Top 10 Mother's Day Songs



Top 10 Mother's Day Songs

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These make up the motherload of matriarchal odes. Join MsMojo as we count down the Top 10 Mother's Day Songs.

For this list, we're focusing on the most affecting songs about mama, regardless of musical genre.

Top 10 Mother’s Day Songs

These make up the motherload of matriarchal odes. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Mother’s Day Songs.

For this list, we’re focusing on the most affecting songs about mama, regardless of musical genre.

#10: “The Baby” (2002)
Blake Shelton

Though many love songs of country music explore the heartaches of failed relationships, a young Blake Shelton shifted gears for his second album and released an emotional ballad about the feeling that comes with being mama’s youngest baby. Throughout the narrative, the lyrics convey a travelin’ type of man, one who may not have the success of his two older brothers, but who is still keen on supporting mom when she needs him most. And while the subject doesn’t get to say goodbye in the end, Blake Shelton reminds us that it’s ok for a grown man to cry, especially when it’s for his mother.

#9: “Look What You’ve Done” (2011)

For this song off his sophomore release, Canadian recording artist Drake took a sentimental approach by exploring a humble lifestyle with his mother before fame. With a piano as the musical backdrop, a story of perseverance unfolds, as Drake recalls the dreams that once seemed so distant yet somehow came within reach thanks to a special someone. By noting the bounced checks that were bounced back, Drake serves up a poignant reminder that wishes do come true when a mother and son keep open lines of communication with unconditional love. In the end, Drake’s grandmother makes an appearance, extending the story of familial bonds even further.

#8: “Chinese” (2009)
Lily Allen

When a young woman must leave the proverbial nest, Mother Nature itself can provide some needed comfort. And in this case, the dream-like production on this Lily Allen track captures all the feelings of missing Mom and contemplating future plans, all the while not knowing when it will all transpire. Complementing the whimsical musical tone, Lily resorts to nostalgia as the title itself refers to a shared meal and kicking back together at home. However, as some children know all too well, this mother’s day tune could also represent more of a spiritual meeting rather than an earthly embrace.

#7: “Thank You Mom” (2000)
Good Charlotte

Dedicated to their mother Robin, the identical twins of Good Charlotte wasted no time in honoring their mother during the early days, as this pop punk rock track closed out their acclaimed debut album. Citing the many hats worn by their matriarch, Benji and Joel deliver impassioned vocals, with the musical tone itself relatively steady, just like the enduring love of the song’s subject. It’s always nice to see a couple of punk rockers strip it down, and for “Thank You Mom,” every line hits home.

#6: “Mother” (1979)
Pink Floyd

From one of rock’s most iconic albums, here’s a metaphysical Mother’s Day song about the dangers of not being able to let go. As evidenced by the album’s title “The Wall”, and considering the reputation of the artists at work, “Mother” takes the listener on an emotive, philosophical journey, building up to a shared conversation, which unveils mother and son constructing the proverbial wall. As the boy’s final statement questions the extent of the overwhelming love, you could say this isn’t your typical Mother’s Day song, but the message rings true: let each other breathe.

#5: “The Perfect Fan” (1999)
Backstreet Boys

If you didn’t surprise Mom at your wedding with this tearjerker, well, then the time to play it for her is now. Recorded as the closing track for the Backstreet Boys’ third studio album – one of the best selling releases EVER – original member Brian Littrell co-wrote “The Perfect Fan”, emphasizing all the little things that moms do in order to build a happy life for their children. In the late ‘90s, the song came at an ideal time, considering the band’s international reach, and years afterwards, it’s a Backstreet Boys gem that moms need to hear, and certainly one they’ll appreciate on Mother’s Day.

#4: “Hey Mama” (2005)
Kanye West

In the mid 2000s, Kanye West had yet to reach the extraordinary fame he enjoys now. And beyond all the Kardashian discourse, and whether or not Kanye needs to keep a grip on reality, it’s important to remember this: the man lost his mother in 2007. Just a couple years prior to the untimely death of Donda West, Yeezy included “Hey Mama” on his second album release. And though he reportedly created the song years before, it came at a fitting time in his career, as his mother had seen her boy grow into a successful artist. Nearly a decade later, Kanye teamed up with Beatle Paul McCartney for perhaps the ultimate tribute with “Only One”.

#3: “A Song for Mama” (1997)
Boyz II Men

Even if you did grow up listening to arguably the best R&B group of the’ 90s, Boyz II Men, it’s hard to fathom how much they accomplished in just a few short years. For the comedy-drama “Soul Food” and their third studio album, the Motownphilly crew released what would be their last Top 10 hit, a tribute to their collective group of mothers. Written and produced by the legendary Babyface, the vocals of “A Song for Mama” express the sincerity of the heartfelt words, as the track slowly leads up to Wanya Morris’ spectacular and utterly touching finale. This may have been their last major “hit,” yet Boyz II Men never quit making music together - perhaps a life lesson from their mamas.

#2: “Mama’s Song” (2010)
Carrie Underwood

Whereas Blake Shelton’s entry tells the story of a man returning to his mama, this Carrie Underwood release has the subject transitioning from mommy’s little girl to an individual woman. In essence, “Mama’s Song” transcends the usual pop star formula, as this track was constructed and performed by an icon to connect with a world of girls feeling all the same feels. The story itself isn’t anything new, but with a vocalist like Carrie Underwood managing to emphasize the most expressive lyrics, well, it’s perhaps the ideal country song about a mother’s bond with her daughter, and vice versa.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Mama” (2007)

“Mama Liked the Roses” (1970)
Elvis Presley

“(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You” (1999)

“Turn to You (Mother’s Day Dedication)” (2012)
Justin Bieber

“”Mother” (2008)

#1: “Mama” (1997)
Spice Girls

So, you may be surprised by this selection, but to be fair, it was lost in the shuffle of the girl group’s more popular singles. Even so, “Mama” became the Spice Girls’ fourth consecutive #1 in the UK, as they stepped away from pop clichés and co-wrote a song dedicated strictly to their mommas. The concept originated with Scary Space, Melanie Brown, and through a set of lyrics that detail the most important aspect of a mother-daughter relationship, “Mama” strips away everything to let mothers know the essentials: they are cared for, they are loved, and they are most definitely our friends to the end.

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