Top 10 Greatest Giant Movie Robots



Top 10 Greatest Giant Movie Robots

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They aren't just more then meets the eye, they are a sight to behold! Over the years we have been excited by countless mechanical behemoths, which have more often then not have ripped up the screen! From the slow moving AT-AT walkers from Star Wars to the combining Megazord and Voltron, all the way to the mutant capturing Sentinels from X-Men. In this list, we're taking a look at giant robots from both film and television, from the ones that have sentience, to the ones that require human pilots to navigate them. Join as we count down the Top 10 Giant Robots.

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Top 10 Giant Robots

They’ll probably end up overtaking the world at some point, but right now, we love them. Welcome and today we’re counting down the Top 10 Giant Robots.

In this list, we’re taking a look at giant robots from both film and television, from the ones that have sentience, to the ones that require human pilots to navigate them.

#10: The Jaegers “Pacific Rim” (2010)

These massive battle bots were built with one goal in mind: saving the world. Built to combat a rampaging alien species, the Jaeger robots are controlled by trained human pilots. A neural link to the bots allows for seamless mechanics, which is important when you’re fighting massive aliens on the attack. While these giant robots require two pilots, it just allows for two times the fun, and two times the heroics.

#9: ED-209 “Robocop” (1987)

The ED-209, or “Enforcement Droid – 209”, was touted as the future of law enforcement. Designed to protect and serve, the ED-209 suffered a slight hiccup when it killed a guy in a board meeting, but nothing’s perfect. It was also formidable enough to stand up to the “new guy”, battling Robocop but eventually losing. The ED-209 can’t really be blamed, however. It was just doing as it was told, like a good giant robot.

#8: Megazord “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” (1993-)

Everyone knows that combining powers and working together is the best way to conquer your enemies. That extends to transforming into a massive robot, as well. Probably the best thing to come out of the Power Rangers series, the Megazord was a combo robot. Comprised of each individual Rangers’ “zord”, the Megazord housed all of the rangers in a cockpit where they controlled its movements – leading to some interesting battles and moments of unintended comedy.

#7: Voltron “Voltron” (1984-1985)

Similar to the Megazord, Voltron is a robot made up of individual, smaller robots controlled by even smaller humans. However, Voltron has been tasked with saving the entire galaxy. Teams of humans alternate piloting Voltron, whose massive size when combined would be comparable to an aircraft carrier. With such a huge robot to navigate, and a nuclear reactor as its power source, some intense training might be in order.

#6: Mechagodzilla “Godzilla” Series (1974-)

At a time when aliens seem hell-bent on conquering the earth, it would only seem reasonable that extra terrestrials would build a mechanical counterpart to a giant lizard. Developed by said aliens to destroy Earth’s massive protector, Mechagodzilla was formed of indestructible “Space Titanium”. Regardless, thegiant robotic lizard was soon defeated, thwarting the alien invasion…temporarily.

#5: Sentinels “X-Men” series - various

In the comic universe, sentinels are enormous humanoid robots designed for one purpose: hunting mutants. A massive sentinel robot simulation makes an appearance during a training sequence in “The Last Stand”, but is quickly felled by Wolverine’s quick thinking. Equipped with mutant restraints and other tactical goodies, we can hope to see more of these villainous robots in the X-Men film franchise.

#4: AT-AT “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” (1980)

The AT-AT, or “All Terrain Armored Transport,” is pretty iconic and for good reason. Vaguely resemblinggiant, mechanical elephants, the AT-ATs were a huge destructive force for the evil Galactic Empire in the war against rebels. Their near-indestructible armor made them almost impervious to assault, although they were far from infallible. Their long legs made them prone to trips and falls, as evidenced by their defeat at the Battle of Hoth.

#3: Gort “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (1951)

As explained in the film, Gort is essentially a cop sent to keep the peace on Earth. Not too many cops have the singular ability to destroy entire planets, so that’s probably a notable feature. In addition to being gigantic, this is also a robot of little words despite being humanoid in construction. With the ability to shoot lasers from its face, Gort may have a goofy name, but it’s a powerful killing machine.

#2: Iron Giant “The Iron Giant” (1999)

Seriously, who knew that a mammoth-sized alien robot voiced by Vin Diesel could bring us to the brink of tears. Despite our best efforts, we were moved by the relationship forged between a young boy and giantrobot from outer space. While this metallic behemoth is equipped with an arsenal formidable enough to demolish an army, it surprisingly seems to be forged from tenderness. Our heartstrings are further demolished as it sacrifices itself to save a town.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Harvester robot from Terminator Salvations
Hunter Man Killer "Terminator 2"
Gallaxhar’s Probe “Monsters vs. Aliens”
Boxing Robot "Real Steel"
Omnidroid from “The Incredibles”

#1: Optimus Prime “Transformers” series - Various

There’s an entire species of sentient alien robots to pick from, but Optimus Prime stands apart from the bunch. As the head of a ragtag bunch of “good guy” robots called the Autobots, Optimus Prime possess all of the virtues we’ve come to expect from our human heroes. This includes selflessness and bravery. It doesn’t hurt that he can also transform from truck to robot whenever he needs to throw it down.

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