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Top 10 Hugh Jackman Moments

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Although he is best known for the superhero role that made him famous, this Australian is a genuine triple threat who can sing and dance as well as act. Join as we count down our favorite Hugh Jackman moments from both TV and film.

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Top 10 Hugh Jackman Moments

He’s the singing and dancing stage actor with the adamantium skeleton. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our top 10 favorite Hugh Jackman moments.

#10 – “The Prestige”: You don’t know?

In the Prestige, Jackman and Christian Bale are magicians in locked in a bitter and often deadly rivalry. With each successive attempt to one up each other, both actors showcase incredible range as they bounce between smug victories and traumatic defeats. But it’s Jackman’s heartbreaking loss in the first act of the film that is the most striking and memorable; the subtle twitches in his face speak volumes to his skill as an actor.

#9 – “Kate and Leopold”: Rich, Creamery Butter

In this film, Jackman plays a Victorian baron who travels forward in time to modern day New York. He soon finds himself doing what anyone would do in such a situation: voicing a commercial for margarine. Not only does he deliver lines like “You shall receive butter’s luxurious comfort in your mouth” with suave elegance, but he looks pretty darn good doing it, too. Swoon!

#8 – “Swordfish”: The Interview

“Swordfish” is clearly an example of style over substance. Come on, nobody remembers what this movie is about. Sure, you remember Halle Berry. You remember John Travolta dressed like the king of the douchebags. And everyone remembers the “interview scene,” where the look of terror and reluctant enjoyment on Jackman’s face makes this ridiculously over-the-top incident almost believable. Almost.

#7 – Oprah – Illuminating entrance

Making a grandiose, and admittedly rather silly entrance to a taping of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in Sydney, Australia, Hugh got a harsh reminder as to why he doesn’t perform his own stunts. Apparently he got so carried away having fun on his zip-line, he didn’t notice it carrying him into a lighting fixture. Not the face! But, always the professional, Jackman showed he’s a good sport and went on with the taping. The show must go on!

#6 – “Someone Like You”: These are people!

“Someone Like You” is not on anyone’s shortlist for best romantic comedy, but even then the mostly-unknown Jackman manages to stand out with a mix of snarky confidence and convincing charm. As with all standard rom-coms, three-quarters of the way through this movie the obligatory fight is coming, and Jackman gets to mark this textbook moment with the film’s most memorable line.

#5 – “Butter”: Thanking God

This film is a notable departure for Jackman: he is neither bad-ass nor charming as used car salesman Boyd Bolton. In fact, he even looks a bit out of shape. All that alone makes this bit part worthy of a mention. But, his heart-to-heart with the Almighty after an “unexpected visit” from Jennifer Garner’s character is pure gold.

#4 – Tripple threat at the Oscars

Jackman was an established stage actor for years before making it big in Hollywood, and audiences got a major reminder of that in 2009 when he hosted the Academy Awards. Those who had only seen him as Wolverine were blown away when Jackman proved himself to be a genuine triple threat by acting, singing and doing a whole lotta dancing. Nobody saw this one coming.

#3 – “Decption” Evil Jack

In “Deception,” Jackman takes all that charm and charisma he’s known for and turns it into pure slime. Everything that makes him so popular as the good guy or the romantic lead is used to make him into a chilling antagonist; the smooth deep voice, his daunting frame, his killer smile… You’ll never trust the Wolverine ever again…

#2 – Tony Awards with NPH

How could Jackman possibly upstage his own opening number from the Oscars? Like, he spontaneously broke into song with Anne Hathaway for God’s sake, you can’t beat that! What? He sang a duet with NPH at the Tonys? After he burns old Doogie like eight times? Pfft, Anne who…?

#1 – “X-2” Berzerker Style

You knew this was coming. After appearing as the character in a slew of movies, Jackman really is the Wolverine. Although there are countless moments of snickety-snick badassery to choose from, we’ve gotta go with the one time he uses actually uses the damn claws as they are meant to be used. That’s gotta hurt.

This jacked man has had so many great moments, we’re sure we’ve missed a few of your favorites, so let us know in the comments section, and be sure to subscribe to for more great Top 10s.

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