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Top 10 Deadpool Comic Book Crossovers

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Steven Papadopoulos Every character in the Marvel Universe claims pretends they can't stomach Deadpool, yet like us, they just can’t get enough. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Deadpool Comic Book Crossovers. For this list, we've looked at all the biggest and baddest characters Deadpool has teamed up with or fought against. Special thanks to our user Godslayer79 for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Steven Papadopoulos

Top 10 Deadpool Comic Book Crossovers

Every character in the Marvel Universe claims pretends they can’t stomach Deadpool, yet like us, they just can’t get enough. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Deadpool comic book crossovers.

For this list, we’ve looked at all the biggest and baddest characters Deadpool has teamed up with or fought against. We’re focusing on the team-ups that are the most interesting, or the enemies that are the most fun to watch him duke it out with. There’s a reason the Merc With a Mouth has appeared alongside nearly every major Marvel character, and not because of his dastardly good looks.

#10: Bullseye

Able to use almost anything as a projectile and with an adamantium skeletal coating, having Bullseye go toe to toe with our favourite merc makes for one hell of a fight, especially since this psychopath has a long and personal history with Deadpool. Supposedly knowing Wade Wilson since childhood, these two guns-for-hire revel in being able to go all out using their superior skills with little consequences. Deadpool might be able to dodge death consistently, but he can’t dodge Bullseye.

#9: Captain America

If Cap is the blast from the past is the yardstick which all other Marvel characters are measured, Deadpool revels in being outside the line. The pure insanity of Deadpool is a stark contrast to Captain America’s composed nature, and seeing Cap try to get a handle on Deadpool is a fight in itself. While Cap takes situations like the original Secret Wars very very seriously, it’s Deadpool’s trademark silly banter that makes a natural recipe for comedy delight.

#8: Taskmaster

A villain capable of observing and memorizing any move a fighter makes means he’s a challenge for anyone in the Marvel universe, but then he had to fight Deadpool. During the fight, Deadpool outlines all the advantages he has over Taskmaster, like the spontaneous originality of his moves and his cunning use of the environment. Taskmaster barely gives him any trouble. And even though Taskmaster shoved his sword throughDeadpool’s chest, which was nothing for his healing factor, in the end even Taskmaster had to admit that Deadpool was just too good to beat.

#7: The Punisher

When this guy decides you’ve done wrong, you better hope you’re healing factor is in top form. With Deadpool on the run for murder, and suddenly finding himself at the wrong end of a sniper rifle, it seems like all his snarky remarks get shot down by the dead serious Punisher. Deadpool is used to hunting others for profit, but now he finally gets a taste of his own medicine, although it must be frustrating for the Punisher when his prey doesn’t want to stay down. Even better, the funniest character in the Marvel Universe is more than a match for someone with absolutely

#6: Juggernaut

The unstoppable Juggernaut was never the wittiest one in the room. His first encounter with the wise cracking Deadpool came really early in the merc’s career, back when he was taken a little more seriously, but it’s still fun to see such a skilled fighter go up against this tank of a man and be genuinely afraid of him. Ultimately, he had to team up with Siryn to take down the Juggernaut, but this was the first indication of just how well the character would work alongside others in tackling unbeatable odds and be a wise guy all the same.

#5: X-Men

The X-Men have always played a central role in Deadpool’s story, especially since he was a part of the same Weapon X program that made Wolverine. He would encounter this group of mutants throughout his comics run, whether he’s trying to join or fight them. Since he was transformed into a mutant against his will, and carries some serious physical deformity, many of the X-Men sympathize with him. He can never truly be one of them however, since he is of course, crazy. But his tragedy will always tie him to this group, no matter how much he annoys them.

#4: Zombies

Two of geek culture’s favorite things going toe to toe is a match made in heaven, and what better way for Deadpool to take out his frustration than on wave after wave of the walking dead? He has encountered zombies a number of times, whether it’s dead serious or just played for laughs. While zombies may not like the way he tastes, Deadpool can still get infected with a zombie virus, and if you thought he could be annoying before, wait till he is nothing but a talking head.

#3: Spider-Man

If there’s one other character in the Marvel universe who spouts out snarkey comments as much as Deadpool, it’s Spider-Man. A lot of Deadpool’s image and character was borrows from Web-Head, including his costume design and insatiable hunger for witticism. One would think that thanks to their talkative personalities, these two should make perfect friends, but because they have such different goals they fight as often as they team up.

#2: Wolverine

Aside from Weapon X and their healing factors, these two characters couldn’t be any more different. While Logan, aka Wolverine, likes to drop snarky remarks every once in a while, he simply can’t stand Deadpool and his mouthiness. While the two have come to blows on more than one occasion, they have also teamed up as often as not, with Wolverine employing Deadpool as part of his secret black-ops hero team, the Uncanney X-Force. Still, it’s more fun to see these two tear each other apart, although we’re glad that they both have healing factors.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honourable mentions:
The DC Universe


#1: Cable

After trying to kill Cable in his first outing, these two characters have become intertwined into one of the best bromances in comic book history. Cable’s strategic thinking and calm demeanor make little sense for a team up with this crazed merc, yet their yin and yang partnership has carried them through some pretty intense situations. They even managed to merge their DNAs once so that whenever Cable teleported, Deadpool goes too, talk about a tight bond. When you think of the Merc with a Mouth, it’s hard not to think of where he’d be without his first kill contract in comics, and that’s why this series gets the number one spot.
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