Top 10 Handheld Multiplayer Games



Top 10 Handheld Multiplayer Games

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Script Written by Eric Steiner

Gaming with friends? That's good. Gaming with friends on the go? Even better. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Handheld Multiplayer Games.

For this list, we'll be looking at games on handheld consoles as well as smart devices, To keep it fair we're only allowing one game per franchise.

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Script Written by Eric Steiner

Top 10 Handheld Multiplayer Games

Gaming with friends? That’s good. Gaming with friends on the go? Even better. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 HandheldMultiplayer Games.

For this list, we’ll be looking at games on handheld consoles as well as smart devices, To keep it fair we’re only allowing one game per franchise.

#10: “Advance Wars” (2001)

Did you ever want to blow up your friends by land, sea, or air? You certainly get the options in “Advance Wars.” This turn-based tactical Game Boy Advance game lets players command armies at the press of a button. Different types of units have unique attributes and must also deal with varying weather and terrain. Not only does “Advance Wars” support multiplayer via Link Cable, but it also includes “Single system” multiplayer, meaning at the bare minimum, only one game and system are needed for 4-players to wage war.

#9: “Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy” (2011)”

Square Enix pulls a “Smash Bros.” by bringing all of its best “Final Fantasy” characters into this over-the-top, fighting game series. Prequel to 2009’s entry, “Dissidia 012 introduces more characters, attacks, items, and even assists, which allow you to call in another character briefly to execute an attack. Supporting both local and online fights make this one excellent way to kill time on your commute. Who doesn’t want a little Tifa on the go?

#8: “Spaceteam” (2012)

Developed by an ex-Bioware employee, “Spaceteam” is half fun, party game and half “OH MY GOD WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!” You and other astronauts must work together to control a spacecraft careening across the galaxy. Each player has specific buttons, knobs, and levers that he/she must monitor. The twist? You are given the directions to someone else’s controls. The game can become a frantic shouting match of technobabble as everyone tries to stop the ship from exploding. How well do you work with others under pressure? “Spaceteam” is here to test the limits of friendship.

#7: “Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour” (2012)

Are you in constant need of a mobile “Call of Duty” fix? “Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour” has all the guns, attachments, and killstreaks that shooter fans have come to expect, plus a multitude of stages and modes to set it apart from its console brethren. One of the stand-out features of “Zero Hour” is its gorgeous HD graphics, which sport some serious polish for an app game. Why spend 60 dollars on a console shooter when a portable version is available for just a few bucks? “Zero Hour” will probably make you miss your bus stop – and you probably won’t care.

#6: “The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords” (2002)

The Game Boy Advance hadn’t been out for long before players were treated to a remake of the Super Nintendo classic “A Link to the Past.” The biggest surprise wasn’t the improved graphics or newfound portability, it was a brand new mode called “Four Swords”, which allowed up to four players to take on unique dungeons. Adding multiplayer to “Zelda” was a huge innovation at the time. Work with your friends to slay the monsters or just hoard all the rupees for yourself. 2015’s “Tri Force Heroes” updated the co-op formula, but with only three Links, and no 2 player adventure option, really Nintendo?

#5: “Super Smash Bros. for 3DS” (2014)

For years “Smash” players had be yearning to take Nintendo’s fast-paced, mascot-filled fighter on the go. Luckily, the latest installment delivered just that. Separating itself from the Wii U version with exclusive modes and stages, “Super Smash Bros. for 3DS” takes everything you love about the 4-player brawler and shrinks it down to a portable screen. With over 55 characters and both local and online modes, you’ll find any excuse to “Settle it in Smash.”

#4: “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” (2015)

The fourth installment in Capcom’s popular “Monster Hunter” series takes its big battles to the small screen. With so many quests to complete, weapons to craft, and monsters to topple, this installment provides enough gameplay to reach well over the hundred-hour mark. Groups of up to four friends or strangers online can traverse the prehistoric “Monster Hunter” world to slay the goliath beasts that inhabit it. You’ll be climbing, slashing, and hanging on for dear life as these colossal foes try to pound you into dust. It’s best to bring back-up!

#3: “Mario Kart 7” (2011)

The classic Mario Kart formula is here running at a silky smooth 60 fps. Though the DS iteration of “Mario Kart” may have brought online racing to the series for the first time, “7” is an overall more refined game – and its servers are still up. This game introduced air and sea portions of the course, which let players glide and swim past their opponents. The online races and battles connect seamlessly and will usually get you into the action in no time. Warning: cursing out the Blue Shell in public may cause excessive staring.

#2: “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft” (2014)

Looking for an accessible yet intense card battling game on-the-go? Look no further than Blizzard’s “Hearthstone.” In this game, cards fall under different class categories based off “Warcraft” lore. The rules are straightforward and easy to implement. The fun comes in the strategy, mind-games, and a slight level of chance. Visual and sound effects keep the game an engaging experience. The level of charm here cannot be denied. You’ll spend hours building just the right deck. Did we mention it’s free-to-play and available for most smart devices?

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

“Animal Crossing: New Leaf “(2013)
“Clash of Clans” (2012)
“Asphalt 8: Airborne” (2013)
“Killzone: Mercenary” (2013)

#1: “Pokémon” Series (1998-)

Admit it. This is the game that convinced you to buy a Link Cable back in the day. The main series “Pokémon” games were designed from the very beginning with multiplayer in mind. With over 720 unique creatures to date, trading has never been more of a necessity. Luckily the introduction of online to the series in 2007 made this endeavor much easier than before. Battling is a perfect example of a mechanic that can be easy for new players to pick up and deep enough for hardcore players to spend hours perfecting strategies. The motto stays relevant after all these years: “Gotta Catch’Em All.”

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