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Top 10 The Office UK Moments

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Sean Harris It was ground-breaking; it was record-breaking; it was side-splitting... It's a sitcom unlike any other before or after! Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 moments from “The Office” (UK)!For this list, we've looked at the entire series (including the Christmas specials) of the original British comedy The Office – the version of the show starring Ricky Gervais and not Steve Carell. Special thanks to our user MikeMJPMUNCH for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 The Office UK Moments

It was ground-breaking; it was record-breaking; it was side-splitting... It’s a sitcom unlike any other before or after! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 moments from “The Office” (UK)!

For this list, we’ve looked at the entire series (including the Christmas specials) of the original British comedy “The Office” – the version of the show starring Ricky Gervais and not Steve Carell. In selecting the best moments, we have not merely sourced the ‘funniest’ clips, but have included the most memorable and emotionally significant as well!

#10: Keith Gives Dawn ‘A Word of Warning’

A sensational side-character, Keith really came into his awkward own during the show’s second series! A regular fixture in the office lunchroom, Keith’s words of wisdom always provide something to chew on, but this particular chinwag with Wernham Hogg receptionist Dawn is enough to entirely put you off your food! Charitably dressed as Ali G, he wonderfully reminds Dawn of Tim’s new girlfriend, and then reminds her of an etymological inconsistency between Britain and the States that didn’t really need to be said out loud... Who knew fanny-packs were funny?

#9: David Brent’s Motivational Mishap

It takes a certain kind of catastrophe for an act to die on stage, but it takes a-whole-nother level of failure to die on stage, and not notice. Toying with life outside Wernham Hogg, David Brent is touring Britain with his own unique brand of motivational speaking, which is quite literally a laugh a minute! Encouraging his audience to embrace their inner happiness by finding the funny side of things, Brent’s dressed like Bruce Springsteen but his ideas are as backwards as his hat. It’s too tragic for words!

#8: The IT Guy

As with many a minor character in “The Office,” we all know somebody like this... And if you don’t know somebody like this, well... your friends do. Tim’s not-so ‘favorite computer geek’ cameos toward the end of the show’s run, relaying to the woefully willing Gareth all kinds of made up nonsense. The guy’s grasp on reality is just a little off-kilter, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t got a bite that really hits home. Tim hasn’t really ‘gone off’ Dawn, has he??

#7: David Brent’s Blind Date Fail
“Christmas Special: Part 2”

A rare insight into the world of David Brent beyond the walls of Wernham Hogg, it’s clear to see he’s just as cringe-worthy away from work. Ricky Gervais’ character, who has forever rated himself a ladies’ man, has an opportunity to prove he can be charming – or at least polite – but fails miserably. Brent’s excitement (not sexual!) quickly slips into disappointment, and the self-confessed funny-man simply cannot hide his frustration. Of course, the ultimate irony is that the woman in the white chiffon scarf is probably thinking the exact same thing.

#6: The Stapler in the Jelly

The first of many schoolboy pranks played by Tim on Gareth, and probably the most iconic; it’s the first ever episode, and we, the audience, have only just met Wernham Hogg’s best of enemies... Tim’s the likeable lad in a dead-end job and Gareth... Is just... Odd! The latter has labelled his stapler with all but the last letter of his first name, the former has decided to hide said stapler in a Jell-O mold - something that Gareth is just not happy about! The resulting stand-off sets the awkward meets awesome tone for the entire series.

#5: Dawn and Tim Kiss
“Christmas Special: Part 2”

In a scene that's been building since the series began, it’s the Christmas party, Brent’s finally told Finchy exactly where to go, Tim’s just said what he thinks is a final goodbye, and “Only You” is playing in the background... Cue Dawn clutching Tim’s sensational secret Santa gift, and a kiss that could be considered the greatest in British TV history. In among all the chaos, it’s at this moment that “The Office” really delivers emotionally! David Brent’s look beyond the camera says it all... We’re all lost for words, as Tim finally gets the happy ending he deserves.

#4: ‘I think there’s been a rape up there!’

You can always count on David Brent to grab your attention, whether you want him to or not. In one of the most memorable episodes of series one it’s staff training day at Wernham Hogg and Brent is struggling to deal with not being the center of attention... When asked by the session leader to participate in a role play, Brent jumps at the opportunity but doesn’t quite understand the objective! The idea of sexual violence was never likely to lighten the mood, but at least he ‘got their attention’... That’s the main thing, right?

#3: The Bird Suit

Another intensely emotional moment in “The Office,” it’s at this point that the balance between comedy and reality is literally put before us. It’s Comic Relief and Brent is using the opportunity for a bit of self-promotion under the guise of a charitable cause, only he encounters a massive stumbling block in the form of Neil, Jennifer, and the knowledge that he will soon be fired. It’s not the happiest of Red Nose Days, but we still can’t help but feel sorry for the still mildly deluded David Brent.

#2: Brent Brings His Guitar to Work

Our runner-up takes us back to the team-building episode, and into the ever-spiraling awkwardness that was staff training after Brent’s rape complaint. Perhaps in an attempt to rekindle the mood that he’d flattened, or perhaps in an attempt to rekindle a music career that he believes he had, Brent breaks out the ol’ six-string and “treats” his employees with a few of his self-penned favorites! “Freelove Freeway” had Gareth singing nonsensically along, but everyone else is less than impressed, especially Rowan – the guy who’s supposed to be in charge!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Gareth’s Ultimate Fantasy
- Quiz Night at Wernham Hogg
“The Quiz”
- Dawn’s Opens Her Secret Santa Gift
“Christmas Special: Part 2”
- Tim Goes Off-Mic
- Mahna Mahna!

#1: The Dance Off

An iconic moment in British TV history, it’s the unforgettable David Brent dance off. The point at which we realize that Brent has finally reached the final depths of desperation, it comes just before his redundancy offer and proves the final cringey nail in his coffin! He thinks he’s a man of the people... He thinks his MC Hammer style makes him popular... But we know he couldn’t be more wrong! The dancing’s so sad it’s funny, so laughable it’s sad again... And it’s our pick for the best of many brilliant bits in “The Office”!

Do you agree with our list? Which “Office” moment have we overlooked? For more top 10s that really bring the funny published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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