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Top 10 Sexiest Canadian Female Celebrities

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Selina Antonucci These gorgeous Canadian beauties will give you a whole new reason to be saying O Canada! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Sexiest Canadian Female Celebrities. For this list, we're looking at female celebrities who are Canadian citizens, including those who have dual citizenship. Special thanks to our users Felix_B or submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Selina Antonucci

Top 10 Sexiest Canadian Female Celebrities

These gorgeous Canadian beauties will give you a whole new reason to be saying O Canada! Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Sexiest Canadian Female Celebrities. 

For this list, we’re looking at female celebrities who are Canadian citizens, including those who have dual citizenship. They should be relatively active in their respective fields. We’re excluding athletes from professional sports and Olympic teams however, as that is a list for another day.  

#10: Nina Dobrev

This Bulgarian-Canadian may be best known for her role in “The Vampire Diaries,” but there’s more to her than just a pouty face. She’s been in “Degrassi: The Next Generation” with fellow Canadian hottie Drake, who may or may not be featured in our Top 10 Sexiest Canadian Male celebs, and starred in movies like “Let’s Be Cops” and “The Final Girls.” Despite the more serious roles she’s known for, Nina Dobrev has a fun and sillier side, which is refreshing to see. Her signature look consists of her large doe-like brown eyes and long brown hair. In short, she’s gorgeous. She gives women serious envy on how effortlessly flawless she always seems to look, while men just want to be with her, regardless of whether she’s dressed to the nines or keeping it casual.


#9: Jessica Lucas

This Vancouver native started acting in theater at a young age, then starred in TV shows like “Edgemont,” “Melrose Place” and “Cult.” The pretty Jessica Lucas has also graced the silver screen with roles in “Cloverfield,” “Pompeii” and the reboot of the “Evil Dead.” We’ve got to admit that while Lucas as a Deadite is terrifying, there’s something about it that is also sexy... yep, so you can mark us down as scared and aroused! Back to the small screen, Lucas plays a sadistic and unhinged weapons specialist named Tabitha Galavan on “Gotham”. Though we’re sure Lucas isn’t anything like the supervillain Tigress, she still commands our attention with her fighting skills and that tight leather outfit.


#8: Kristin Kreuk

Though she is most famous for her role as Lana Lang in “Smallville,” before she turned Clark Kent’s head on the series, Kristin Kreuk landed the lead in the TV movie “Snow White: The Fairest of Them All.” This wouldn’t be her only portrayal of a fairytale character as Kreuk later went on to star in “Beauty and the Beast” as Catherine Chandler, a driven detective who occasionally dresses up to remind us that she’s the “Beauty” of the title. Let’s be honest though, even when her wardrobe consists of jeans, a loose blouse and jacket, Kreuk still looks stunning. It’s hard not to go weak in the knees with her captivating eyes and the small dimples that appear when she smiles.


#7: Emily VanCamp

You probably know her as Captain America’s neighbor/babysitter/ally/love interest. Before acting, she studied ballet and was even accepted into a prestigious ballet school in Quebec. Emily VanCamp has shown her range by playing roles like Amy Abbott’s girl-next-door in “Everwood” to the calculating and vengeful Emily Thorne in “Revenge”. At first glance, VanCamp appears comely, but there’s also something alluring about her face and its softened angles. Plus, can we talk about her toned body and how she can turn heads while rocking a form fitting dress? We’d definitely like to see more of VanCamp’s Sharon Carter in future Marvel movies.

#6: Evangeline Lilly

This actress sure knows how to pack a punch . As Kate Austen in “Lost,” a role that’s most known for, Evangeline Lilly played the second in command and an integral character in the group of survivors. While we found out that the athletic Lilly was fit in “Lost”, her muscled body and sharp wit as showcased in “Ant-Man” makes her a strong contender for this list. Lilly has also starred in movies like “The Hurt Locker” and “The Hobbit” trilogy as Tauriel, a strong elven warrior who nearly outmatches Legolas’ skill and proficiency with bow and blade. Considering acting as her day job, she also uses her star power and the rest of her time to bring awareness to humanitarian efforts, which just makes Lilly even sexier in our eyes.

#5: Pamela Anderson

Did you know that Pamela Anderson is Canada’s “Centennial Baby”? She not only has her birthday on July 1st, which is Canada Day, but she was also the first baby born on the one hundredth anniversary of Canada’s foundation. Aside from the extra Canadian birthday, Anderson is famous for her sex symbol status that spans an entire generation. Though she made quite a few TV and movie appearances, Anderson’s best known for her role in “Baywatch” as the sexy swimsuit-wearing siren C.J. Parker. As if Anderson in a swimsuit isn’t titillating enough, she’s also been repeatedly featured in Playboy magazine, having appeared on more covers than any other model.    

#4: Elisha Cuthbert

It’s strange to imagine the adorable Elisha Cuthbert we see in “Popular Mechanics for Kids” growing up to play Kim Bauer in “24,” which is the role that basically launched her career and helped her gain her sex symbol status. Cuthbert stands out for her light blonde hair and delicate features; she can easily wrap us around her finger with her coy, girl-next-door persona. She has been featured in numerous films and TV shows since then, and despite the fact that she can’t quite escape the show that propelled her to fame, Cuthbert has made her mark and is inarguably one of the hottest women in the industry.

#3: Shania Twain

When it comes to Canadian singers, Shania Twain just has that extra oomph that makes her stand out. Born Eilleen Regina Edwards, she’s been called the Queen of Country Pop due to her success in the music industry for close to twenty-five years. Twain’s fun personality shines through her music, while her voice is sultry and an absolute pleasure to listen to, whether she is breaking our hearts or giving us that bounce in our step in her songs. Still not convinced? According to a University of Toronto study that focused on the geometric measurements of the face, Twain’s facial features were so perfectly aligned that they even beat other contenders for the title of Perfect Face, namely Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Hurley.

 #2: Trish Stratus

Starting as a fitness model, Patricia Stratigeas joined the then-World Wrestling Federation with the ring name, Trish Stratus. As she perfected her skills, Stratus became a popular wrestler and even earned such titles as WWE Babe of the Year and Diva of the Decade. One look at her and it’s not difficult to see why. Stratus has also won numerous championships, including seven WWE Women’s Championships. Since she’s retired, Stratus has been inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame and made additional appearances to the delight of fans. We have to give props to the fierce Trish Stratus for not only doing what she loves and making Canada proud, but for also being such a strong role model.   

Before we reveal our top Canadian vixen, here are our honourable mentions:
-Jessica Paré

-Malin Åkerman
-Kim Cattrall

-Stana Katic 

-Coco Rocha

-Ellen Wong

#1: Rachel McAdams

How do we begin to explain Rachel McAdams? She’s flawless! While we’re not sure if her hair’s insured for 10,000$, we do know that if John Stamos met her, he’d definitely call her pretty. Since “Mean Girls,” McAdams has kept herself busy, starring in movies like “The Notebook,” “Red Eye,” “Sherlock Holmes” and “Spotlight.” Proving that she’s got range, McAdams also starred in season two of “True Detective” as the immensely flawed and jaded Detective Ani Bezzerides. Even though she’s known for her more lighthearted roles, there’s more to her thousand-watt smile and devious gleam in her eye. And that kind of mystique is what makes McAdams clinch our number one spot.  

Do you agree with our list? Which Canadian beauty makes your heart skip a beat? For more dazzling Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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