads left on – depending on how squeamish you are, that is. Shrimp don’t require a lot of grilling time, making them a quick and time saving addition to any backyard BBQ menu. If they’re bought fresh and grilled while raw, they’re sure to be a treat.

#8: Veggies

Step aside meat! A well prepared, flavorsome marinade, or even just the right amount of oil, some salt and pepper can do wonders to cook great tasting vegetables. The grill has the power to bring out the tender, beautiful flavors that veggies have to offer, whether through caramelization or light charring. If it’s eggplant, corn, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, or onions, the options are endless. Adding a crunchy texture to an already healthy piece of food is never going to be a bad thing, especially if it’s fresh, bright in color, and grilled to perfection.

#7: Lobster

If you’re looking for appetizing seafood that is both tasty and tender, then lobster is a great option – especially lobster tails. As well as being a popular summer hit, lobster is high in calcium, vitamins, zinc, and iron. It may require you to tear off various body parts to get to the meat but the end result sure is worth it. While you could boil your lobster and call it a day, cooking it on a grill is arguably the better way to get the best flavors of it, so no wonder it’s such a popular choice. You just have to kill it first…

#6: Salmon

If you were told to select a healthy option to prepare on a grill, one that’s full of flavor and looks as good as it tastes, salmon would be a superb choice. Filled with healthy fats and loads of beneficial oils, vitamins and minerals, it can leave you feeling good about what you’ve chosen to eat. Salmon can also be served with a variety of herbs, spices, and sides.The crispy skin and beautiful rich pink color sure are a reward for anyone who eats it.

#5: Chicken

Whether you want the thigh, breast, or wing, or even the whole thing, chicken sure has the power to please the taste buds. Famously grilled with various spices and seasonings, a well caramelized chicken is both juicy and full of moisture. It is also one of the more healthier meats for the barbecue, as it’s filled with plenty of protein and carbohydrates. It’s also essential that the cook knows to grill it for the right amount of time to avoid drying out its great flavor. But for the novice, shoving a can of beer in the cavity of the bird and standing it on your grill is sure to produce a delicious result.

#4: Sausages

A sausage’s taste is dependent on how well it’s been grilled. The combinations and varieties of sausages are endless, and they can fused with various herbs, spices, flavors and ingredients. There are also countless fillings available, ranging from well-known meats like chicken or beef, to vegetarian options such as tofu. The famous food also has many close relatives, such as the juicy chorizo pork sausage. Whether it’s served in a bun or on its own, sausages are an easily cooked treat suitable for many occasions.

#3: Ribs

Eaten across the world, ribs are a popular menu item for their famous smoky barbecued flavor. They can be grilled as a slab or separately and are eaten by tearing the meat off the bone – or if you’re lucky and you grill them just right, they’ll fall right from the bone. Ribs are known for being seared away on the grill, accompanied with various marinades or sauces to make for a not so neat, but ever so tasty meal. Grill your ribs to perfection and the meat will be so juicy and flavorsome that soon, all you’ll have left is bone.

#2: Hamburgers

The hamburger is an iconic menu item all over the world, traditionally made up of ground beef in the form of a patty. It is conventionally smothered in sauce, topped with different vegetable or meat combinations, and placed between two buns. Any great hamburger will rarely disappoint in taste, retaining the moisture and juicy goodness that they are famous for. Get some grill marks on one of these beauties and you’ll have yourself some satisfied taste buds for sure.

Before we serve up our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Halloumi
- Fruit
- Lamb Chops
- Pork Chops

#1: Steak

If you eat meat, chances are you love steak. It’s juicy. It’s filling. And it can be grilled any way you like! We can safely say it’s the most popular meat dish on most menus anywhere in the world. It can be grilled anywhere from blue, to rare, to medium, to well done, to charcoal black and everywhere in between, with various different cuts like the sirloin, T-bone or flank steaks offering up different meaty experiences. One thing’s for sure: steak and a well prepared grill are a match made in heaven. As long as it isn’t still walking or burnt to a crisp, then the steak will always be a winner.

Do you agree with our list? What piece of grilled food gets your taste buds excited? For more delicious top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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