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Top 10 Batmobiles

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Ian Astraquillo What is it about Batman that people love so much? Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Batmobiles. For this list we've taken a look at all the different renditions of the dark knight's sweet set of wheels, from the comics, to the shows, to the films, and have selected our favorites based on their design and prominence amongst fans. Special thanks to our users mrubio27, Chi_red48, Charlie Shields and Harry Murphy for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Ian Astraquillo.

Top 10 Batmobiles

What is it about Batman that people love so much? Welcome to and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Batmobiles.

For this list we've taken a look at all the different renditions of the dark knight's sweet set of wheels, from the comics, to the shows, to the films, and have selected our favorites based on their design and prominence amongst fans. Also bear in mind that we are focusing exclusively on the cars, so no Batwings, Batcoptors, Batcycles or Batseguays.

#10: The First Ever Batmobiles
"Detective Comics” (1941)

Designed after Auburn Automobile’s 1936 Cord, the first batmobile's design may come as a major surprise for modern fans. It was a scarlet red convertible that was far from subtle with its flashy gold ornaments, it was basically Bruce Wayne's car. As far as its breakthroughs as a superhero vehicle were concerned however, it had a noteworthy capability to smash through buildings without sustaining a scratch. While certainly not the dark and menacing models we know and love today, the first-ever stands as illustration and historical gold among veteran fans of the Caped Crusader, and, to Wayne's defense, this was his first car.

#9: The Gliding Bat
"Batman Beyond" (1999-2001)

Introduced in the series' third episode, this version of the batmobile kept true to the spirit of its predecessors in being a perfect embodiment of cool and practical. Equipped with all the fancy gadgets we'd expect from a batmobile, the innovation of this illustration was in its design, being a small, slim, and sharp-edged pod with perhaps the most sinister-looking yet dandy interior. As it’s a batmobile of the future, it can also fly. Back to The Future may have let us down visa-vis flying cars, but this series takes place in 2019 so it’s still possible right?

#8: The New Batmobile
"The New Batman Adventures" (1997-99)

Serving as a sequel series to the original animated show, "The New Batman Adventures" sought to bring out as many changes as possible to the series, including the presentation of a new batmobile design. The end result was this sleek coupe that retained the limo length, sharp-edged fins, and split windshield window of the previous. Trading the grille and exposed motor turbines for a triple-pointed front and hooded headlights, this rendition of the batmobile had a much more polished and completed finish with retro and concept car vibes. In other words, a fitting design for a tech-savvy, billionaire, nighttime vigilante.

#7: The Kilmermobile
"Batman Forever" (1995)

When Joel Schumacher took the helm of the original Batman films, Gotham received quite the upgrade in outlandishness, and theBatmobile was no exception. Abandoning the large Chevy Impala build of the Burton films, "Forever" saw a noticeably thinner batmobile, with a less gargantuan front, an added fin on the top, and larger wheels. Further relinquished was the pure black rendering, with stripes being thrown onto the body to expose parts of the car's interior mechanics, all highlighted with a neon blue finish. Say what you want about the film, but don't deny that the car was as sweet and colorful an eye-candy as ever.

#6: The Tankmobile
"The Dark Knight Returns" (1986)

Here's a question: how do you regain control of a dystopian society blanketed by nuclear winter and overrun with panicked citizens and crazed gangs? Well, if you're Bruce Wayne, getting hold of a colossal, bone-crushing, fear-inducing, armed-to-the-teeth supertank might be a good place to start. Easily the largest batmobile ever, this gigantic, pulverizing, warmachine stretches over enough ground in width to cover a three-lane highway. Plated with reinforced armor that deflects rocket-propelled grenades like they were rocks, it is said that only a certain Kryptonian can put a dent on this destructive siege engine, making it the perfect riot-control machine.

#5: The Arkhammobile
"Arkham Knight" (2015)

While this beast may have over-stayed it’s welcome in the video game, there is no denying how awesome it really was. Taking design cues from the Nolan's film trilogy, this new version of the vehicle from the acclaimed video game series received major upgrades from previous roadsters. Aiming to match the dark and sci-fi motifs of its title, this tumbler on steroids was mounted with twin miniguns, missile launchers, and other mayhem mustering armaments. Finished with subtle details and the best high-tech gadgetry from the Arkham series, this badass street-enforcer on wheels is an M-rated batmobile done right.

#4: The Timmverse-mobile
"Batman: The Animated Series" (1992-95)

Making its first appearance in episode two, this was the iconic television whip that raced through every child of the 90's mind. Inspired by a concept car showcased at the Gotham World's Fair, this was the batmobile that both Wayne and his Batman persona had a strong connection with. Outfitted with all the then high-tech gizmos that reduced the fanciest cars of the time to mediocrity, this car marked a new gold standard for future renditions and real-life vehicles to emulate. That is, minus the rocket turbine engines, ejection seats, and the uh, oh yeah, the guy who dresses up like a bat. No judgment.

#3: The Tumbler
"The Dark Knight Trilogy” (2005-2012)

If there's one thing that proves that Nolan is both a masterful storyteller and visual artist, it's his pulse-pounding interpretation of Batman and the batmobile. Dubbed: the tumbler for the films, this Wayne Enterprises conceived vehicle was originally designed as an agile engineering vehicle for the U.S. military. Having the capacity to make rampless jumps and wreck-up garbage trucks like they were the thrash, it's not hard to see how this heavyweight form of the batmobile got its name. Well-equipped, fast, and aggressive, it's the perfect set of wheels for a billionaire-vigilante who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp with his bare hands.

#2: The Westmobile
"Batman" (1966-68)

Beginning as a Lincoln Futura concept car, the original batmobile was mid-century eye-candy a decade before Adam West was behind her wheel. Maintaining its stingray structure, designers George Barris and Bill Cushenberry completed the car's final architecture in under a month, with the final product being the immortalized muscle car that became synonymous with its fictitious vehicle. As the first benchmark vehicle for its successors, it was the first rendition to feature then state-of-the-art tech, thus making the iconic vehicle as what sold Batman as cool for those uninitiated to the comics.

Before we roll-out our favorite version of the Dark Knight’s ride, let's have a look at a couple honorable mentions:

The Bat Head
"Batman #5" (1940)

"The Batman" (2004 - 08)

#1: The Keatonmobile
"Batman" (1989) and "Batman Returns" (1991)

Finishing at first is the rendition from the film that re-ignited pop culture’s obsession with superheroes. Built over the shell of a Chevy Impala fused with a Corvette model, it’s appropriate that this version of the fictitious car was structured around real idolized vehicles of its time. With its gadgets and gizmos from both films being fully-functional, this long coupe was just as alive and real as its fame. An icon on four wheels to this day, the Keaton-mobile is the original avant-garde and flashy vehicle that all its successors would emulate and build around.

Do you agree with our list? Which version of the caped crusader's car is your favorite? For more fast and fancy top 10's published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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