Top 10 Mario Party Minigames



Top 10 Mario Party Minigames

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Script written by Nick Spade

It's the franchise that brought the worlds board and video games together to destroy friendships everywhere. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Mario Party Minigames.

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Script written by Nick Spade

Top 10 Mario Party Minigames

It’s the franchise that brought the worlds board and video games together to destroy friendships everywhere. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Mario Party Minigames.

#10: Shy Guy Says
“Mario Party” (1998) & “Mario Party 2” (1999)

As the name of the game suggests, “Shy Guy Says” is a bit like Simon Says only with much higher stakes. At the mercy of a masked baddie, the players must raise their red or white flag in unison to your puppet master’s directions. Sounds easy enough, right? The Shy Guy will do his best to throw you off, though, by raising two flags at once. Hold up the wrong flag and he’ll cut you loose. Ugg, don’t you wish you could hurl a turnip at the tricky bastard?

#9: Lift Leapers
“Mario Party 6” (2004)

“Lift Leapers” is in the tradition of Mario’s platforming roots, but still maintains the competitive spirit the “Mario Party” games are known for. Emerging from pipes, the four players are confronted by a zany obstacle course. From there, it’s a race to the finish. This game is just as much about accuracy as it is about speed, requiring you to jump from platforms moving horizontally, vertically, and circularly. Fall into the abyss below and Lakitu will take you back to the section’s start. It’s like “Mario Kart”…without the karts…

#8: Tumble Temple
“Mario Party 9” (2012)

This deathtrap of a game combines two of Mario’s greatest weaknesses: Lava and spikes. The players need to be quick on their feet to avoid the balls rolling down a ramp. As the clock counts down, the balls become bigger and more rapid. If you’re standing in the wrong place, prepare to get burned. To make matters more difficult, the ramp is littered with pegs that keep shifting. You’re never sure where the balls will end up, giving “Tumble Temple” the essence of a massive Plinko game.

#7: The Final Countdown
“Mario Party 7” (2005)

Forcing your opponents off small platforms is one of the most common objectives in “Mario Party” minigames. “The Final Countdown” is one of the most suspenseful examples. Essentially the Sudoku game of death, the players leap onto a grid of nine numbered panels knitted together over a canyon. Throughout this cliffhanger of a game, each panel will count backwards. If you find yourself standing on a zero, your number will literally be up as you fall down a trapdoor. Winning the game will require great skill, not to mention great timing, as a carefully placed punch will send your opponents to their doom.

#6: Booksquirm
“Mario Party 4” (2002)

Now here’s a minigame that makes reading fun…well, kind of. As a giant book opens, Mario and the gang are plopped right in the middle of a page-turner. At an increasing rate, the thick pages start tubling down. Fortunately, the novel is filled with holes in the shapes of stars, suns, and moons. You must rush to the cutout’s landing spot or else you’ll be flattened. Brisk, intense, and always keeping you on your toes, “Booksquirm” is truly a satisfying read.

#5: Bobsled Run
“Mario Party” (1998) & “Mario Party 2” (1999)

Although there’s a more fleshed out version of this in Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics, you’d have to have played that game to try it so… nuff said. So the real place for cool runnings is in the first two “Mario Party’s.” Being set in the Mario universe, you’d expect this minigame to be full of mushrooms and blue shells. With exception to the occasional speed boost, though, it’s a pretty straightforward bobsled race. That doesn’t mean “Bobsled Run” isn’t good. On the contrary, it’s an exhilarating, fast-paced escapade that requires teamwork to make sharp turns and reach the finish line. Hey btw, what’s that X on the penguin’s sled?

#4: Face Lift
“Mario Party” (1998), “Mario Party 2” (1999)

Remember the title screen in “Super Mario 64” where you got to alter Mario’s 3D, disembodied head? “Face Lift” is like a spiritual successor to that. Just when you thought Bowser couldn’t get any more hideous, his face is completely distorted as if it were made out of Play-Doh. Your goal is to rearrange Bowser’s face to match the centered picture. This minigame would return in “Mario Party 2” where other character’s faces were stretched out of shape as well, or just their hair in Peach’s case.

#3: Pushy Penguins
“Mario Party 5” (2003)

Those pushy penguins are back and this time they’re trying to knock you off a ledge. Stranded on a large block of ice, the players are suddenly bombarded by an endless parade of penguins. As they stampede into the icy water, you need to maneuver around the crowd and not get pulled in with them. Especially look out for the adult penguins, which are virtually impossible to get past when grouped together. If only you could jump over the penguins, this game would so much easier, although not nearly as exciting.

#2: Dungeon Duos
“Mario Party 4” (2002)

“Dungeon Duos” is about as epic as “Mario Party” minigames get, packing several different obstacles into one mind-blowing marathon. Split into teams, you and your buddy set off on a race involving pulling levers, solving puzzles, jumping down warp pipes, and, as a grand finale, inflating a hot air balloon. Depending on how in sync you are with your teammate, “Dungeon Duos” can either be an incredibly fun or incredibly frustrating experience. Either way, you’ll need to stop and take a deep breath when it’s all over.

Before we roll the dice and play our top minigame, here are a few honorable mentions:
Mario Mechs
“Mario Party 5” (2003)
Tipsy Tourney
“Mario Party 2” (1999)
Locked Out
“Mario Party 3” (2000)
Hotel Goomba
“Mario Party 5” (2003)
Bombs Away
“Mario Party” (1998) & “Mario Party 2” (1999)

#1: Bumper Balls
“Mario Party” (1998), “Mario Party 2” (1999)

Playing a “Mario Party” game often feels like touring an amusement park full of diverse attractions. While bumper cars might not be the biggest or flashiest ride at the park, they’re always the one of most enjoyable rides to go on with your friends. The same can be said about “Bumper Balls.” Whether you’re rolling around and trying to bump your pals off an icy mountain, a desert island, or a tower surrounded by lava, this minigame is a joltingly good time that exemplifies “Mario Party” at its absolute best.
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