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Top 10 Pretty Little Liars Moments

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Time to do some reminiscing bitches, -A. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 moments from “Pretty Little Liars.”

For this list, we're looking at the most unforgettable and jaw-dropping scenes from the hit Freeform show, so moments that are found exclusively in the books won't count. Also, while this should go without saying, an obligatory spoiler alert is definitely in order.

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Top 10 Pretty Little Liars Moments

Time to do some reminiscing bitches, -A. Welcome to MsMojo and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 moments from “Pretty Little Liars.”

For this list, we're looking at the most unforgettable and jaw-dropping scenes from the hit Freeform show, some moments that are found exclusively in the books won't count. Also, while this should go without saying, an obligatory spoiler alert is definitely in order.

10: Text Number One

In the hair-raising pilot that started it all, audiences are put up to speed on recent events in the town of Rosewood, including the disappearance of Queen Bee Alison DiLaurentis. Later in the episode, authorities discover Alison's corpse in the backyard of her family's old house, granting the town an opportunity for closure, mainly with Alison's circle of closest friends, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer. After attending her funeral for what they expected to be the final nails on the coffin, they then receive the first hostile text from the anonymous sender who shocked the girls with their rather disturbing A-liars.

#9: Casket For Two
"This Is a Dark Ride"

To get their minds off of recent events, the liars decide it's time for some good old fashioned dress-up and attend a mobile Halloween party. Unfortunately, their evening of treats quickly turns into a bag of dark tricks after seeing Garrett Reynolds, who had just been released as a suspect for Alison's murder, attending the festivities. Offering to divulge his knowledge on Alison's death, the liars attempt to meet up in order to hear Garrett's assertions together. In their struggles to find a missing Aria, audiences quickly discover that Garrett may not be doing some talking any time in the near future - that, and Aria's whereabouts.

#8: Red Coat To The Rescue
"A dAngerous gAme"

In an attempt to track down and identify the mysterious figure known as Red Coat, three of the liars are led into a lodge in the woods, only to find a lone Mona Vanderwaal. Revealing that she too was on the hunt to discover Red Coat's identity, they're suddenly locked inside the lodge and are pitted into quite a hell that no one wants to find themselves in. Passing out one at a time, Red Coat suddenly barges in to their rescue. As Hanna begins to awaken, she discovers a rather familiar face on the other side of the hood.

#7: Tower of Terror
"The Lady Killer"

PLL writers have maintained quite the exceptional reputation for making fans shoot their eyes open in shock and terror. Case in point: the unexpected death of Emily's girlfriend, Maya, in the second season finale. How did they follow-up with the intensity? Simple! By introducing Lyndon, aka Nate, Maya's stalker-slash-killer posed as a grieving cousin. This later builds up to a gut-wrenching confrontation with Emily atop a lighthouse tower. Icing on the cake? Caleb arriving at the scene, and, with some help from a thought-to-be downed Nate, ends things with a literal bam. As if that wasn't painful enough, who could forget this frenzy-inducing follow-up scene?

#6: Mona Is Alive
"Welcome to the Dollhouse"

Most of us had mixed feelings regarding Mona's death in the fifth mid-season finale. While some of us suspected Ms. Vanderwaal to have faked her death, the theory's validity began to diminish when we saw her corpse in the trunk of A’s car. Also, let's not forget her eerie ghost banter in the following Christmas special. After an entire Mona-free season, PLL fans who grew to like the former A came to terms with the fact that she was a goner. So it was quite a “dun-dun-dun moment” when the liars were kidnapped in the same season's finale, only to be met with a fifth and familiar face that we all thought was Ali. We definitely didn’t see that one coming.

#5: Killer Aria
"EscApe From New York"

We would say you know shiz just got real when you witness your ex get shot– that is, if these liars already didn't go through enough insane shenanigans. In a befuddling twist, the culprit is revealed to be the obscure Shana Fring, who's out for blood against Alison in the name of all her Rosewood peers. Cornering most of the liars at gunpoint, Aria makes a timely return to the Fitzgerald theater and takes control of the situation by gun-butting Shana off stage. One could argue that Aria was also out for revenge, if even at just an unconscious level… Get it?

#4: Ezra Is A
"Now You See Me, Now You Don't"

Despite the show's notoriety for misleading visuals, reveals, and characters, this was nonetheless the moment that had the entire PLL community kicking and screaming. After following a clue that leads them to the neighboring town of Ravenswood, the liars meet a self-proclaimed psychic who implies knowledge of Alison's whereabouts. However, she also warns them of the figure in the shadows that is “A,” whom she directly acknowledges is a he. After they discover the perfect paradise for stalkers, which also happens to be loaded with pictures of themselves and Alison, who else should appear in the lair moments later other than...Ezra?! What the actual F... Fitz?!

#3: Mona is A

A is for Alison! No, she's dead. A is for Aria! No, that doesn't make sense. A is for… Mona? Wait, what? Ever since the show's pilot, the million dollar question that keeps fans coming back for more is… say it with me: who the HELL is A?! Well, if our favorite suspense thriller and horror films have taught us anything, it's definitely that it’s always a character we least expect who ends up being guilty, or in the liars' case, A. Even for those of us who kept this in mind, it was quite the giant W-T-F moment when A was finally revealed. Little did we know, that was only the end of the beginning.

#2: Dead Girl Walking
"Grave New World”

Remember what we said earlier about the writers consistently shocking their viewers? Well, their motif of bringing characters back from the dead may just have something to do with that…just maybe. The first major case of this madness: the blonde whose wake saw practically her entire town in attendance. We know, we were there! And yes, while this shouldn't come as a complete shocker seeing as that the liars have seen glimpses of Alison in previous episodes, it was usually only one or two of them and, generally speaking, in situations that can easily be interpreted as hallucinations. After years of uncertainty, their so-called delusions are confirmed to be reality.

Before we scream our lungs out to our #1 pick, let's have a look at a few honorable mentions:

Like Mother, Like Daughter
"A is for Answers”

Confessions of a Hastings
“No One Here Can Love or Understand Me"

She Knew Too Much
“Keep Your Friends Close”

Shower Sharing
“The Badass Seed”

Do Leave Him Hanging
“For Whom the Bells Toll”

Lighting The Fuse
“The Jenna Thing”

#1: CeCe aka Charlotte aka Charles aka A
“Game Over, Charles”

Let's face it, this was the shocker that had all of us, I repeat, ALL OF US, pulling the hairs off our heads. Also, don't even try to tell us you knew from reading the books, because then we'll know you're lying. Remember what we said earlier about the show’s tendency to feature evasive visuals, and a whole lot of red herrings? While most of us suspected Alison's brother Jason to be this cryptic Charles, or hell, any male character, the last face on our minds for Big A was CeCe Drake's, and for good reason. It was unquestionably PLL's best, most unexpected, and well-executed twist, and that's saying a lot for a show built on conspiracies, cliffhangers, and lies!

Do you agree with our list? Which PLL moments had you shrieking? For more mind-blowing Top 10’s published every day, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.

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