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Top 10 Transformers: The Greatest Decepticons

VO: Dan
They're the war loving robots in disguise that battle the heroic Autobots! Robots from the planet Cybertron, their lust for conquest has led them to chase the Autobots to Earth and threaten its people while taking on terrestrial vehicle modes. With so many continuities, we’ve decided to only include characters that first appeared in Generation One’s original series. Join as we count down the top 10 greatest Decepticons from the Transformers.

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Top 10 Transformers: The Greatest Decepticons

It’s time to Transform and rise up! Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 greatest Decepticons from the Transformers.

With so many continuities, we’ve decided to only include characters that first appeared in Generation 1’s original series.

#10- Skywarp

Kicking off our list is the first transformer to awaken on Earth. A seeker with the exact same F-15 vehicle mode as Starscream, Skywarp is a purple jet with the ability to teleport quickly between locations. Unlike Starscream, Skywarp is a loyal soldier that never questioned his allegiance to Megatron. Killed in the movie, he became one of Galvatron’s minions after he and his master were reformatted and renamed.

#9- Thundercracker

The blue twin of the seekers team, this is another of Starscream’s lieutenants. Thundercracker has a huge ego, which causes him to regularly boast about himself. Butting heads with Starscream, he regularly undermined his ally’s plans for domination. Packing his own special ability, Thundercracker lived up to his name with his power to shoot lightening. Yes, he too was ultimately reformatted by Unicron and made into the tracker named Scourge.

#8- Astrotrain

This Decepticon is memorable not only for being a regular means of transport into space, but being one of the few triple changers packing two vehicle modes. These included that of a space shuttle and a train. Used as a troop transport, he managed to have enough room to house an entire army. While mostly a subservient means of transportation, he occasionally gained a craving for power.

#7- Bruticus

With Megatron having his own combiner in the form of Devastator, the disloyal Starscream built his own, made up of Combaticons created from abandoned US military vehicles and the sparks of long deactivated Decepticons. Forcing their loyalty, Starscream controlled their ability to re-power. More powerful then Devestator, Bruticus is also extremely dimwitted when assembled.

#6- Devastator

The first combiner that the franchise had ever seen, this one was made up of all six Constructicons, the robots responsible for building whatever Megatron’s forces needed. While physically imposing, his combined consciousness is actually far less then the sum of its parts, like Bruticus. An oversized ace up Megatron’s sleeve, the constructicons that make up Devastator were once Autobots that have been reprogrammed to fight for evil.

#5- Shockwave

This purple cyclops with a cannon for a hand is one of the few transformers to remain on Cybertron during the series. He is a scientist that was given the duty of maintaining control over the all but abandoned world while Megatron and his forces hunted down the Autobots. The creator of the spacebridge, Shockwave is notable for being more intelligent and powerful then the master he serves, and for his ability to transform into a hand blaster.

#4- Soundwave’s Minions

Among the best-known transformers are the small bots that can only transform into cassettes. Emerging from Soundwave’s chest, the most famous of the team include the information gathering spy bird Lazerbeak, who is capable of attacking with back mounted blasters. Lazerbeak was joined by the equally mute wildcat Ravage, a Decepticon pet with hip rockets, and Rumble, a too cool for school bot that could cause Earthquakes with his arms while talking up a storm.

#3- Soundwave

While Soundwave’s unforgettable minions are iconic to the franchise, it’s Megatron’s right hand bot himself who steals the show. Soundwave is a fiercely loyal and doubles as the team’s head spy and communications officer. Able to transform into a boom box, he is best known for his monotone computer voice, importance to the Deception cause, and the ability to eject his army of cassette minions from his chest.

#2- Starscream

One of the most popular Transformers ever, this is the second in command that puts the deception in the Decepticon name. Treacherous, disloyal and power hungry, Starscream is the most powerful of several nearly identical bots and never learns his lesson on his quest to become leader. Always in over his head, he is regularly forced to beg Megatron for forgiveness while cowering in fear.

#1- Megatron

Well this was a no brainer for sure. Taking the top spot on our list is the maniacal commander of the Decepticon, that’s set his sights on galactic conquest. Responsible for the fate of Cybertron, Megatron leads a quest to tap every drop of energon from Earth and to destroy Optimus and his Autobots. Interestingly, Megatron doesn’t have a vehicle mode, but becomes a handgun for his men to wield, that is until he is upgraded to a stationary cannon as Galvatron.

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