Top 10 Bloodiest Movie Scenes



Top 10 Bloodiest Movie Scenes

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Script written by George Pacheco

Hope you're not squeamish... because this might get a little messy. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Bloody Movie Scenes. For this list, we're ranking movie scenes that place a particular emphasis on the red stuff, whether imagined or real, and which resonate effect with audiences.
Script written by George Pacheco

Top 10 Bloody Movie Scenes

Hope you’re not squeamish... because this might get a little messy. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Bloody Movie Scenes.

For this list, we’re ranking movie scenes that place a particular emphasis on the red stuff, whether imagined or real, and which resonate effect with audiences. We’re specifically targeting blood with this list, as opposed to dramatic violence without a lot of squirting squibs, so yeah… the redder the better this time around, folks! Oh, and given that this list reveals some pretty major plot points, a spoiler alert is definitely in order!

#10: Bloody Beach
“Piranha 3D” (2010)

This loose 2010 remake of the classic 1978 Joe Dante flick wasn’t notable for much outside of some pretty severe bloodletting. Director Alexandre Aja ensured that his self-aware vision of the already comic creature feature arrived packaged with a ton of violence, however, and this notion was most dramatically presented in the film’s climactic beach scene. Here, dozens of young revelers find themselves within the chomping jaws of mercilessly mad piranha, turning the raging waters red with blood, some of it practical make-up... and the rest of it, unfortunate CGI.

#9: Chestburster
“Alien” (1979)

Director Ridley Scott’s claustrophobic masterpiece was equal parts science fiction and horror, but it was the shocking bloodshed of this sequence that shot “Alien” almost immediately to legendary status. John Hurt’s character Kane is recovering after being face-hugged by an alien earlier in the film when he suddenly collapses in pain. It isn’t long before the alien spawn, which had been gestating inside the Executive Officer, bursts from Kane’s chest, in all its screaming, bloody glory. It’s an iconic moment from an equally iconic film franchise, and a bloody one at that.

#8: Slashed Throat
“Gone Girl” (2014)

There’s something bizarre and uneasy about combining sex and death, but this scene from 2014’s “Gone Girl” goes out with a truly visceral image of violence. Neil Patrick Harris is in the middle of sex with leading lady Rosamund Pike when her character Amy reveals a knife and ruthlessly slashes his throat. Amy then turns Desi over, virtually covering herself with the victim’s blood from head to toe. It’s a stylish, yet gruesome scene which is made all the more impactful by the austere apartment setting and Pike’s white lingerie, creating a morbid color contrast for one seriously memorable shock.

#7: Mowing Down the Zombies
“Braindead” [aka “Dead Alive”] (1992)

Director Peter Jackson cut his teeth on a number of unique and quirky movies early in his career with “Braindead” - titled “Dead Alive” in North America - serving as one of the bloodiest films of all time. Nowhere is this exemplified more than in the zombie comedy’s infamous lawnmower scene, where the otherwise mild-mannered Lionel is forced to take matters into his own hands with an average, ordinary yard tool. Our hero takes a lawnmower to the exponentially growing number of zombies swarming his house, literally wading through blood and gore at one point, making this one of the most over-the-top scenes on our list.

#6: Blood Rave
“Blade” (1998)

Picture this: you’re at a hip nightclub where everyone’s dancing with a frenzied, trance-like look in their eyes. You feel pretty lucky to be at the center of what is clearly the coolest night of your life. That is until you realize this is also the last night of your life. During a “Blood Rave” in this vampire flick, one unfortunate soul is served up as dinner to an orgiastic club full of thirsty undead dancers. As blood pours down in steady streams from the sprinkler systems, the vampire horde makes quick work of their victim before returning to their wet, crimson reveling with glee.

#5: Raining Blood
“Evil Dead” (2013)

Fans were skeptical back when it was announced that director Sam Raimi’s iconic horror film would undergo the remake treatment. Many were pleasantly surprised, however, with the strong and stylish violence incorporated by director Fede Alvarez. The film is full of grim, memorable moments, but the extremity is ramped up considerably during the climax where the sky literally opens up and rains blood upon Jane Levy’s Mia. In a film where so many bad things happen to so many people, Mia’s final stand against the Abomination is one marked by mutilation, mayhem and screaming, bloody madness.

#4: Glen’s Bed
“A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984)

It’s a fairly common slice of movie trivia that megastar Johnny Depp first got his start as “Glen” in director Wes Craven’s classic “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” It’s the continued impact and influence of Depp’s death scene, however, that serves as one of the most memorable images from Craven’s entire career. Maybe it was the fact that Glen was attempting to keep his girlfriend Nancy safe from vicious dream-demon Freddy Krueger that had us mourning his death, or maybe it was the violent, explosive nature of the bloody geyser that erupts from his bed. Either way, Glen’s death had us all sleeping with one eye open.

#3: The Bride vs. The Crazy 88
“Kill Bill: Vol. 1” (2003)

Director Quentin Tarantino is no stranger to graphic, hyper-stylized cinematic violence, but this scene from the first volume of his “Kill Bill” series is almost graceful in its depiction of ruthless, yet efficient, butchery. It’s The Bride versus The Crazy 88, a highly dangerous group of assassins who all rush Uma at once... much to their dismay. As O-Ren Ishii’s personal army, the Crazy 88 are no slouches, but none will impede the Bride’s quest for vengeance, as she slices and dices her way through each assassin, all scored and shot with Tarantino’s expertly measured attention to detail. It’s martial arts mayhem at its finest.

#2: Pig’s Blood at the Prom
“Carrie” (1976)

Who can forget this classic finale from director Brian De Palma’s take on Stephen King’s classic story “Carrie?” Sissy Spacek’s tour de force performance as the bullied and abused telekinetic reaches its bloody climax when, after being voted prom queen, she is unceremoniously drenched in pig’s blood by her cruel classmates. Of course, we all know the vengeance inflicted by Carrie and her fiery rage after this prank, but it’s the look on Spacek’s face - stained crimson yet still tragically beautiful – that continues to haunt us so many years after the film’s release.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are some bloody honorable mentions!
The Wood Chipper
“Fargo” (1996)
Forced Amputation
“127 Hours” (2010)
Battle at Five Points
“Gangs of New York” (2002)
Kill the Messenger
“Hot Fuzz” (2007)

#1: Blood Elevator
“The Shining” (1980)

It’s a double shot of Stephen King-inspired terror here at the top of our list. Stanley Kubrick’s psychological horror favorite “The Shining” takes the number one spot with its creepy and stylish “Blood Elevator” scene. It’s a simple, yet oh so effective sequence, which focuses on young Danny Torrance’s shocked young face as he’s tormented by visions of the Overlook Hotel’s elevator erupting with an unfathomable ocean of blood. Shot in deliberate slow motion and without musical accompaniment, it’s a creepy scene from a stone cold horror classic.

Do you agree with our list? Which movie scene do you figure had the best use of the red stuff? For more fun top ten lists published every day, be sure to subscribe to!

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