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VOICE OVER: Libby Watt WRITTEN BY: Kaci Heavirland
We're still not over these "Pretty Little Liars" plotlines that got dropped. Our countdown includes Spencer's boyfriend Alex, Jason lives, Ravenswood, and more!

#10: Spencer's Boyfriend Alex

Ah, puppy love. When it seemed like life couldn’t get any worse for the Liar, she falls for the hot country club worker. Their relationship faced obstacle after obstacle. Alex tells Spencer he doesn’t want to take the opportunity to go to the Swedish tennis clinic and she is not exactly understanding. When he found out that an unnamed person submitted his application for the camp on his behalf, he assumed it was her. So he leaves her at Hanna's party and is not heard from again. This is back in season 1! So, did he go to the tennis summit? Did he quit the country club? Did he go to work for his family? Guess we’ll never know.

#9: The Mysterious Girl on Halloween

The PLL writers were never afraid of dipping their toes in the world of the supernatural. So it did not come as a huge surprise that there would be a ghost - or something akin to one - in a Halloween episode. Alice is first seen as one of the twins in a scary story Alison tells a kid she is babysitting. Then one year later, what seems like the same girl shows up in very ghostly fashion in the Marin household and gives Ashley a good spook. She ends up disappearing almost as fast as she showed up, never to be seen again. These chilling episodes left viewers wondering if there was supposed to be more to Alice’s story.

#8: Alison's New Group of Followers

When it comes to iconic mean girls, Alison is at the top of the list. When her friends start to turn on her, she seemingly finds a new group of loyal followers, ready to do her bidding. Fans thought they were preparing to see an all out war in the halls of Rosewood High when the queen bee showed up with a group of masked girls at the Ice Ball. But after the ball, the storyline seems to just drop off the show, and Alison ultimately rejoins her original friend group. The group remains suspicious of the masked girls, but nothing more comes of the potential drama.

#7: Jason Lives

Alison’s older brother was a founding member of the N.A.T. club, a group of creepy Rosewood boys that liked to video tape underage girls. Within the first half of the show, the other two founding members, Ian and Garrett, were killed off. Viewers were led to believe it was because of their club membership and that the club may have had something to do with Alison’s disappearance. But then Jason lived through an attempted murder in a faulty elevator. The reason he was not actually killed off for his part in the club remains a mystery. Writers even tried to have Jason distance himself from the club.

#6: Everyone Was Afraid of Melissa

Like most siblings, the Hastings sisters were always bickering. Unlike most siblings though, their fights usually went a lot deeper than borrowing clothes, and were more like about borrowing boyfriends. Most of the time, Melissa’s rude manner was in response to something she thought Spencer did, like stealing an old essay. That explains the sisters’ feelings towards each other, but why is everyone else so afraid of Melissa? Why were the Liars always ready to accuse her of the worst? Was there some specific bad deed that the writers never mentioned? The sister was always shrouded in mystery, leaving some of the character's personality to the fans' imagination.

#5: Sara's Friend Claire

The Liars meet the missing girl's friends long before they learn that Sara is still alive. At the time, Claire was throwing all the shade at her former friend. Viewers thought she really didn't like her old group's leader. So we were puzzled when S came back, because C doesn't just welcome her back with open arms, she invites her to move in with her family. When fans learn Sara had bad intentions with the Liars, many wanted to know if C was in on it too. But they never get to find out. After the time jump, the writers drop the friend.

#4: Ravenswood

Taking the ghostly genre a step further, the show featured an entire supernatural town. While searching for more info about Alison, Spencer and Toby found themselves in the eerie location. It seemed to have some significance to A as well, when two “red coats” were found running around a warehouse. But after Caleb leaves Rosewood to reside in Ravenswood, the town is no longer mentioned. Fans of PLL were so interested in Ravenswood that it got its own show under the same name starring Hanna’s on-and-off again beau. Though you find more answers about the town in its show, PLL viewers still want to know why A led the Liars to the town.

#3: N.A.T. Club

Given that the club members spent their free time videotaping teen girls without their knowledge, many fans assumed that they had something to do with the Liars' faceless stalker. It became clear that the club collectively was not A when two thirds of the members were murdered. But it was still unclear whether any of them ever tried to hurt Alison, considering where they were the night Alison disappeared. It seems as if the N.A.T. club died with Garrett. However, what these adults did was an actual felony and many viewers were surprised when everyone seemed to forget about it in later seasons.

#2: Sara Harvey's Backstory

The Liars first learn of Sara’s disappearance when searching for cases similar to Alison’s. Fast forward to the dollhouse: the girls meet her for the first time and believe she is a victim just like them. The viewers never get to learn what happens between the time she goes missing and the time she is found. The secrets of the missing girl only grow when her friendship with Cece is revealed. But the story did not go beyond that, and fans want the details! How did she meet Cece? Why was she willing to torment these girls? We need to know more.

#1: Noel's Involvement in the Dollhouse

The Rosewood native had varying levels of involvement with the Liars throughout the whole show. At the start, we even thought he may end up being a love interest. He quickly turns his back on the girls though and acts out against them. Noel believes Aria got him suspended after rejecting him, but to the viewers that’s pretty much the only bad thing the girls did to him. So why was he okay with helping to mentally and physically mistreat the girls in the dollhouse? He also refused to say whether he held something against them. Viewers will never get to know all of what Noel did or why he did it.