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Top 10 Annoying Major Characters in Movies

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Elliot Baker. Their screeches and screw-ups are felt all across the fictional world. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 annoying major characters in movies. For this list, we’re looking at those big screen characters that are specifically written to be annoying or irritating to the characters around them. These characters made the films they were from worse, as we were stuck watching them for the entire movie. Special thanks to our users Godslayer79, christian earl sabij, Camden Coblentz and Npngreen for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Elliot Baker.

Top 10 Annoying Major Characters in Movies

Their screeches and screw-ups are felt all across the fictional world. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 annoying major characters in movies.

For this list, we’re looking at those big screen characters that are specifically written to be annoying or irritating to the characters around them.

#10: Willy Wonka
“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (2005)

Let’s start off with everyone’s favorite chocolatier... well, he’s your favorite unless you’ve actually met the guy. Taking a leap away from Gene Wilder’s performance in 1971, Johnny Depp plays the mad man as a straight up, well, mad man. His disregard for the safety of the children is one thing; his shrill high-pitched laugh is something else. With the attitude of a child and far worse mannerisms, this Wonka proves more of a Slugworth than a genius.

#9: Shaggy Rogers & Scooby Doo
“Scooby-Doo” (2002)

They’re one of the world’s most recognizable comedic duos, but that’s not to say they aren’t always screwing up. In the 2002 film, Shaggy and Scooby Doo manage to push the limits of their friends’ patience by hitting them in the face and farting at Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Daphne. Known for completely destroying the group’s plans in the animated TV series, these two are further written as the members of one the most annoying bromances in movie history in the live action flick. Wait, James Gunn wrote this film? As in the director and writer behind “Guardians of the Galaxy?” Yalright.

#8: Napoleon Dynamite
“Napoleon Dynamite” (2004)

Movie nerds tend to be awkward and sympathetic, but never quite as irritating as this. Lacking in friends, Napoleon Dynamite makes up for it by telling the world of his grand achievements, be they his time hunting wolverines in Alaska or his skills with a bo staff. His unfriendly attitude certainly doesn’t help his classmates tolerate him, or his family for that matter. A slightly spiteful and compulsive liar, we doubt even a ‘liger’ would put up with him.

#7: Fred / ‘Crawl’
“Son in Law” (1993)

Pauly Shore has really outdone himself this time. As if bad “don’t leave me hanging” puns weren’t enough, Crawl is the party animal who’s perfectly suited to get on the nerves of any conservative father. His eccentric personality and lack of responsibility prove to be the bane of everyone around him. Ever intruding on the lives of the Warner family, Crawl brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘aggravating.’

#6: Nicky
“Little Nicky” (2000)

Being a disappointment to your father is always annoying, especially if your dad’s the Devil. But that doesn’t stop Nicky from irritating the rest of New York too, whether it’s by demanding random pedestrians to ‘get in the flask’ or by committing the most evil of deeds: turning a Coke into a Pepsi. Doomed to be an annoying protagonist, Nicky is too nice to be a devil and too evil to be anything but a nuisance.

#5: Wilhelmina ‘Willie’ Scott
“Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” (1984)

Everyone’s favorite ‘damsel-in-distress’ had to be on this list somewhere with her one line of “dialogue”: screaming. A singer by trade, Willie has little to no place venturing through the temple of Doom, but we believe that’s what works about her. She’s terrible at riding an elephant and only serves to embarrass herself in front of Indie’s most powerful politicians. But her screaming, shrieking and yelling do help to make Indy look that much more ‘bad-ass’; if only she could’ve turned down the volume a little.

#4: Bella Swan
“Twilight” franchise (2008-12)

Nobody likes a flip flopper, especially a flip flopper who can’t decide between a werewolf and a vampire. Aside from being more useless than, well the series itself, Bella Swan manages to spend months of her life wasting her mind over trying to choose which fantasy boy she likes more. Her indecisiveness only helps to put the vampire and werewolf clans against each other and ultimately threaten the rest of the world. Nice going Bella, hope you’re pleased with yourself.

#3: Brüno Gehard
“Brüno” (2009)

We could’ve picked any of Sacha Baron Cohen’s eccentric characters, but this flamboyant homosexual is the one who surpasses them all. The fashionista spends the runtime of this mockumentary being more offensively outlandish than one would ever think is possible. Bruno’s irritation factor is almost artistic, whether he’s giving his adopted baby a more appropriate name or making advances on Ron Paul. Man, not even Harrison Ford likes him.

#2: Guru Maurice Pitka
“The Love Guru” (2008)

This one was a close call between Mike Myers’ other foray into the annoying with his role in “The Cat in the Hat.” But while The Cat is merely childish and intrusive, Guru Pitka is that and so much more. His reason for becoming a guru is to have women fawn over him and be on Oprah, which you have to admit are not the most selfless of goals. Then there’s his slightly pretentious and immature nature, which only cement how bothersome of a man he is.

Before we reveal our most annoying protagonist, here are some that didn’t quite make the cut in our honorable mentions:
- Frodo Baggins
“The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” (2003)
- Barney Rubble
“The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas” (2000)
- Fred Figglehorn
“Fred” franchise (2010-12)
- Roger Rabbit
“Who Framed Roger Rabbit” (1988)

#1: Jill Sadelstein
“Jack and Jill” (2011)

No, it’s not just because she’s played by Adam Sandler, although that probably doesn’t help. Monumentally optimistic and intrusive, Jill is not only annoying to every other character in the film but devastatingly so for the audience. Her unmoved state of ecstasy is only matched by her constant failings, especially when she gives Mexican food a try. With an inability to even lower her volume of speech, Jill is undeniably the most annoying film protagonist.

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