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Ryan Gosling Vs Bradley Cooper: Hollywood Showdown

VO: Rebecca Brayton
In this video pits Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, two of the hottest men in Hollywood, against one another to see who would come out on top. This is a 5 Round slugfest to claim the victor once and for all. The major categories include their respective television roles, film projects, reviews/awards, personality, and their physical appearances.

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Ryan Gosling Vs Bradley Cooper: Hollywood Showdown

They’re the hottest of the hot in Hollywood right now. Welcome to as we pit Ryan Gosling against Bradley Cooper to see who casts the biggest shadow in Hollywood.

Number 1: Television Roles

Both these actors began in television, so we’ve decided to start this showdown by comparing their appearances on the small screen.

You may be surprised to learn that Ryan Gosling actually got his showbiz start as a Mouseketeer on “The All-New Mickey Mouse Club.” After that, he appeared in a string of other family-friendly shows throughout the 1990s, ranging from “Goosebumps” to “Breaker High,” before he finally settled in as “Young Hercules.”

Bradley Cooper, on the other hand, never got to be a Mouseketeer. Instead he played the role of Jake on “Sex and the City,” Jason on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” and – of course – Jennifer Garner’s BFF on “Alias.”

Considering their status as modern sex symbols, we’re going to have to award this point to the guy who was never a Mouseketeer.

Winner: Bradley Cooper (Score 0/1)

Number 2: Film Projects

Gosling took hold of women’s hearts with such films as “The Notebook,” played a convincing Jew-turned-Neo-Nazi in “The Believer,” and portrayed a bar stud in “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” He also raised eyebrows for his roles in “Half Nelson,” “Lars and the Real Girl,” “Blue Valentine” and “The Ides of March.”

Meanwhile, Cooper dominated the box office with two installments of “The Hangover,” and this series turned him into a household name. However, his other attempts to captivate audiences have led to such failures as “The A-Team” and “All Abut Steve.” Huh, this is a lot easier than we thought it would be.

Winner: Ryan Gosling (Score 1/1)

Number 3: Reviews and Awards

Even if we ignore his countless Teen Choice Awards, Ryan Gosling has been nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy Award.

Cooper has similarly managed to snag some Teen Choice Awards, but he was also dishonored alongside Sandra Bullock with a Golden Raspberry for Worst Screen Couple in “All About Steve.”

Sorry pal, but Gosling upstaged you yet again by reaching for Oscar gold. He even dated Bullock in real life. Zing! (Bam!)

Winner: Ryan Gosling (Score 2/1)

Number 4: Personality

They’re both charming and likeable. However, Cooper is less “model” and more “down-to-earth, everyday” guy. He has a strong relationship with his mom, cooks meals and isn’t afraid to show off his French.

Gosling meanwhile is a bit too cautious, emotionally detached, and self-contained to clean up in this category, despite his ability to sing.

Winner: Bradley Cooper (Score 2/2)

Number 5: Body

Bradley Cooper has gorgeous blue eyes and a friendly demeanor. However, after he snagged the Sexiest Man Alive Title, he went on record as saying Gosling was actually the sexier of the two. So, we’ll take that as a concession. Maybe it’s his humble personality that cost him this point; either that or he just couldn’t wrap his head around those abs.

Winner: Ryan Gosling (Score 3/2)

By a score of 3 to 2, we give this showdown to Ryan Gosling. While Bradley Cooper is fine, he falls just short of being divine!


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