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Top 10 Nintendo DS Games

VO: Dan Paradis
These are the best games on the Nintendo DS. The best selling handheld console of all time, with over 150 million units sold in 4 different variations. The Nintendo DS was revolutionary for making touch screens affordable and an integral part of handheld gaming. More importantly, it had terrific games, ranging from platformers to adventure games, RPG's and mind bending puzzlers! Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Nintendo DS games.

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Top 10 Nintendo DS Games

Time to honor the best games from the best selling handheld console of all time. Welcome to, and today we’re going to be counting down our picks for the top 10 Nintendo DS games.

Just like our PS2 list, narrowing down the best DS games to just 10 was hard to cut down. TO make things a bit easier, we’re setting a limit to one game per franchise, and we’re also excluding ports from previous systems, although Remakes will be allowed.

#10 “Professor Layton and the Unwound Future” (2010)

Kicking off our list is the ever so lovable Sherlock Holmes inspired inspector, whom along with his sidekick Luke, helps solves puzzles that somehow help their situations. We’re giving the nod to the Unwound Future, for its neat time travel story, nice plot twists, and the fact that it has a giant robot. That’s always a plus.

#9: “Elite Beat Agents” (2007)

A rhythm game that was one of the best examples of what the DS could do compared to other consoles at the time, it was a touch screen based rhythm game in which stylish Men in Black inspired agents solved world conflicts by… dancing? ... Whatever works. Comprising of some bouncing covers of popular songs like Walkie Talkie Man and Canned Heat, we hope you got a decent pair of headphones handy for some headbanging on the bus with this one.

#8: “Advance Wars: Dual Strike” (2005)

While Days of Ruin tried to take the series in a more darker and grittier direction, we’re sticking to the game that kept the charm going from the Game Boy Advance series. Making use of the DS’s two screens with a mode known as Dual Fronts, where you have to simultaneously manage 2 different armies on 2 different maps at the same time. Hope you’re ready for nail biting battles with this one.

#7: “Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars” (2009)

Talk about a bolt from the blue, bringing the seedy crime open world series to the Nintendo DS was almost hard to believe. Inspired by the classic topdown view style of the first 2 GTA games, This installment is set in a scaled down version of Liberty City from GTA 4, and focuses on Huang Lee, the son of a Triad boss who is almost killed upon arrival in the city and has his family heirloom stolen. As such its up to Heung going on a classic GTA rampage to get it back. Best to stay off the sidewalks until he does.

#6: “Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story” (2009)

Continuing the wacky RPG style from its predecessors, this game has the Mario Bros and Peach inside the stomach of their arch nemesis Bowser, trying to get out in some way other than the back door. The interesting spin her is that it in involves the brother manipulating Bowsers body in order to get him to progress, all while trying to stay alive inside the infamous burning lizard.

#5: “The World End’s With You” (2008)

One of the most unique RPG’s we’ve ever seen come from none other than the RPG experts over at Square-Enix. Set in a ficticious town loosly based off Tokyo’s Shibuya district, the game follows a socially awkward teenager who finds himself stuck in a mysterious game with no memory of how he ended up in it. This game’s unique dual screen combat system, along with its funky soundtrack makes it worth checking out if you’re getting tired of the clichéd RPG formula.

#4: “The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass” (2007)

The Zelda slot was hotly debated in the Watchmojo office between this game and Spirit Tracks. Ultimately Phantom Hourglass just nudged ahead when it ranked higher on our suggestions page. Following up from Wind Waker, this interesting take on the Zelda franchise was controlled using only the touch screen, taking to the open sea once again in a unique blend of 2D Zelda gameplay with 3D Graphics. Clever players made good use of the touch screen to take notes as well.

#3: “New Super Mario Bros” (2006)

Mario’s long awaited return to 2D platforming since Super Mario Land 2 in 1992 was met with open arms. The best selling game on the DS with over 30 million copies sold, the game introduced brand powerups like the Mega Mushroom which saw Mario grow to colossal size. And Shell Mario in which Mario gets his own Koopa shell to spin around in. To top off the great package, was the insanely fun Mario & Luigi 2 player battle mode and a nice assortment of addictive minigames.

#2: “Mario Kart DS” (2005)

A series that needs no introduction, The DS version of the ever so popular Kart Racing series set revolutionary new standards that would become the norm of future versions, notably: the inclusion of retro tracks from previous Mario Kart games, the ability to mix and match your kart and driver stats. And it was Nintendo’s first ever online game. Safe to say this was “the” must have title for the DS.

Before we get to Number 1, lets run through some honorable mentions.

Super Scribblenauts
Contra 4
Picross 3D
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Castlevania: Portrait of R

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