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Top 10 YouTube CinemaSins Videos - TopX

VO: Dan Paradis
Welcome to TopX, the show where we countdown the very best that YouTube has to offer! You can vote on future episode topics here: http://WatchMojo.comtopx Today we'll be checking out our picks for the top 10 CinemaSins videos.

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Top 10 YouTube CinemaSins Videos

For this list, we’re taking a look at the funniest CinemaSins videos. Created by Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson, this channel is known for their “Everything Wrong With…” videos, where they list all of the mistakes in a particular movie; whether they have to do with plot, costume, setting, or just commenting on a general lack of common sense. We ranked our list using a combination of different factors, including personal preference, views, and votes from our users. We’re only looking at those “sin” videos that target movies, however – even though we appreciate that CinemaSins can make fun of themselves, “Everything Wrong With Cinema Sins In 3 Minutes Or Less” won’t be on our list.

#10: Everything Wrong With Avatar in 4 Minutes Or Less

James Cameron’s 2009 film “Avatar” was the first film to gross more than $2 billion, but that didn’t give it protection from the wrath of CinemaSins. The earlier versions of CinemaSins were typically shorter, more fast-paced videos, as the narrator lists off the numerous sins of “Avatar” at a rapid speed…although we feel like if this video were re-made, there’d be more than 64 sins. The biggest problem CinemaSins has with “Avatar” seems to be the clichéd nature of the film, such as the obvious villain, terrible dialogue, and ridiculous acceptance of the main character. Plus, they call Ripley old and bitchy. What more do you need to know?

#9: Everything Wrong With Dragonball Evolution In Many Many Minutes

We feel for CinemaSins on this one: think about how many times they had to watch this dreadful movie to make this video. It begins with a bang, as the narrator starts off extra-cynical after hearing the film’s opening line. The hits just keep coming, as he rips apart the awful characters, clichéd dialogue and illogical plot. The video ends with 177 sins, but the boys at CinemaSins, clearly angered by having to sit through the movie, decided to punish it some more by giving us a bonus round. They list all the things that pissed off Dragonball fans, and, as a result, ended up with 9518 sins. Or, in other words, THE SINS WERE OVER 9000!

#8: Everything Wrong With Transformers: Age of Extinction

The tagline for CinemaSins states “no movie is without sin,” and Michael Bay is one of the biggest sinners there is when it comes to the film industry. CinemaSins is ruthless in this two-part video, calling Bay out for just about everything, from the ridiculous explosions to the casual racism. The film itself received 234 sins, with the last one saved specifically for the director. Once again, CinemaSins included a bonus round, this time awarding sins for every American flag, explosion, and product placement, resulting in an incredible amount of sins to the tune of 221,658. Their ultimate sentence? The film should be erased from existence.

#7: Everything Wrong With Titanic In 9 Minutes Or So

The second James Cameron film to make our list, viewers voted that CinemaSins take on “Titanic” in order to celebrate the channel passing one million subscribers. CinemaSins raise an incredibly valid point: when it’s implied that old Rose dies at the end of the film, why do none of her family members appear aboard the ship? The ending is sweet and cinematic, but it makes no sense. Compared to other blockbusters, “Titanic” isn’t that sinful – that is, until you get to the “Jack & Rose Bonus Round”, where sins are given every time their names are mentioned, which results in a whopping 173 extra sins!

#6: Everything Wrong With Twilight In 6 Minutes Or Less

Somehow, CinemaSins was able to produce the “Twilight” sins video in under six minutes – although there’s a strong chance they could only stomach watching the film once. The best sin has to be in the first 20 seconds when the narrator points out that the logging truck doesn’t have a driver. And, of course, they also point out how little sense it makes that a vampire would be so enthralled by such an average girl. The video ends with just 71 sins, which is less than most people probably expected. However, like our previous three entries, this video also includes a bonus round, where awful Bella noises are sinned, boosting the final tally to a fair 113 sins.

#5: Everything Wrong With The Room In 8 Minutes Or Less

One of the worst movies ever made was an easy target for the guys at CinemaSins, or, at least it was for one of them – apparently one of them has still never watched this god-awful movie. This sins video includes yet another bonus round, but unlike the previous four entries, they waste no time getting into it here, as they introduce it just 20 seconds into the video. This film received the highest sin total of any film with a bonus round. Remarkably, it had tallied 531 sins in the first 30 seconds, but that’s nothing compared to the final total of 1,591,985,490 sins, every one of which was deserved.

#4: Everything Wrong With 50 Shades of Grey In 18 Minutes Or Less

Watching this film may have been difficult for the guys at CinemaSins, but hey, at least they didn’t have to read the book. We like how the guys can award sins based on nonsensical plots and character actions or motivations that make no sense, while at the same time, giving sins for the name “Johnson” appearing in a film that is essentially pornography for middle-aged women. Plus, they make a “Two Girls, One Cup” reference – although we aren’t sure that’s something they should be applauded for. Chances are you’ll really enjoy the 2 bonus rounds, which touch on the myriad of bed scenes, and the 3rd person Christian Grey commentary.

#3: Everything Wrong With The Last Airbender In 4 Minutes Or Less

Some movies are just made to be criticized, and M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Last Airbender” fits that mold to a T. Thanks to a bonus round that punishes all the scenes that contain ridiculous air karate – and there are a lot – this film received a remarkable 271,095,000 sins in just 5 minutes, which works out to an average of over 900,000 sins per second. While we can’t argue with CinemaSins sentencing the film to 100 Years In An Ice Ball Under The Sea, aka hell, we feel that having to watch this film multiple times might actually be a worse punishment.

#2: Everything Wrong With Frozen In 10 Minutes Or Less

With over 17 million views, this is the first sins video made for an animated movie, as well as the most-watched video on their channel. Say what you want about the guys behind CinemaSins, but at least they are honest – we think most people probably feel the same way about Anna’s morning “beauty” as they do. One of the best parts of the sins videos is the ending where the guys show scenes from the film with audio from other media that fits the scene. In this video, we are given several classic clips, including George Costanza from Seinfeld and Superintendent Chalmers from The Simpsons.

Before we go to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

- Everything Wrong With Guardians Of The Galaxy

- Everything Wrong With The Avengers In 3 Minutes Or Less

- Everything Wrong With The Hunger Games In 3 Minutes Or Less

- Everything Wrong With The Dark Knight Rises In 3 Minutes Or Less

- Everything Wrong With Divergent In 16 Minutes Or Less

- Everything Wrong With The Lost World: Jurassic Park

#1: Everything Wrong With Batman & Robin In An Awful Lot Of Minutes

Arguably the worst superhero movie ever made helped change the CinemaSins channel into what we know and love today. At the time, it was by far the longest video the guys had produced, standing at just under 20 minutes. Perhaps at their most ruthless, this video targets all aspects of the cinematography, the acting, and the overall logic (or lack thereof) of the plot. The fact that this film was able to rack up well over 100 sins without the help of a bonus round during a time when CinemaSins was much more lenient should tell you all you need to know.

That’s it for our countdown; we hope you enjoyed yourself. For more sins videos, head over to the CinemaSins YouTube channel. Be sure to vote on upcoming episodes on our website, check us out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to for more great top 10s every day.

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