Top 10 Ways To Survive a Pandemic



Top 10 Ways To Survive a Pandemic

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Got any plans for this weekend? How about preparing for the rapid spread of infectious disease? Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Ways To Survive a Pandemic. For this list, we're going to look at the most practical ways you can increase your chances of staying alive right at this moment if an outbreak of infectious disease were to take over the world.

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Top 10 Ways To Survive a Pandemic

Got any plans for the weekend? A movie? Shopping? How about prepping for the rapid spread of infectious disease? Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 ways to survive a pandemic.

For this list, we’re looking at the most practical ways you can increase your chances of staying alive if an outbreak of infectious disease were to take over the world right at this moment.

#10: Avoid Airports and Public Transportation

You can toss that Groupon you’re hanging onto, because a first class ticket ain’t gonna get you away from a pandemic. In fact, it’d more likely be a ticket to hell. In 2010, an MIT engineer developed a computer simulation to emulate the movement of a pathogen inspired by the real-life itineraries of passengers stopping at major U.S. airports. Using virtual infected travelers, the model showed that JFK, LAX, Honolulu, San Francisco and Newark airports would be the top 5 perpetrators in spreading disease. But of course, this concept applies to all major types of public transportation worldwide. Bottom line: either have private transportation lined up or suit up for the worst-case scenario.

#9: Get a Coverall Suit [aka Boilersuit]

We’ve probably all seen movies or video games where our heroes are geared up in high-tech protective suits that look badass. We’ve likely all wanted to wear one at one point or another, and now you’re in luck because that’s exactly what you'll need in such dire circumstances. There’s a good chance you won’t be able to save the world wearing one, but you can at least protect yourself when venturing out. We also recommend buying protective face gear, such as masks and safety goggles, to go along with your coveralls, which you can find at your local facemask and safety goggles emporium.

#8: Procure an Emergency Light Source

Pay the power company all you like, but don’t expect them to be working when all hell breaks loose. Losing electricity could mean anything from eating your ramen raw and cold to freezing to death. Since everyone around you will also be suffering through a blackout, expect emergency generators to grow legs and disappear in no time. Fortunately, there are emergency light sources you can still use, such as candles, matches, fuel-powered light, and solar hand crank flashlights. Creativity is born during times of adversity and will hopefully lead to new discoveries to brighten up your surroundings, like a Light Bulb Vase!

#7: Make Sure You Have Filters to Clean Air

Usually an outbreak occurs through physical contact. But if it becomes an airborne outbreak, the stakes are very high. We’d all like a decontamination system installed on our front porch and maybe some pressurized rooms, but who has money for that? Other than equipping yourself with oxygen masks, having proper air filtration around the house can reduce your chances of being contaminated. Air purifier products with HEPA filters are recommended by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We must tell you, however, that some can cost almost a grand. You're worth it though, right?

#6: Hoard Antibacterial Products

No matter how protected you are, an outbreak is still frightening because you can’t see the bacteria dancing around us. But you can break up the dance floor by sanitizing everything around you. During the 2014 Ebola crisis, the most popular items were bleach and disinfectants. Stocking up on bleach and germicidal wipes along with other solutions should be your priority. It’s crucial for everyone to sanitize things like garbage bags, couches, and doorknobs on a regular basis. After that, you can head to the dance floor where (hopefully) the only thing that's dirty is the dancing.

#5: Have a Good Communication Device

Can you imagine being the last person to find out that the world went back to normal? Thankfully, we live in a time where everyone is connected through a global network and as such, we’re able to keep up with current events. But in the event that our internet providers flee for their lives, everyone should wipe the dust off of their old communication devices. Whip out that corded phone, toss one of your walkie-talkies to your buddy, and tune in to the emergency channel with your radio. More importantly, make sure to turn that volume knob up in case help is on the way.

#4: Get Water Filtration

If the world has ended, things are pretty bad. You don’t want to make matters worse than they already are by having to drink urine. Some other emergency items that often disappear during times of crisis are water and water filters. It is usually recommended that you prioritize stocking up on bottled water before switching to your tap water. But in the event that you’re roaming the wasteland and come across a water supply, as long as you have a way to decontaminate the water, just be grateful that it’s another day that you don't have to drink pee.

#3: Wash Your Hands

Everyone should be doing this anyway, whether or not there’s a pandemic. One of the best ways to prevent sickness and spread germs is to wash your hands with soap and clean water. Researchers in London have estimated that if everyone properly washed their hands, a million deaths a year could be prevented. And a large portion of food-borne disease outbreaks are caused by contaminated hands - so wash your hands for the love of humanity, in sickness and health, good times and bad!

#2: Stock Up on Essential Supplies

We’re getting close our #1 pick, but without our essential supplies nothing matters. Looking back at the past, some of the worst outbreaks in history lasted for quite some time. The Black Death held on for four years (with some sources saying it was closer to 7), and the 1918 Spanish Flu persisted for over a year. So regardless of what the next pandemic is, you should only stock up on supplies that can last for a long period of time. Don’t plan on buying perishable products and having some BBQ with your neighbors. Instead go with the MREs (Meal, Ready-to-Eat). Make sure to hoard all possible first aid kits, supplements, vitamins and antibiotics while you’re at it.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Cloth Diapers and Adult Diapers
- Duct Tape
- Kitchen Trash Bags
- Keep Morale Up!

#1: Live in Isolation

Once you’ve stocked up and prepared for every possible eventuality, it’s time to head inside your vault. It’s only a matter of time until everything goes back to normal (we hope!). Till then, wherever you might be and whoever you might be with, enjoy the moment. Health experts and officials usually advise staying indoors during any outbreaks, so this is what you should be doing. If situations occur necessitating that you go outside, avoid populated areas and make the least possible contact. Lastly, keep your hopes up and try not to go crazy.

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