Top 10 Iron Man Villains

Script written by Craig Butler

A man is known by the enemies he makes – and Old Shellhead has fought some awesome foes! Join as we count down the top 10 Iron Man villains.

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Top 10 Iron Man Villains

A man is known by the enemies he makes – and Old Shellhead has fought some awesome foes! Welcome to and today we're counting down the Top 10 Iron Man Villains.

#10: Count Nefaria

This Italian aristocrat has fought many of Marvel's top superheroes but seems to have an especially nasty aversion to Iron Man. Originally just a wealthy power-mad dude, Nefaria eventually stole the super strength, super speed and energy projection powers of a trio of other villains and became a serious super-villain. Eventually, he changed into a being of pure ionic energy, making him virtually indestructible. Fortunately, Iron Man keeps managing to find ways to keep him in check – temporarily at least.

#9: Fin Fang Foom

Marvel is noted for its freaky monster characters from the 1950s and 60s, and Fin Fang Foom may be the best of them all. A shape shifting being from another world, Fin Fang Foom came to Earth centuries ago and assumed his dragon-like form. He first encountered Iron Man when the Mandarin attempted to use the creature against his armored enemy. Fin Fang Foom's shape shifting, enhanced strength, healing ability, flight and awesome acid mist breath make him a formidable opponent.

#8: Ultron

Ultron is an artificial intelligence construct that has been housed in a series of increasingly advanced robotic bodies. Originally created by Hank Pym, the Ant-Man, he was later recreated by Tony Stark, due to a hypnotic command Ultron had given before he was destroyed. In the second Avengers movie, Stark and Bruce Banner create him initially, but it doesn't matter who his creators are. The end result is always an immensely powerful being with a desire to destroy IronMan and all the others who would stand in his way of conquering the world.

#7: Titanium Man

Several men have donned the Titanium Man's armor to do battle with Iron Man. Most of the time, they have some connection with the Soviet secret service. Clad in his mighty green armor, Titanium Man possesses strength greater than that of Iron Man and an array of other powers, including flight and supersonic blasts. Then original Titanium Man had also been given treatments which transformed into an 11-foot giant. But whoever is wearing the armor, they delight in making life miserable for the armored avenger.


An acronym for "Mental/Mobile/Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing," MODOK was originally a human working for the organization of evil scientists known as AIM. The scientists used their knowledge of mutagenics to transform an ordinary man into this super-intelligent machine of destruction. MODOK quickly rebelled against his creators, taking over AIM to use for his own nefarious purposes. In addition to his massive intelligence, MODOK possesses impressive psionic powers. He may not look dangerous, but evenIron Man has a hard time dismantling his plots.

#5: Whiplash

Two different foes have battled Iron Man under the name Whiplash. The first created dangerous titanium whips while the second uses awesome whips made of pure energy. The later version of Whiplash is in reality Ivan Vanko, a Soviet scientist who was lead to believe that Iron Man destroyed his village and killed his father. Vanko's energy whips are capable of cutting right through metal of just about any kind. Put them together with a sophisticated armor suit and Vanko's desire for revenge, and Whiplash becomes a force to be reckoned with.

#4: Justin Hammer

A billionaire several times over, Justin Hammer has a definite head for business. When he sees an opportunity for profit, he takes it. That includes hiring and arming super-villains, especially if they are going to do damage to his competitors, like Tony Stark. A behind-the-scenes manipulator, he makes sure that his criminal associates have everything they need to legitimately achieve success - and takes a considerable cut of the profits, of course. His brains, cunning and money keep him out of the clutches of the law – much to IronMan's chagrin.

#3: Madame Masque

The daughter of Count Nefaria, Whitney Frost was the leader of an underworld organization whose face became disfigured in a plane accident. Wearing a golden mask to hide her scars, she took the name Madame Masque. A brilliant tactician and a martial arts expert, she also commands a number of robot duplicates of herself. Madame Masque has had a strange relationship with IronMan, having been both his enemy and a love interest. That's a dangerous combination, even for a man whose heart is protected by a plate of armor.

#2: Iron Monger/Obadiah Stane

Several people have worn the Iron Monger suit, but the most noteworthy is the first to use it. Obadiah Stane was a ruthless businessman and master chess player who used his keen psychological insights to manipulate others. Stane eventually took control of Stark Enterprises, kicking out Tony Stark and planning to remake the company in his own image. He also took Stark's designs for Iron Man's armor and created the Iron Monger version – more advanced and with a greater capability for destruction. But he learned that it's not just the armor, it's who wears it that counts.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

The Controller

Crimson Dynamo


Living Laser

#1: The Mandarin

Iron Man's most resilient adversary, the Mandarin is a genius in the laboratory, a deadly expert in martial arts and a total megalomaniac. He possesses 10 rings of alien origin, each of which gives him a special power. A master of both terrestrial and alien technology, the Mandarin has perfected a means of teleportation and of transferring his mind into other bodies. His strategic ability keeps him one step ahead of the game in most situations and his desire for power ensures he will never give up. Iron Man may technically come out the victor in a battle with the Mandarin – but he never wins the war.