Top 10 Robert Downey, Jr. Moments
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Top 10 Robert Downey, Jr. Moments

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He's an actor, singer and writer. But – most importantly – he is “Iron Man.” Robert Downey, Jr. started his career at the tender age of 5, when he played a dog (sorta) in one of his father's more bizarre films. Since then, it'd be an understatement to say he's had his ups and downs – both in his career and in life. But what we can say for sure is that he's had a helluva lot of entertaining moments. In honor of the release of “Iron Man 3” on May 3, 2013, counts down our picks for the top 10 Robert Downey, Jr. moments.

Top 10 Robert Downey, Jr. Moments

He’s an actor, singer and writer. But – most importantly – he is “Iron Man.” Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for our top 10 favorite Robert Downey Jr. moments.

#10 – Music to His Ears

Aside from being hella-charming and super-intelligent, RDJ is multi-talented – and likes to show off. Fortunately, he’s not a standard Hollywood egomaniac who thinks he can do anything – he actually can sing. And play piano. And drums. Sometimes he sounds like Springsteen and sometimes he sounds like Sting, but he’s always worth a listen. Also, he has an album. That he wrote. And painted the album art. It’s pretty exclusive; you’ve probably never heard of it.

#9 – Drunk and Trampy Is No Way To Go Through Life, Downey

Before his… Second? Third? Whichever comeback, Downey earned tons of acclaim by portraying screen legend Charlie Chaplin. The Tramp’s energy, buoyancy and playfulness are captured to a tee, and to say Downey managed the mannerisms would be an understatement. His work earned him an Oscar nod, and we like to think it was this scene that got him the nomination.

#8 – And the Award for Best Award Show Appearance Goes To…

It doesn’t matter if he’s presenting, winning or even in the room: Robert Downey Jr. should be at all awards shows ever. Let’s break that down: as a presenter, he’ll claim to have bed all the best actress nominees. As a winner, he’ll thank his fans. Or better yet, he won’t have anything prepped at all. Even if it’s off-the-cuff, it’s clever, well structured, unpretentious and hilarious.

#7 – A Role With Any Other Accent is Still RDJ

It’s not just a party trick or something he used during his best-left-forgotten season as a “Saturday Night Live” cast member: Downey is good at accents. Aside from his better-than-average stab at British inflection, RDJ has managed to perfect the impossible Australian drawl after using it in two separate flicks. We still can’t get over how great his black dude voice is. But then, there’s this guy.

#6 – Sage Advice From an Unlikely Source

You want talent? Try portraying an over-the-top Australian actor in the role of a stereotypical black soldier who’s dressed as an Asian farmer. Or, to put it more simply: “I’m a dude, playing a dude, disguised as another dude.” Black face is ballsy enough, but Downey ups the ante with some politically incorrect, Oscar-worthy advice to his co-star. And whattaya know? RDJ earned an Oscar nomination for his role as a dude, playing a dude, playing another…oh nevermind.

#5 – RDJ Wants Love

Yes, RDJ has been to jail, prison, rehab – you name it. Hey, he used to bunk with Kiefer Sutherland – that’s bound to get you in trouble. When he finally cleaned up in 2001, his first post-rehab job was singing for another former addict: Elton John. This video is just one long shot of RDJ walking around a house lip-syncing the song: only he could make it this riveting.

#4 – Who Let the Dogs Out?

Yes, we know: Downey has had issues over the years, and with a first job like this it’s no wonder. He’s been acting for most of his life, as a leading man, supporting actor, superhero, black guy, whatever. But his first role was as a dog. Sorta. RDJ spoke his first words on-screen in his father’s movie, “Pound,” where all the actors played canines – and make no mistake; it’s a memorable line.

#3 – Scaring the Pants – and More – Off Robert Downey Jr.

Speaking of memorable lines… In one of his earlier roles, RDJ – credited as Robert Downey, hold the “Jr.” – plays a good old-fashioned high school bully in “Weird Science.” Between the goofy dancing and goo-goo eyes, we’re not sure how he managed to get into any real trouble. But trouble he did find – in fact, he was scare shi… Actually, we’ll let him tell you: “I’m shitting in my pants!”

#2 – Ladies First

Downey managed to land the title role of British sleuth “Sherlock Holmes” in this Guy Ritchie series. Another chance to show off his British accent and old-timey fighting style, this movie also gives RDJ the opportunity to dress up in tons of disguises. Our favorite? Hey, he may not be pretty, but it gets the job done.

#1 – Stark Raving Mad

Perhaps one of the most triumphant moments in Downey’s career came when he was cast as billionaire/playboy/inventor/superhero Tony Stark – better known as Iron Man. Basically, he’s playing himself on-screen, minus the mask and suit of course – which means it’s full of one-liners. But we love when he’s getting acquainted with his second skin. Plus, both the character and the man know how to make a helluvan entrance.

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