Top 10 Video Game Bad-Asses



Top 10 Video Game Bad-Asses

VOICE OVER: Dan Paradis
Script written by Nick Williams.

"Hail to the King Baby!" There are some bad-ass characters in video games; and with the crazy stuff video games let you do, there would have to be. For this list we've selected 10 most memorable bad-asses in the history of video games. The character must be an original video game character, and as usual, only one character per franchise. Most of these characters are central to the game's plot, so there are spoilers. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 video game bad-asses. Special thanks to our users Jaden Keith and Richard Morea for suggesting this topic on our website WatchMojo.comsuggest.
Script written by Nick Williams.

Top 10 Video Game Bad-Asses

Every video game allows you to live vicariously through a fictional character, but some games do a particularly good job of making you feel like an unstoppable ass kicker. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting the Top 10 Video Game Bad-Asses.

For this list we’ve selected 10 most memorable bad-asses in the history of video games. The character must be an original video game character, and as usual, only one character per franchise. Most of these characters are central to the game’s plot, so there are spoilers.

#10: Captain Price
“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” series (2009-11)

Anyone who almost single-handedly ends World War III deserves a spot in the annals of video game bad-ass history. An accomplished sniper and squad-leader, Captain Price’s heroics ring steadily throughout the “Modern Warfare” series. The amount of times that Captain Price has saved the entire world’s ass is staggering – he’s prevented nuclear apocalypse, assassinated ultra-nationalist dictators, and lead countless military operations of the highest importance. But, let’s be honest, the real source of his badassery is that moustache.

#9: B.J. Blazkowicz
“Wolfenstein” series (1981-)

One of the earliest unstoppable video game bad-asses, B.J. Blazkowicz made a name for himself in the original “Wolfenstein” game, escaping from Castle Wolfenstein and single-handedly thwarting the entire Nazi Regime. In the “Wolfenstein” franchise, the Nazis have turned to the occult in an attempt to create armies of supernatural cyborgs and bring ancient German royalty back from the dead. Enter B.J Blazkowicz, who heroically mows down legions of Nazis, putting an end to their twisted experiments. When a guy can go toe-to-toe with Hitler in a double minigun-outfitted mech, you know he’s awesome.

#8: Rex Power Colt
“Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon” (2013)

Voiced by accomplished science-fiction actor Michael Biehn (who appeared in “Aliens” and “The Terminator,”) Rex Power Colt is your prototypical one-liner spitting, butt-kicking cyborg bad-ass killing machine. When Colonel Sloan, a former agent gone rogue, threatens to send the world into a new prehistoric age, Rex Power Colt sets out to prevent a second nuclear disaster. Armed to the teeth with crazy weaponry, as well as his trademark wit, Rex is reminiscent of the cheesy stars from the golden age of action movies.

#7: Sam Fisher
“Splinter Cell” series (2002-)

Perhaps the most accomplished spy in the history of gaming, Sam Fisher is James Bond on steroids. Blunt and gruff, Fisher trades in Bond’s martini and British accent for an incredible assortment of high-tech infiltration tools and skills. Veteran of hundreds of missions around the world, Sam Fisher is motivated by the suspicious death of his daughter, and uses a combination of firearm expertise, martial arts mastery, top-flight technology and hacking skills to get the job done. If you need something done quietly, with no traces left behind, Fisher’s your man.

#6: Max Payne
“Max Payne” series (2002-)

Framed for the murder of his police partner and seeking down the killers of his family, Max Payne isn’t your typical hero. Max Payne is plagued by his demons, and resorts to incredible doses of alcohol and prescription medicine to dull his internal anguish. Never afraid to get his hands dirty, Max is fuelled by one thing and one thing alone: vengeance. There’s nothing more bad-ass than the first time you go into slow-mo, dive through the air, and mow down a handful of enemies before they can even get their guns unholstered.

#5: Solid Snake
“Metal Gear” series (1987-)

Like many characters on this list, Solid Snake has single-handedly altered the course of history on numerous occasions, preventing world-wide disasters by infiltrating dastardly crime syndicates and preventing nuclear war by disarming Metal Gears. Genetically created to be the ‘perfect soldier,’ Snake combines masteries of infiltration, close and long range combat. He’s a bit rough around the edges, but that’s definitely part of his charm. Even accelerated aging won’t stop him from chocking people out at an accelerated rate.

#4: Master Chief
“Halo” series (2001-)

The prototypical strong-silent type, the cybernetic super-soldier known as “Master Chief” was one of the first products of the SPARTAN project. He is given the unenviable task of protecting the universe from not one but TWO destructive alien species, the Covenant and the Flood. With the help of the artificial intelligence, Cortana, Chief sets out to prevent the untimely destruction of the galaxy at the hands of the ancient super-weapon, the Halo. At least he has a huge assortment of crazy weapons and super-armor to help shoulder the load.

#3: Samus Aran
“Metroid” series (1986-)

The ending of “Metroid” was downright shocking - At the time, female gaming protagonists were pretty much unheard of. Beyond blazing trails for women characters, Samus is a total bad-ass. With the help of her futuristic cyber-suit, she is one of the most accomplished bounty hunters in the galaxy, simultaneously hunting down the Space Pirates and their leader Ridley, as well as the famous species of alien parasites, the Metroids. Her trademark suit allows Samus to use a wide-variety of high tech weaponry, from powerful missiles and bombs down to alien-eradicating lasers.

#2: Duke Nukem
“Duke Nukem” series (1991-2011)

Earth’s last line of defense against invading alien forces has never looked so damn hunky before. Irresistible to the ladies, Duke Nukem puts all of the famous 90s action stars to shame with his macho, one-liner dropping, heavy-machine-gun wielding badassery. Whether he’s flying around with his jetpack, chomping on a cigar, or penning his auto-biography, titled Why I’m So Great, Duke Nukem kicks butt, and he does it with unmatched style. His first major title, “Duke Nukem 3D” took the formula established by “Doom” and somehow made it even more awesome.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Mortal Kombat” series (1992-)
Lara Croft
“Tomb Raider” series (1996-)
Jack Cayman
“Madworld” (2009)
John Marston
“Red Dead Redemption” (2010)
Marcus Fenix
“Gears of War” series (2006-13)

#1: Kratos
“God of War” series (2005-13)

If you can single-handedly square off against the entire pantheon of Greek Gods and Titans and rip them all apart like a basket of hot wings, it automatically qualifies you as the biggest bad-ass in the history of EVERYTHING, let alone video games. A demi-God, Kratos was originally tricked into killing his own family by the O.G. God of War Ares. Since then, he’s been on a one-man revenge mission, using his trademark blades of chaos to tear through every mythological creature under the sun…not to mention the sun god himself.

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