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Top 10 Sexiest Video Game Characters

VO: Dave Thibault
Don’t be fooled by their good looks — these ladies can kick some ass. Join as we countdown our picks for the top 10 sexiest video game characters. Special thanks to our users cgamb7er, churchygamer, Truthunwinding, justin james, VMInHere, JakeCrusher, kermitthefrog87654, Furious Alfredo and sithhound for submitting the idea for this video on our WatchMojo.comsuggest page!

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Top 10 Sexiest Video Game Characters

Don’t be fooled by their good looks—these ladies can kick some ass. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Sexiest Video Game characters.

For our list, we limited ourselves to one character per franchise. We ranked them based on their physical attractiveness and overall appeal, some of their physical proportions may be a bit unrealistic, but they’re video games what do you expect. Still, For more empowering and badass ladies, be sure to check out our Top 10 Female Protagonists in Video Games list

#10: Bayonetta

“Bayonetta” (2010)

We usually think of witches as old and ugly, but that’s not the case with this character. Her skintight black leather jumpsuit, high heels, and sneakily sexy glasses make her the hottest witch we know. But she doesn’t just stand around looking pretty—she uses magic and guns to fight off angelic enemies who get in her way, Oh and her clothes are her hair … which can turn into giant monsters.

#9: Jade and Kitana

“Mortal Kombat” series (1992-)

Why have one sexy vixen when you can have two? Jade started out as a palette swap for Kitana in MK2, but we finally learned about her background as an assassin in “Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3,” and it only made her hotter. Kitana uses her fan throw attack and incredible speed, while Jade gets a pole to spin her enemies … and herself around with. All the meanwhile Mileena is … well … umm … Lets move on.

#8: Ivy Valentine

“Soul Calibur” series (1998-)

Don’t you want to be her valentine? This character was born to an undead pirate, ensuring her bad girl status for life. Like her fellow series mate Sophitia Alexander, it’s hard to tell what’s more devastating— her fighting abilities or her looks. If you weren’t turned on enough by her appearance, her skill with a whip will definitely get you going.

#7: Kasumi

“Dead or Alive” series (1996-)

Who didn’t see this franchise coming? especially with its spinoff Beach Volleyball games of shameless eye candy. Still we’re picking poster girl Kasumi for this entry as not only does she have a killer body, but her high kicks and cartwheel attacks leave enemies begging for mercy. We don’t know what we love more—her ninja skills or her sexy schoolgirl outfits.

#6: Morrigan Aensland

“Darkstalkers” series (1994-)

This succubus is named after a goddess, and when you take one look at her it’s easy to understand why. Her revealing outfits barely conceal her bodacious figure. On top of her looks, her Soul Fist and Valkyrie Turn attacks make her enemies cower in fear of being on her bad side. Oh yeah and she can clone herself, all the while sitting on her throne of bats.

#5: Samus Aran

“Metroid” series (1986-)

Even though she covers it up through most of the series with her Power Suit, this hottie’s got one hell of a body. And in the first few Metroid games, the only way you could get a glimpse of her without her suit was to speed run the game. But from Metroid Zero Mission onwards the blonde bombshell start to sport a skintight bluesuit. One that gets quite an upgrade for the next Smash Bros games.

#4: Jade

“Beyond Good & Evil” (2003)

Sometimes smarts can be just as hot as good looks. Thankfully, this character’s got both in droves. A photojournalist, she uses her intelligence to get a job photographing animals for a science museum and solve puzzles. She’s also got martial arts know-how, as she shows when infiltrating government facilities. And most importantly, she’s proof that you don’t need to be scantily clad to be sexy.

#3: Tifa Lockhart

“Final Fantasy VII” (1997)

Remember that childhood friend you had who grew up and became insanely hot? That’s what Tifa is for Cloud Strife, the protagonist of this game. Her wifebeater and miniskirt show off just how much she’s matured since they were little. In addition to her curvaceous body, she’s a total badass who owns a bar and excels at hand-to-hand combat.

#2: Chun-Li

“Street Fighter” series (1987-)

This character’s known as the “first lady of fighting games,” and when you take a look at her, you won’t disagree. Her sexy blue dress brings out the best that this INTERPOL agent has to offer. Her leggings can’t hide the power and size of her legs, which move at lightning speed to attack anyone who gets in her way. Cammy show more skin, But this Chinese gal earns her spot for style over skin.

Before we get to our number one, let’s take a look at some honorable mentions:

Mai Shiranui “Fatal Fury 2” (1994)

Christie Monteiro “Tekken” series (1994-)

Cortana “Halo” series (2001-)

Chloe Frazer “Uncharted” series (2009-)

Elizabeth DeWitt “BioShock Infinite” (2013)

#1: Lara Croft

“Tomb Raider” series (1996-)

Taking the top spot is archeologist who is not only one of the most iconic video game protagonists, but her sexy figure got her landed her on magazine front covers. Her British accent, skill with weapons, and skimpy outfits have been driving gamers crazy ever since the first game. Her look has changed quite a bit over the course of the series, but her evolution is why we still love her today.

Do you agree with our list? Which video game character makes you swoon? For more attractive top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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