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Nintendo 3DS Vs. PS Vita: Videogame Showdown

VO: Dan
In a market ruled by Apple products, Nintendo and Sony continue to battle for your pocket space in the portable hardware biz. Both the 3DS and PS Vita offer compelling reasons to stick with dedicated gaming hardware. These range from glasses-free 3D to unparalleled graphics, rear touch pads, to analog stocks, in addition to larger and more premium game experiences. Join as we pit the two systems against each other to crown a winner.

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Nintendo 3DS Vs. PS Vita: Videogame Showdown

The latest portable consoles are here, and locked in a battle for your pocket. Welcome to and today Nintendo’s 3DS will throw it down against Sony’s PlayStation Vita in a five round showdown.

Round 1: Layout

Both consoles retain the general aesthetics put in place by their predecessors. Neither Nintendo nor Sony chose to stray very far from the general look and layout from their previous consoles.

While the 3DS definitely gets portability points for it’s protective clamshell design, it’s still quite the hand-cramping contraption for those who don’t still have their baby teeth. The Vita might not be as comfy as a dual shock, but it’s still a better fit in bigger mitts.

Despite the fact that the screen can be blindingly reflective in the sun, Sony’s handheld is more comfortable to hold and much more pleasing to look at, so this point goes the Vita.

Winner: PS Vita

Round 2: The Games

While it’s true that the 3DS suffered from a horrific launch line-up, it also has the advantage of having been on the market for nearly a year before the Vita’s arrival. As a result, the 3DS boasts a much more compelling software lineup, including Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Ocarina of Time and Resident Evil Revelations.

Sure the Vita has Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Little Big Planet and Wipeout 2048, but the rest of its selection isn’t exactly going to break any sales records.

With both companies relying heavily on their established franchises to carry their launch, Nintendo has a clear advantage by simply having a larger library of enjoyable titles.

Winner: 3DS

Round 3: Technical Features

Though the 3DS’ display may have dazzled everyone who wasn’t made sick by its 3D, it is still dwarfed by the Vita’s 5 inch OLED touch screen. It also includes a rear touch pad, motion controls and a crucial second analog stick, giving it the potential to incorporate control schemes that are even more complex than those seen on the home consoles.

As far as battery life is concerned, neither of the consoles has a clear advantage. 3DS can outlast the Vita if it’s 3d is turned off, but konks out an hour or two before the Vita if it isn’t…

Like before, Nintendo has placed graphics on the back burner to focus on innovation, namely its glasses-free stereoscopic 3D tech. Unfortunately, it lacks many of the essential media capabilities consumers expect today. So, while the Vita does not feature 3D, it instead smokes the 3DS in terms of graphics. It’s like comparing the visuals of the PS3 to the Wii.

The 3D is undoubtedly very cool, but Sony’s handheld just seems to have the technological edge in every other field. One more for the Vita.

Winner: PS Vita

Round 4: Online and Multimedia

Sony has invested a lot more into its online infrastructure, and it shows. They have a much more robust online network, and better supports interactive play.

Sure, Nintendo has finally realized how far behind they have fallen in online, even adding playable game demos, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Don’t even get us started on their infamous friend codes! Yes, Streetpass and Spotpass are great features to have, but they just don’t cut it.

As of right now, there is a lot more to download and experience on the web through he Vita, and in terms of multimedia compatibility Sony’s handheld reigns supreme.

Winner: Vita

Round 5: The Cost

As it stands, Nintendo has greatly benefited from their recent and shocking price drop to 170$.

In fact, Sony may have to give its price scheme some similar consideration, as it currently retails for an off-putting $250 base price, with its 3G version costing $300. This doesn’t exactly fly in a world ruled by Apple products.

Vita is an extremely advanced piece of hardware, but many people (and parents) will likely gravitate to the cheaper of the two options.

Winner: 3DS


By a score of 3 to 2, the PS Vita takes the overall win due its gorgeous hardware, inclusion of a second analog stick, rear touch panel, 3G support, and ability to match the home consoles in terms of power and online abilities. You’ve seen our verdict, now chime in to let us know which console interest you more…

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