Top 10 Video Game Launch Titles
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Top 10 Video Game Launch Titles

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New console, new games. The code that gamers live by. Sometimes the games aren't that great, but sometimes they are absolutely amazing. Join as we countdown our picks for the top 10 Video Game Launch Titles.

For this list, we're looking at games that came out simultaneously alongside a brand spanking new console. The game can have been previously released on another console, as long as the console version was available at launch.

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Top 10 Video Game Launch Titles

New console, new games. The code that gamers live by. Sometimes the games aren’t that great, but sometimes they are absolutely amazing. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down the top 10 Video Game Launch titles.

For this list, we’re looking at games that came out simultaneously alongside a brand spanking new console. The game can have been previously released on another console, as long as the console version was available at launch.

#10: “F-Zero” (1990)

For our first entry, colors are the name of the game. Well, actually it’s name is F-Zero, but you know what we mean. At the Super Nintendo’s launch, F-Zero showcased the new systems technology effectively to give players the feel of this futuristic racer. The backgrounds enhanced by Mode 7, and the massive bump in colors made this game stand out from the pack and race it’s way to our number 10 spot.

#9: “SSX” (2000)
PlayStation 2

Taking extreme sports beyond what you could have imagined in this psychedelic thrill ride, SSX made a name for itself very easily among the PS2’s otherwise lackluster initial lineup. Allowing players to perform insanely out-of-this-world tricks in bright and dynamic environments coupled with the smooth and fun gameplay made SSX a wholesomely fresh experience. Fun, funky and exciting. Make no mistake, this game was cool! Very cool!

#8: “Call of Duty 2” (2005)
Xbox 360

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the beginning of Call of Duty’s console reign. The squad based gameplay and fast paced combat made the game a must have for all shooter enthusiasts. You can knock the series now if you want, but this entry had early adopts on their edge of their seats as they fought their way through war torn Europe. Needless to say, this Dubya-Dubya Two classic quickly and easily became the most popular launch title on the Xbox 360, and many a sequel later, its legacy still lives on.

#7: “Lumines” (2004)

Moving onto handhelds is always a great opportunity to showcase a fresh batch of ingenuity, as is the case with this PSPlaunch game. Gameplay was simple but addictive, as the players had to puzzle solve using patterns of light and beats of techno music. Any similarities to Tetris quickly faded away as fans embraced this modern puzzler. If you have a PSP and haven’t played this game, then you are missing out.

#6: “Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader” (2001)

Can a game be classic and contemporary all at the same time? Rogue Squadron to the rescue! A great example of licensed games, Rogue Leader had players reliving their favorite battles from the Star Wars Saga, from the destruction of the Death Star to the battle of Endor. Taking command of Rogue Squadron, blasting tie fighters away never looked or felt so good as it did in the early days of the GameCube.

#5: “SoulCalibur” (1999)

SoulCalibur marked a tipping point in the world of consoles, as it proved that games at the arcade could be played at home just as well if not better. In the living room, SC was just as competitive, fun, and fast as it was in the arcade, but with even better graphics. Driving the Dreamcast into the future, this game marked the downfall of the classic arcade cabinet.

#4: “Wii Sports” (2006)

Don’t kid yourself: Sometimes, different can be so much better. Stepping way outside the box, Wii Sports was fun an accessible to gamers and non-gamers alike as it brought fun, friendly gameplay to the living room. With it’s brilliant new motion controls letting players enjoy competitive sports in the comfort of their homes. Hardcore gamers may have turned up their nose, but it ensured that Nintendo was to remain a household name well into the next generation.

#3: “Halo: Combat Evolved” (2001)

In case you’re new to this, let’s make it clear: Xbox’s killer App has been kicking ass since day one. Showcasing a slew of then gorgeous graphics to compliment smooth and accessible gameplay, Combat Evolved also redefined console shooters, and has left a lasting legacy on both the system and it’s contemporaries. You’d be hard pressed to find a shooter that has taken a page out of this games book at one time or another, and trust us, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

#2: “Tetris” (1989)

Say what you want about HD gaming and the latest generation… Tetris never gets old. This game defines the word classic, as it is both magically fun and mind bendingly addictive, as it revels in it’s own simplicity. Of course one of the main reasons for it’s popularity was the fact that it was bundled with the North American release of the Game Boy, but you’d be out to lunch if you didn’t think this game could stand up on it’s own.

Before we launch our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions…

“The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess” (2006)
“Castlevania: Circle of the Moon” (2001)
Gameboy Advance
“Resistance: Fall of Man” (2006)

#1: “Super Mario Bros.” (1985) / “Super Mario World” (1990) & “Super Mario 64” (1996)
NES / SNES / N64

The magic of Nintendo is that with each generation, it can be fresh and inspired while still harkening it back to it’s storied roots. That’s why for our top pick, we’ve decided to pick a three way split between the Super Mario Games that launched on the NES, SNES and N64 – all of which influenced the industry in their own unique but powerful ways. We left out Super Mario Land, but, really… can you blame us? All Super Mario Games are fun, all are inspired, and we really can’t say enough good things about them. They’re what we love about gaming. For that, they have all equally earned a top pick on this list.

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