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Top 10 Alien Races in Film

VO: Rebecca Brayton
These alien creatures from another world have taken on countless forms on the silver screen. They have ranged from looking similar to us to being cute, disgusting and downright terrifying. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 most memorable alien races in film.

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Top 10 Memorable Alien Races in Film

These extra-terrestrials are out of this world! Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 most memorable alien races in film.

#10 – Prawns: “District 9”

Kicking off our list are the intergalactic refugees that arrive over Johannesburg in search of humanitarian aid. Sadly, this lands them in a shantytown that borders on the edge of human tolerance. As creatures that resemble a hybrid of a bug and a crustacean, they are anything but cute, but their living conditions and plight tug at our heartstrings. It’s depressing, but the Prawns would have probably been treated better if they were more attractive!

#9 – Newcomers: “Alien Nation”

On the other hand, these refugees are taken into society as taxpaying citizens, and that’s probably because they look almost human. Except, the Newcomers have two hearts, no visible ears and bald craniums with spots. They manage to hold steady jobs and even seduce James Caan, but they don’t exactly fit in, which might be due to their mysterious past that is filled with tales of genetic modification and slave labor.

#8 – The Arachnids: “Starship Troopers”

These interstellar bugs have made life difficult for humanity by flinging plasma at Earth. We would never even consider this disgusting species as immigrants! These huge and menacing bugs are divided into several castes, including the workers that dig tunnels, the warriors that serve in the infantry, the brain bug that leads the colonies and the queen that produces its members.

#7 – The Na’vi: “Avatar”

This primitive race inhabits the lush jungle moon of Pandora. They are blue-skinned, cat-like, 10 feet tall, have large amber eyes and share a special connection with their world. They also fly on the back of mountain banshees and fling spears at pesky humans! Any alien race that inspires fans to paint themselves blue, learn its language and attempt to “join” their ponytails to trees is memorable in our book!

#6 – Ewoks: “Star Wars”

These fuzzy little teddy bears are also simple hunters and gatherers, but from the forest moon of Endor. They live in tree huts, celebrate in style, and happen to be very adorable. Not only that: they also helped take down the evil galactic Empire! That’s right, bitches! All it takes are logs and spears!

#5 – Borg: “Star Trek”

No one alien race makes up the Borg: this species assimilates captives into “the collective” by merging and controlling them with technology. All remnants of individuality are stripped away to make drones that speak with one voice. Members of the Borg don’t know anything about fear or compassion, and are best known for riding around in nearly unstoppable cubes. Plus they have a hot queen, all things considered… Resistance is futile!

#4 – Klingons: “Star Trek”
Before the Na’vi, fanboys learned to speak Klingon! This fierce warrior race doesn’t throw spears: they use retractable blades, bat’leths and cloaked war birds. Klingons are best known for their poor hygiene, ribbed foreheads, unshakeable sense of honor and ability to quote Shakespeare. They were originally created as a sci-fi counterpart for the Russian people during the Cold War, but have since been recast as Earth’s allies.

#3 – Predators: “Predator”

You’d have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to even think about surviving an encounter with this alien species! These guys make the Klingons look like a bunch of sissies: Predators only care about the thrill of the hunt and collecting skulls as trophies. Sure, they’re not above using traps, thermal vision, active camouflage and self-destructing bombs. But, even with a blade, they’d be utterly deadly. Have you seen them without their masks on? Yikes! What do the ladies look like?

#2 – E.T.s: “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”

This is race of alien botanists likes to collect flora samples, especially ones that look like nipples! They are best recognized by their lack of legs, extendable neck, large eyes, glowing hearts and fingertips that can heal boo-boos. That, plus their awesome telepathic and telekinetic powers, makes the E.T. a boy’s best friend. Just don’t get them drunk!

#1 – Xenomorphs: “Alien”

Taking the top spot on our list is the alien species guaranteed to make you need an underwear change! Swiss surrealist and artist H.R. Giger designed this acid-blooded alien species to have a biomechanical appearance, a set of twin jaws, and blade-tipped tails. Xenomorphs are “born” to hosts unfortunate enough to be impregnated by a face hugger, and are easily the most unforgettable alien species ever to appear on the silver screen.

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