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Top 10 Mega Man X Bosses

VO: Dan Paradis
Script Written by Garrett Alden No more Robot Masters! These guys are entirely different animals – literally, for the most part. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Megaman X Bosses For this list, we’ll be basing our entries on the Mavericks and other baddies with the best stages, difficulty and overall design. Special thanks to our users Joseph Lytle, Stacey Gardner, Захар Тихий and JaredHipfn for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script Written by Garrett Alden

Top 10 Mega Man X Bosses

No more Robot Masters! These guys are entirely different animals – literally, for the most part. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Mega Man X Bosses, a.k.a Mega Man X Mavericks

For this list, we’ll be basing our entries on the Mavericks and other baddies with the best stages, difficulty and overall design.

#10: Wheel Gator
"Mega Man X2" (1995)

Let’s start this list off right: on a giant dinosaur tank. Wheel Gator’s stage takes place entirely onboard the massive machine of destruction while it’s bulldozing a city! The gradual progression of the sky’s colors from day to night, the always fun ride armor, excellent music, and dino-themed enemies make this stage a blast. But what of the Gator himself? His bossroom is half filled with what we’re hoping is oil, forcing you to hug the walls while he fires spinning blades and lunges at you from beneath the surface.

#9: Spiral Pegasion a.k.a. The Skiver
"Mega Man X5" (2001)

Few things lend more urgency than a ticking clock, and there are plenty of time bombs to disarm all over Spiral Pegasion’s air base stage. One of the few bosses to be based on a fantasy animal, Pegasion is also one of the minority of bosses in that he is not a Maverick, or at least, not yet. Infected by the Maverick virus, this flying equine knows it’s only a matter of time before they come after him anyway, so he wants the chance to fight X and/or Zero.

#8: Sting Chameleon
"Mega Man X" (1994)

If you’ve ever wondered what a robotic forest would look like, look no further. Filled with a variety terrain, from caves to a swamp, Sting Chameleon’s level is a subtle blend of the organic and technological. The disappearing reptile is no slouch either, cloaking himself and striking at you with his tongue and titular stings or raining spikes from his ceiling down on your head. Be sure you come prepared with something that can hit the elusive Maverick.

#7: Overdrive Ostrich
"Mega Man X2" (1995)

An ostrich may not seem like the ideal animal when going for intimidation, but big land birds can be terrifying, especially when they’re covered in blades like this one. True to his name, this avian boss’ stage is all about speed, with an extended hoverbike section set amid an intense sandstorm. If that wasn’t enough, the entrance to his arena is reached via cruise missile, which you destroy while it launches! Overdrive Ostrich will pay you back by taking charging leaps at you, even leaping out of the dunes in the background to come down on your head. Stay nimble and slow him down.

#6: Flame Stag
"Mega Man X2" (1995)

Fire bosses and enemies are a staple of video games, particularly Mega Man ones, but Flame Stag pulls off the archetype with style. His stage is a death trap of rising lava, sinking platforms, easily flammable gas vents and robot stag beetles. The fiery deer confronts you in a high vertical boss room, which he’ll leap up, down, and across to charge into you. At half-health, his flame antlers will turn blue hot and he’ll speed up, so watch out.

#5: Boomer Kuwanger
"Mega Man X" (1994)

Besides puzzling Westerners with his bizarre name, which is derived from the Japanese word for ‘stag beetle,’ Boomer Kuwanger provides plenty of challenging gameplay. His stage is set on the inside and outside of a massive tower, filled with motion sensor lasers, frustrating enemies, and tough climbing segments. Fighting Boomer is no picnic either. His teleporting, boomerangs, and body-tossing is sure to give you a hard time. You’ll have to have a quick trigger finger or bring a weapon that can hunt him down for you to finish him off.

#4: Vile
Mega Man X, X3, X8, & Maverick Hunter X (1994, 96, 2004, 05)

With his Boba Fett helmet and Predator-esque shoulder cannon, Vile just oozes cool strength. The first major boss encountered in the X series, Vile’s scripted defeat of the player is designed to create a desire for improvement, and for a rematch; that players will get several chances for over the course of the franchise. During his second appearance in X3, Vile even gets his own unique mini-stage, complete with catchy music, which is set to blow after you defeat him. Also, in the remake of the original Mega Man X, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, you even get to play as him.

#3: Sigma
“Mega Man” series (1994-2004)

The classic Mega Man series has Dr. Wily, and the X series has Sigma. The perennial thorn in X and Zero’s sides, this bald mastermind always bounces back, often manipulating others into turning Maverick from the shadows before revealing himself to our heroes – in a twist that never surprises anyone. What is surprising though is the sheer number of forms the former Maverick Hunters has taken over the years, wielding everything from Wolverine claws, to lightsabers, to a death scythe. One things for sure: if the X series ever does see a revival, it’ll be Sigma behind it all.

#2: Storm Eagle
"Mega Man X" (1994)

As soon as that kickass theme starts playing, you know you’re in for a ride. Against the backdrop of a futuristic airport, players must make their way past cranes, moving platforms, and plenty of girders to reach Storm Eagle. And when you finally face the bird man, you battle, not in a cramped room, but atop a swordfish-shaped airship, named the Death Rogumer! Sure, Spiral Pegasion had a midair battle too, but Storm Eagle did it first. While not especially difficult to beat, there’s no denying the memorability of Storm Eagle’s stage, music, or design.

Before we reveal our top spot, here are a few honorable mentions:

Toxic Seahorse
"Mega Man X3" (1996)

Storm Owl
"Mega Man X4" (1997)

Chill Penguin
"Mega Man X" (1994)

Dark Necrobat a.k.a. Dark Dizzy
"Mega Man X5" (2001)

Spark Mandrill
"Mega Man X" (1994)

#1: Magma Dragoon
"Mega Man X4" (1997)

Once a Maverick Hunter like X and Zero, Magma Dragoon betrays the Hunters to become one of the hunted, all for the chance to duel his former comrades. While not quite as well designed as Flame Stag’s, Dragoon’s stage is a solid fire level, with an especially notable feature - the player can actually bring the ride armor into the boss battle! In addition, Dragoon is heavily based on Akuma from Street Fighter, sporting the same beads, and can perform the signature Shoryuken and Hadouken. Is it any wonder that they gave a boss this epic an actual death scene for a change?

Do you agree with our list? Who’s your favorite boss from the X series? For more roguish, robotic Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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