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Top 10 Ways Arnold Schwarzenegger Can Kill You

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Matthew Thomas He's built to destroy – onscreen, that is. Join as we count down our picks for Top 10 Ways Arnold Schwarzenegger Can Kill You. For this list, we've gathered the best ways Arnie has slain, mauled, decapitated, and just down right destroyed people throughout his film career! Special thanks to our user Cfp3157 for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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He’s built to destroy – onscreen, that is. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for top 10 ways Arnold Schwarzenegger can kill you.

For this list, we’ve gathered the best ways Arnie has slain, mauled, decapitated, and just down right destroyed people throughout his film career! We will be talking about pivotal deaths in the films in question so this is your SPOILER ALERT.

#10: He Can Finalize a Divorce
How would a guy like Schwarzenegger react if his wife told him that their relationship was nothing but a false memory implanted in his mind? Well, he’d probably let her live… for a while. But if she attempted to pull her gun on him, he’d definitely beat her to the punch and send a bullet straight into her skull. Hey, all’s fair in love and war. With deadly accuracy and a trademark one-liner, Arnie would let his lethal side shine through. But look at it this way: getting lawyers involved would be way messier than this.

#9: He Can Decapitate You
Mess with his family; pay the ultimate price – that’s a lesson we’ll learn more than once on this list. Here’s a question: what do you think this hulk of a man would do if his parents were massacred? That’s right: he’d track the man responsible and exact his revenge. A guy like Arnie could never be persuaded by a simple hypnotic voice, although his victim does attempt to sweet-talk him. No, instead he takes sword in hand and slices the baddie’s neck until his head and body are no longer connected. Schwarzenegger then holds his enemy’s head aloft, fully enjoying the retribution he sought for so long.

#8: He Can Turn a Chainsaw On You
Let’s say Arnie gets himself into a sticky situation where he’s a prisoner stuck in a game of life or death. We’d never bet against this strongman. You could place him in an arena where warriors with unique weaponry are unleashed to kill him, allowing him to fend for himself – and he’d probably do pretty well. A guy like Schwarzenegger would use his surrounding as weapons, dispatching guys with things like barbed wire or flares. But the best would be if he could turn a baddie’s own weapon on him – especially if it’s a chainsaw. And for a little extra flare, may as well shove it where the sun don’t shine. On an unrelated note: who knew a guy so big could hit a note so high?

#7: He Can Melt You
Arnold always gets his man, woman or – in this case – Terminator composed of mimetic polyalloy, but even he can have a close call every now and then. Think of a scenario where Schwarzenegger is fighting against a cybernetic organism and has basically been bested in every way. What would Arnie do? He’d probably bide his time and fire an explosive round directly into his more advanced counterpart’s core. If he’s really lucky, the resulting explosion would turn his rival into a grotesque shadow of its former self, with the added bonus of sending the machine tumbling into a container of molten steel.

#6: He Can Get You Good & Steamed
Kidnapping the daughter of a guy as tough as Mr. Schwarzenegger is probably not a good idea, as we’ll see in many cases. But it’d undoubtedly be entertaining to watch! You might get to see him effortlessly break someone’s neck, for example. Or, even better, you might see him get into a heated exchange with a truly formidable foe. It may even seem like Schwarzenegger is in danger. But it should never be in doubt that Arnie’ll come out on top, because the throw of a pipe and a well-timed quip would make quick work of this bad guy.

#5: He Can Fire You
Terrorists are a loathsome group, but don’t worry; Arnold would show them no mercy. Here’s a hypothetical: his daughter’s kidnapped by terrorists (yes, again!), and those terrorists threaten to blow up – let’s say – downtown Miami. Schwarzenegger is just the kinda guy who’d rise to the occasion and save the day. How? Well, he might fly a jet into the heart of the city. We predict the bad guy would somehow get himself onto that plane, but that’s fine cause Arnie’d cause him to lose his balance and snag his gear on a missile. With the push of a button and a sweet one-liner, Arnie’d send the projectile flying, killing his adversary and a helicopter full of bad guys in the process.

#4: He Can Come Back
Even good guys go bad sometimes. Picture this: Arnold Schwarzenegger decides that, instead of the suit and tie of a politician, he’d rather wear the leather and shades of a badass and mosey around California killing innocents. He might shoot a gun store clerk at point blank range for pretty much no reason, or he could gun down some poor woman just because of her name. He might even turn into a one-man killing machine, tracking and stalking victims within an inch of their lives. In this scenario, what do you think he’d do if his intended target sought refuge at a police station? Well, we’ll put it to you this way: don’t let him anywhere near a car.

#3: He Can Hold You Tight & Never Let Go
We’ll say this about Mr. Schwarzenegger: he handles his kills with flair. In the event that he finds himself with a relentless bad guy on his case, we suspect Arnie’d show just how creative he can be – especially if their encounter culminated in, oh we don’t know…, a precarious elevator fight where they must take care not to fall off the open sides. You just know Arnie would ultimately gain the upper hand and toss his enemy off the edge. But let’s say the villain hangs on. We figure Mr. Schwarzenegger would do some quick math and realize they’re too high up for either to survive the fall. In that case, Arnold could simply let him hold on, allowing the ceiling to do the dirty work for him.

#2: He Can Punch You in the Guts…Literally
This Austrian is one killer actor – and we mean that in more ways than one. Sometimes a guy finds himself roaming around the streets of LA naked – hey, it happens. So when Schwarzenegger comes across a group of street punks, he doesn’t need to end their lives; he just needs something to wear. But, when they – understandably – refuse his request, one of their fates is sealed. Even nude Arnie has the advantage, as he literally rams his fist into the man’s chest and rips out his heart before his friends are even able to offer up their duds.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- He Can Shoot Your Exploding Glass Eye

- He Can Sic Crocodiles On You

- He Can Electrocute You

- He Can Drill You a New Hole

- He Can Stick You (with a Blade)

#1: He Can Lie to You
We imagine Mr. Schwarzenegger would not take too kindly to being placed between a rock and a hard place – especially if it involved something like him being forced to carry out a political assassination or see his daughter killed. Only an idiot would taunt professional body builder, but if someone did, we could see Arnie playing the long game, responding at first with a simple statement instead of brute force. However, Arnie always gets his man, so it’d be even more satisfying for him when he ultimately reminds his enemy of his previous promise, and promptly tears away his last modicum of hope by sending him to his doom. See, that lying ability must be why the Governator made such a successful politician.

Do you agree with our list? What’s your favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger kill? For more deadly top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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