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Marvel VS. DC

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Sean Harris. They both reign supreme in the comic store, and they both bring it home at the box office! But which is best? In this video, pits Marvel against DC to see which comic book giant is THE comic book giant. What criteria are we using? How good are their heroes, villains, sidekicks, team-ups and general themes. So can Batman and Superman come close to beating Captain America and Iron Man? Watch and find out. Special thanks to our user Daniel John, Marco Rosato, MaTtHEw Brady 98, Shakib Ahmed, perryhigh, Neville Madan and leone745 for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Sean Harris.

Marvel VS. DC

They both reign supreme in the comic store, and they both bring it home at the box office! But which is best? Welcome to, and today we’ll be pitting Marvel against DC.

Round 1: Heroes

In one corner, DC delights with a gaggle of good guys that can save anybody from just about anything! Wonder Woman's doing it for the gals and she's doing it in style; Batman's as anti-heroic as it's probably possible to be; Superman, well, he doesn't get that overly positive prefix on his name for nothing! These cats make crime-fighting look easy!

But, in the other corner, Marvel harbors its own harem of heroes - and they look strong. Very, very strong! Captain America packs a painful, patriotic punch; Thor can hammer home the issue, and hammer it home hard; Iron Man seems to be taking over the world one sequel at a time; Spider-Man, amongst other things, makes a full latex body-suit look good! They're a wonder! They're a sensation! Appropriately, they're a marvel!

DC does well, but they've been beaten to the punch this time!

WINNER: Marvel 1 / DC 0

Round 2: Villains

Of course, what's a good hero without a good villain? The DC universe is more than satisfactorily scattered with psychopaths! Lex Luthor proves a real pain in the pectorals for Clark Kent - as does Doomsday, Brainiac and the unrelenting rest. Perhaps Batman has the best (or worst) bunch of enemies, though. Bane's super-strength is the bane of the Bat's life, Catwoman can turn you on as soon as turn you into dust, and the Joker's about as funny as the fires of hell!

Marvel makes a brilliant bad guy too... Magneto proves difficult to repel in "X-Men," Loki takes sibling rivalry to a whole new level in "Thor," and Spider-Man has more than one awesome archenemy. The evil just isn't quite as exquisite, though!

Take a bow, DC. You're very good at being very bad!

WINNER: Marvel 1 / DC 1

Round 3: Sidekicks

Sometimes heroes need help. Batman has his select group of buddies, the most famous being Robin. The guy rides in a sidecar - it doesn't get more 'sidekick' than that! Bruce Wayne also has Lucius Fox and Alfred Pennyworth - who wouldn't want Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine on their side?! Wonder Woman's Wonder Girl is also wonderful! As is Superman's ever-impressionable Jimmy Olsen.

Sidekicks aren't as standout on the other side... Pepper Potts is as loyal as she is love-struck in "Iron Man," Falcon is Captain America's friend, but a hero in his own right as well, and Aunt May is arguably the closest to a sidekick that Spider-Man gets!

Once more, Marvel just misses the mark.

WINNER: Marvel 1 / DC 2

Round 4: Team-Ups

In both camps, there are incredible individuals, but to win this round they have to work as a team! The Justice League pushes some very heavy heavyweights together at DC, with devastating effect! Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are backed up by Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter!

But Marvel has team spirit spilling off of its pages and out of its movies. The X-Men are drawn together by their mutant-ness; The Avengers are drawn together by, amongst other things, Samuel L. Jackson; and The Guardians of the Galaxy are so diverse that they have within their ranks a racoon!
Pulling themselves together as we head into the last, Marvel makes it level.

WINNER: Marvel 2 / DC 2

Round 5: Themes

The comics and their movie adaptations hope to entertain first and foremost, but there are plenty of messages, motives and themes within their writing. At DC, the word of the day, month and year is 'justice'. It's everything the heroes want, and everything the villains are trying to disrupt. A theme for the masses!

At Marvel, justice is important, but it isn't always everything. Spider-Man, Wolverine and company deal with the traditional ideas of equality and fairness, but they also look at those precise and modern issues that drive society today. There are direct allusions to drug use, homosexuality, race and sexism. Justice is key, but it isn't the only priority!

A yo-yo battle, Marvel is on top when it counts!

WINNER: Marvel 3 / DC 2


By a score of 3 to 2, the winner is Marvel. A very close encounter of the comic kind, DC doesn't quite have enough!

Do you agree with our verdict? Or does DC 'do it' for you? Be sure to debate in the comments, and subscribe to for more entertaining versus battles.

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