Top 10 Terrible Friends In Movies



Top 10 Terrible Friends In Movies

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Script written by Matthew Thomas

Not all friends are created equal. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 terrible friends in movies. For this list, we're looking at the worst friends on the big screen, whether they're dismissive, self-centered or cause pain to their friends.

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Script written by Matthew Thomas

Top 10 Terrible Friends In Movies

Not all friends are created equal. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 terrible friends in movies.

For this list, we’re looking at the worst friends on the big screen, whether they’re dismissive, self-centered or cause pain to theirfriends. To really explain why these people are terrible friends, we’re going to be talking pretty liberally about plot points in the films featured here, so this is your SPOILER ALERT.

#10: Francis ‘Franco’ Begbie
“Trainspotting” (1996)

A violent psychopath who revels in handing out beatings to perfect strangers, Franco is definitely one pal in Mark Renton’s gang from whom you’d be wise to keep your distance. In fairness to Renton, Spud and Sick Boy, their heroin addiction is proof positive of their poor decision making skills so their camaraderie with Begbie makes a lot more sense. When they take part in a large drug deal set to net them all some cash, their irritation with Begbie gives way to fear due to his threats – so when they ultimately turn on him, it is deserved and delicious.

#9: Lou ‘Violator’ Dorchen
“Hot Tub Time Machine” franchise (2010-15)

A middle aged man who never grew out of his party animal phase, Lou’s the type of friend you had great times with… in the old days, but you can't remember any more recently. The fact that he is consistently picking on Jacob, who is many years younger than him, doesn't really win us over either. Plus, the revelation that Jacob turns out to be his own son brings about no epiphany or concern about how Lou has previously treated him. In the second film, Lou’s even worse thanks to the wealth he’s gained due to time travel, and the plot revolves around trying to discover who wants him dead. The killer could be anyone, including hisfriends. And considering his personality, this is actually totally understandable.

#8: The Heathers
“Heathers” (1988)

Sure, we've all seen the popular girl clique routine before - but never like this. They may seem close, but these girls are also ready and willing to destroy anyone at a moment’s notice. Made up of four high schoolers - three Heathers and a Veronica - these girls are highly feared by the rest of the student body at Westerburg. Whether vowing to destroy a supposed friend’s reputation because she refuses sex, unwittingly being involved in killings or mocking a peer who survived a suicide attempt, they are just appalling. This sooooo isn't Saved by the Bell.

#7: Randal Graves
“Clerks” franchise (1994-2006)

There is little question that the most entertaining character in the “Clerks” franchise is Randal, but that in no way takes away from how crappy a friend he is. He may be completely spoiling the mood at Julie's wake, tipping off Dante's girlfriend that he has a date with another chick or burning down their places of work, but Randal will cause you nothing but pain, suffering, and strife. Supremely confident, he clearly believes he is always in the right, which only adds to the ill effect that a friendship with him would have on your life.

#6: Walter Sobchak
“The Big Lebowski” (1998)

A passionate man whose every word comes out with gusto, Walter is not the type of guy you want to have as your enemy. And come to think of it, being his friend is no picnic either. Constantly silencing one of the only two cohorts he seems to have and forcing his will on the other, he never appears to consider the effect his actions have on those around him. The ultimate example of how he treats his pals comes following Donny’s death, when he somehow makes his eulogy about the Vietnam War while the deceased’s ashes end up in The Dude’s face.

#5: Nancy Downs
“The Craft” (1996)

A film about four teenage girls who develop skills in witchcraft and sorcery, “The Craft” sees them begin their journey as a close-knit group. But as their powers expand, some of their ties break quite quickly. Nancy’s lust for power soon causes any earlier kindness to evaporate as she and her allies, overcome with vanity and ability, take out their anger on many schoolmates. Nancy leads them as they try to inspire their former friend to commit suicide, an effort she appears to undertake gleefully - on top of everything else. If that doesn’t deserve a spot here, we don’t know what does.

#4: Lloyd Christmas
“Dumb and Dumber” (1994)

Sure, he's as lovable and goofy as Jim Carrey ever was, but we put it to you that - hilarity aside - Lloyd is a terrible, terriblewingman. Sabotaging Harry after he has travelled far and wide for him, Lloyd’s actions scream that all he cares about is his own desires. Never realizing that he in fact has no chance with Mary at all, or that Harry is even attempting to date her (and making more headway than he is), Lloyd has no scruples. Harry may lie to Lloyd about his interest in Mary, but Lloyd’s taking of the laxative route in response is definitely the nuclear option.

#3: Regina George
“Mean Girls” (2004)

Another group of high school girls with an egomaniacal teen at the helm, the Plastics’ queen bee Regina is the only member that doesn’t seem to have some kindness at her core. Sure, all of the clique girls take part in creating the burn book that destroys nearly every relationship in their school, but it was Regina who plastered it everywhere for everyone to see. Look at the awful way she shoots down fetch too - 'fetch' could still happen, right?! Okay, so we’ve never heard it said except in reference to the movie, but watching Gretchen’s heart break like that alone makes Regina the meanest of the mean.

#2: Steve Stifler
“American Pie” franchise (1999-)

If these movies were put out in the '80s, we feel confident that Stifler would have only been a letterman jacket away from being firmly entrenched as the school jock/bully meathead. During the first film alone, he constantly calls Finch Shit Brick, totally messes with Finch’s aura with the ladies of their school, and laughs at all his so-called friends. Sure, he gets his now and again, but it's hard to see why Jim, Oz, and Finch keep him around. Yet for the rest of the “American Pie” series, he is a staple of the group… which just leaves us asking the obvious question: Why?

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable [dishonorable?] mentions.
Ricky Slade
“Made” (2001)
Mike Damone
“Fast Times at Ridgemont High” (1982)
Scabbers / Peter Pettigrew / Wormtail
“Harry Potter” franchise (2001-11)
“Labyrinth” (1986)
“In the Company of Men”(1997)

#1: Danny McBride
“This Is the End” (2013)

It's perfectly normal in this day and age to consider which of our nearest and dearest we’d choose to try to survive the apocalypse with. After this black comedy though, we’ll be taking Danny McBride right off the list. Because after the novelty of asking what Will Ferrell was like in person wears off, we’re made to believe we’d be left with a man not unlike his “Pineapple Express” character: a guy who enjoys selling out his friends and shows absolutely zero consideration for his buddies’ basic needs to survive. Ultimately shunned due to his selfish and destructive behavior, we discover that Danny is paid back for draining the survivors’ precious resources when he ends up becoming a leader of cannibals.

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How is Wormtail only an honourable mention??? He is by far the WORST friend of all time