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Top 10 Brotherhood of Mutants Members

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Matthew Thomas. If you don’t like mutants then they’re your worst nightmare. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 Brotherhood of Mutants members. For this list we’re looking at Brotherhood members from any medium. That means that we’re considering TV, movie and all comic book incarnations equally. The Brotherhood of Mutants has proven to be the X-Men’s biggest threats, and it’s all thanks to these powerful supervillains. Special thanks to our users Matthew Thomas, Shawn Frary and Fabia141 for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest.

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Script written by Matthew Thomas.

Top 10 Brotherhood of Mutants Members

If you don’t like mutants then they’re your worst nightmare. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Brotherhood of Mutants members.

For this list we’re looking at Brotherhood members from any medium. That means that we’re considering TV, movie and all comic book incarnations equally.

#10: The Scarlet Witch

The daughter of original team leader and a founding member, the Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful beings to ever be a part of the team. Despite not fully accessing her powers during the time that she fought alongside other members, Wanda’s probability altering powers always made her a force to reckon with. Despite the fact that she left the group never to return as soon as the original incarnation of the team disbanded, Wanda will forever be associated with the group and vice versa.

#9: Quicksilver

Much more hot tempered than his twin sister, The Scarlet Witch, Pietro too joined the team due to family ties but he seemed like a much better fit. Able to run at superhuman speeds during his tenure with the team, he throws himself into any fight with reckless abandon. Leaving the team at the same time as his sister, Pietro’s life kept him much more connected to the plight of mutant kind, which allowed him to just barely edge out his kin in this list.

#8: Havok

A one-time leader of a Brotherhood team, his defection to the dark side was a ruse he played on the world in order to keep tabs on the evil Dark Beast and X-Man. This former member of the X-Men still holds an important part in the history of the group. After faking an attempted assassination on J. Jonah Jameson, Havok convinced friends and former foes that he now felt Xavier’s dream was futile and formed a team to combat any hostile human beings. For a time in the comic books he was the face of the Brotherhood and as a result deserves to be included here.

#7: The Blob

When it came time for the Brotherhood to recruit new members, they turned to this larger than life mutant right away. An outcast from society, Fred spent many years after his mutation turned him into an obese man as a circus freak that was mocked and maligned by customers which fostered in him a great anger that was easily exploited. A member of many of the incarnations of the group, Fred served as a loyal soldier for several different leaders.

#6: Pyro

This Australian mutant from his very first appearance was a member of the team and spent most of his appearances in all mediums alongside his allies. Taking part in the ruse that they had turned into heroes that called themselves Freedom Force, Pyro was fully willing to go along with whatever plan that was presented to him as long as he saw what he could gain from it. Capable of manipulating even the smallest flame with his mind and turning it into a raging fire, Pyro will forever be most associated with the group he was an integral part of for so long.

#5: Toad

The first mutant other than team founder Magneto, to join up, Toad was under the illusion that Magneto loved him, and, after spending his life being mocked and hated, that was all he needed to follow him into any situation. Serving as whipping boy and gopher under the leadership of his supposed friend, Toad would eventually rebel when it finally became clear to him that Magneto didn’t care for him at all and was using him. Still wanting to find the fellowship of a group Toad recruited a few former members and more new ones and founded his own short-lived version of the Brotherhood. Long considered the most pitiable and sympathetic member of the team, Toad will always be the heart and soul of the group even if he never takes part in it ever again.

#4: Sabretooth

A Brotherhood member and main villain in the first X-Men movie, Sabretooth, despite taking his place alongside this group of mostly elite mutant villains late in its existence absolutely deserves his place on this list. Sadistic and brutal, Victor Creed would slit your throat as soon as he’d shake your hand. Taking part in several different incarnations under multiple leaders, if you can convince him to take part he will be willing to commit nearly any and all acts of violence needed.

#3: Juggernaut

Most notably a member of this elite villainous squad in the X-Men film universe, Cain Marko for years was one of the most powerful characters in the entire Marvel Universe. In X3 Cain’s origin is altered from the books, making him a no brainer for inclusion in the Brotherhood. Even in the comics however where he is a human who was granted powers from a gem not mutation he is so powerful that even though he’s not technically a mutant, he was included when he requested it. That attests to just how powerful he is and how valuable having this unstoppable juggernaut on your side truly is.

#2: Mystique

Unlike our previous entry the powers that Mystique possesses do not make her all that powerful in a battle in comparison to most humans. Traditionally lacking any offensive abilities above those of an agile trained fighter, Raven as she sometimes known may not be an obvious choice for the second most important member in the team’s history from that point of view. If you’ve seen any of the movies, television shows or read any of the comic books about the team then there was never any other choice. A brilliant strategist who uses her ability to mimic the appearance and voice of any person she chooses to create mayhem and anger in any group she targets as well as gaining access to information or locations nobody else could. A natural born leader, there is only one other character who has more of an effect on the Brotherhood.

Before our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- The Shadow King
- Destiny
- Avalanche
- Black Tom Cassidy
- Mastermind

#1: Magneto

You had to see this coming! How could we ever have picked anyone else for the top spot than the founder, leader and eventual enemy of this group of powerful mutants? After spending his early years suffering at the hands of the Nazis strictly because he is a Jew, the master of magnetism vowed never to let his people become the target of the ignorant again. His militant outlook on the world never allowed him to take a defensive position, instead opting to attack and take the position of power he felt mutant kind deserved. When the X-Men stood against him, Magneto saw the strength in numbers and gathered mutants who were like-minded or at least willing to follow to his side and the rest is history. The figurehead of the argument for mutant supremacy and immensely powerful, there could be no other choice for number one.

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