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Top 10 Video Game Urban Legends

VO: Dan Paradis
Have you ever heard of the story of a cursed game cartridge of The Legend of Zelda? Or maybe the theory that the main character of Final Fantasy VIII has been dead the whole game? Or how about the story of a secret Arcade machine that makes you go insane? Stories like this have emerged from the video game culture and have a significant impact thanks to the internet and fan hacking for some engaging stories. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Videogame Urban Legends. Special thanks to our users Willie Sanchez, tom dray, pheonixcraft97, and Daniel Ghefe for submitting the idea on our WatchMojo.comsuggest page!

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Top 10 Video Game Urban Legends

They’re the stories that make your shake your controllers in fear. Welcome to and today we’re counting our picks for the Top 10 Videogame Urban Legends. Or alternatively Top 10 Videogame CreepyPasta’s

For this list we’re focusing on myths or theories within videogames with a creepy or horror based theme to it. For non-horror based myths, be sure to check out our list for Top 10 Video Game Myths.

#10: The Specters of Shiverburn Galaxy

“Super Mario Galaxy 2” (2010)

Lets start things off with a trip through the cosmos. In either of the first 2 missions in Shiverburn Galaxy if Mario were to go into First Person view and look up on the cliff behind him you’ll notice 3 mysterious figures looking down at you. What the hell? Poking around in the games files reveals these textures to be called “Hell Valley Sky Trees” even though they look nothing like tree’s since they look like … well … THAT!

#9: Sonic.exe

Sonic the Hedgehog

One of many popular creepy pasta stories you’ll see on this list. This one is base off a story of a bootleg version of Sonic the Hedgehog with a … wait stop … go back! What the hell? That’s only the tip of the iceberg as the rest of the game follows this demonic Sonic as he chases down characters from the game in twisted blood riddled worlds. There’s a fan made game based off this story, If you’re brave enough to check it out.

#8: Squall is Dead Theory

“Final Fantasy VIII” (1999)

There are a lot of creepy theories about videogames, But the one we’re covering is the most plausible. At the end of Disc 1 Squall is stabbed in the chest with an ice shard and loses consciousness. He then awakens with his wound healed for no reason, and the theme shifts from a more realistic world to one with more physics defying fantasy elements, common in Final Fantasy games. The theory: This disc onward is all part of Squall’s dying dream. With the ending representing his mind fading, ending with … this image.

#7: Herobrine

“Minecraft” (2011)

The popular open sandbox game is already filled with scary and creepy creatures. But there’s one character. That supposedly does something else. Taking on the form of the default character skin, with whited out eyes. He goes around player maps at random and building unusual objects or shaving trees. Notch has denied that Herobrine exists though has had fun with the mystery adding the update “Herobrine Remoced to the 1.7.2 update.

#6: The Fetus From Hell

“Earthbound” (1994)

The final battle of Earthbound has be the subject of a lot of speculation given its creepy appearance. Though many fans have claimed that the final area where you fight Giygas resembles a woman’s cervix, and that the image of Giygas is that of a demonic looking fetus. Which in turn has lead to a theory that Giygas is some twisted Anti-Abortion message. Though Shigesato Itoi has denied this, saying it was actually the result of walking into the wrong movie theater as a child.

#5: The Madden Curse

"Madden" series

A long running supersticious curse where videogames have influenced the sports world. Where it is said that whoever appears on the cover of the Madden game for that year, is cursed for that season either by injury or bad performance. like Garrison Hearst on Madden 98 who suffered an ankle injury so severe he missed 2 seasons. Or Danute Culpepper, who was on the 2002 cover, he had a shocking bad season after appearing on the cover. There’s a similar curse for the Fifa series too, though not a prolific as the NFL trend.

#4: The Numbers Station

“Fallout 3” (2008)

This one is a bit more elaborate than the others on the list. But supposedly if you kill the Galaxy News DJ Three Dog, skip the Galaxy News Radio mission then destroy Raven Rock, then the radio station starts to send out encrypted messages that predict the future, like Brittney Spears winning an Oscar in 2023 “God help us if that happens.” Or predicting the death of Queen Elizabeth II on March 19 2014 … which happens to be the upload date of this video. Don’t worry its Legend can easily be debunked due to lack of evidence of the audio existing.

#3: Ben Drowned

“The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask” (2000)

As if the game with a freaky face moon crashing to the earth wasn’t creepy enough, someone went even further with this infamous creepy pasta story. The story goes that a cursed copy of the game, originally owned by a kid named Ben who died in a drowning accident. Is haunted by the child’s soul in the form of Empty Link statue in a bugged twisted version of the game. One that’s constantly haunted by the phrase “You should have done that” and You’ve met with a terribe fate, haven’t you”

#2: Lavender Town Syndrome

“Pokemon Red and Green” (1996) (Japanese version)

This legend; claims the music in Lavender Town, supposedly had frequencies in the Japanese Red and Green versions of the game that were removed in the Western Red and Blue releases. The reason? Supposedly the music caused hundreds of kids to go crazy and commit suicide. It is a bit of a stretch though, since there seems to be no difference between the Japanese and US versions of the song.

Before we get to Number 1, lets take a look at some honorable mentions.

#1: “Polybius”

The Phantom Arcade Cabinet

Taking the top spot is the legendary deadly game. The story goes that an arcade machine where you play a puzzle shooter, would throw all sorts of flashing imagery that would cause mental health issues, or even drive people to suicide. Even more sinister were reports of Men in Black coming into the arcades to collect game data. It was only said to appear in a few suburbs in Portland, Oregon. But there no official evidence that the game even existed. But its legacy has led to many fan creation of the legend.

Do you agree with out list? Which Video Game stories do you like to tell your friends about? For more terrifying Top 10’s published everyday, be sure to subscribe to

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