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Top 10 Fantastic Four Reboot Facts

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Kurt Hvorp. A new Fantastic Four movie means a whole new round of excitement and speculation. But there are also a lot of cool facts and tidbits about the movies production that we want to share with you. From casting to production and the script's influences, these are the 10 most interesting and coolest facts about Fox's 2015 Fantastic Four. So Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 Fantastic Four reboot facts.

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Script written by Kurt Hvorp.

Top 10 Fantastic Four Reboot Facts

With the impending return of the Fantastic Four to the silver screen, there's bound to be interesting tidbits and behind-the-scenes. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Fantastic Four Reboot Facts.

We'll be taking a look at a number of facts about the forthcoming reboot, picking the ones that stood out and fascinated us the most.

#10: A Modern Focus
A new film means a new focus, and Director Josh Trank apparently sold Fox on the idea of a new Fantastic Four with his pitch, a modern re-imagining of the characters and stories that would allow the franchise to exist in today's movie scene. Trank also brought his plan to long-time Marvel writer Stan Lee, who was touched by Trank's dedication to revitalizing the team.

#9: The Ultimate Influence

It's not surprising that, despite being a new take, there are ties to existing Marvel works. The new film sports younger versions of the Fantastic Four and a premise involving inter-dimensional travel; both elements similar to that of the Ultimate Marvel incarnation of the team. Michael B. Jordan, the actor playing Johnny Storm, has said that the story will be akin to kids coping with a life changing accident.

#8: Most Viewed Trailer

Staying under the radar only to surface abruptly, this production certainly got people's attention with its first trailer. The January 2015 teaser for Fantastic Four served as the film's first official piece of media, which meant people were keen on picking it apart for details. According to 20th Century Fox, it is now the most viewed trailer in their history, surpassing 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past in the process.

#7: Doom for a New Age

We can't imagine the Fantastic Four without Doctor Doom, but this time the film’s creators are taking a few extra creative liberties. Rather than an evil scientist and ruler of the fictional country Latveria, this Doom is an anti-social programmer named Victor Domashev. “Doom” is his screen name, and while other details are scarce, Victor will apparently be a former friend who becomes the Fantastic Four's enemy. It's quite the change but not without reassuring elements; actor Toby Kebbell has admitted to working hard to master Doom's voice, using past actors' work to fine-tune his own performance.

#6: Grounded in Science

Science defines much of the Fantastic Four, and the new film is keen on keeping that in tact. In a featurette, Trank discusses wanting to get to the team's core – the exploration of new frontiers – while still grounding the film in real science. The presence of inter-dimensional travel, then, is a means of exploring scientific ideas in the context of a superhero film. Hopefully, this means a film that is both smart and entertaining.

#5: Practical Uniforms

A key concern in this film was the design of the Fantastic Four's costumes. The foursome's uniforms are being called “containment suits”, established by Josh Trank to be a necessary measure in keeping the team's powers in check. There are little visible details that lend the idea credit – the Human Torch's costume has vents that seem useful for controlling temperature, and Mister Fantastic's suit has built-in springs to pull his limbs back after they stretch.

#4: No Shared Universe For Them (Probably)

X-Men versus Fantastic Four will have to wait. In-house discussion apparently decreed that there will be no continuity or shared universe between this film's Fantastic Four and Fox's X-Men films, something which writer-producer Simon Kinberg confirmed in an interview. However, Fox creative consultant Mark Millar contradicted this by saying this version of the Fantastic Four and Fox's X-Men operate in the same universe. Perhaps the issue isn't as open-and-shut as previously thought?

#3: The Thing is Full CGI

Josh Trank's vision for the Fantastic Four requires a computer generated Thing. Four years ago, Fox revealed that Fantastic Four member Ben Grimm, also known as The Thing, would be one hundred percent computer generated. However, Trank went on record adding a key detail – Jamie Bell, the actor playing Grimm, would be doing motion capture work for the character. Trank felt that given Bell's acting ability, it would be appropriate to use the actor's full range in this role.

#2: No Storm Twins

If you were hoping to see the classic twins dynamic in this film, no dice. Although both the Human Torch and the Invisible Woman are present and accounted for, the filmmakers have made it clear that Susan and Johnny Storm are not twins in this film. However, they are still family – they share a father, Franklin Storm, who will be played by Reg E. Cathey. That raises an interesting question: who, then, are their respective mothers?

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Second Marvel film for Kate Mara & Tim Blake Nelson

The film began development in 2009

Simon Kinberg was an uncredited writer for 2005's Fantastic Four

#1: Worlds of Influence

Fantastic Four certainly won't be lacking for sources from which to draw influence. The film is definitely rooted in Marvel Comics – in addition to the Ultimate Marvel universe, the Spider-Man film trilogy by Sam Raimi has been name checked as an influence. However, in terms of the tone and look of the reboot, Trank has cited David Cronenberg's Scanners and The Fly as the most significant influences. We can't say we saw that coming.

Do you agree with our list? What facts about the Fantastic Four reboot have you excited? For more fantastic Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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